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Started 14 February 2006

     The handmaid stayed with St. Martha, the holy sister and wrote the latter’s biography then herself moved elsewhere where she preached for ten years and died.  She was in her sixties. The name was Martilla.  It probably was heard initially as Marcella and later degenerated to Cella and then to Sera.  Perhaps she kept repeating “They are the children of Encharria, daughter of the Duke of Syria.”  She may have mentioned St. Lazarus, St. Martha and St. Mary Magdalene’s  father’s name, Syrus, adding to the confusion.  Perhaps she simply was expressing her total faith in God.  “Not my will but Thy will be done.”  Que sera sera." 

     By instinct, man knows that there is a God.  This same God is called by different names.  There are three Persons in this one and the same God.  God the Son, the Second Person, was conceived through the power of God the Holy Sprit, the third Person and became man.  He was born of the Virgin Mary and was named Jesus Christ.  As man, He died on the cross.  As God, He appeased God and earned pardon for all the sins of all people of the world.

     If we all believe in one and the same God, wish Him no harm, there are no infidels.  If we were all cleansed of all our sins, then  there are no more unworthy individuals.  Jesus Christ won our souls from the devil and automatic damnation to hell.  He earned each of us a ticket to heaven.  It is our duty to maintain this privilege.  We can and it behooves us to live in harmony with each other until He comes again to Himself make final judgment on us based on individual piety.  Then He shall teach and show us God’s peace.  When we finally stand in the presence of the One whose face we seek to see, we may understand the complexity of God.  By then we may be so fulfilled that comprehension may not be necessary.

     The one and the same true God by whatever name we call Him is truly merciful.


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