Chapter 12


The River is Red Again


Started 12 April 2008

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Edited 1 December 2008





‘Clean Technology’ is theoretically good.  Storing the resulting Carbon dioxide is an environmental disaster multiplier.  Carbon dioxide stored in earth or rocks percolates to the atmosphere.  It readily converts to Methane, Methyl hydrate and Methyl hydride in the sea.

Carbon dioxide, Helium and Methane gas explosions from the sea have been observed and photographed.  The ability of Methane gas explosions to stop a plane’s engine has been documented.  The sinking of a boat accidentally floating into a huge gas filled cavity has been shown to happen.


     As it is, we may already urgently need to rapidly harvest our 3,000 years worth of supply of Methane from our oceans.  The last thing we need is to see it come ashore via a fiery giant wave.


     On site, under controlled conditions, convert Carbon dioxide to Methanol.  It is now favored as a Hydrogen source for Fuel Cell Technology to power electronics and cars.  Reward the first two companies that ACTUALLY produce Hydrogen/ Hybrid AFFORDABLE cars and create/retain jobs in the country.



January 2009


     Lynn heard the sound of kitchen utensils but she was not quite ready to get up too soon.  The smell of fresh Pan de Sal was difficult to resist.  After unkinking her muscles and forcibly ordering the rest of her body to move, she got up and let her stomach followed her nose.


      “How did he look like?”  Her aunt asked.




     “El Diablo!”


     “I don’t know.”


     “What do you mean?  You were right there.”


     “The lights went off.  I have enough trouble with them on.  We all smelled something awful and heard a lot of growling.  The people outside claimed they saw a shadow burst out of the front door.  No horns were mentioned.”


     “How did he smell?”


     “ … a mixture of rotten eggs and a bunch of latrines.”


     Her aunt dropped her Pan de Sal.  The phone rang. 


     “Capt. Garcia wants to pick you up on his way to Lungga.  You have an hour to get ready.”





     He arrived before the end of the hour.  Her aunt offered him a Pan de Sal.  Lynn decided to join him for an extra cup of coffee when she got down to the kitchen. 


     “I see you managed to find the house.”


     “Your aunt said it is the only one with an iron gate.  In a town without street signs and house numbers, that is good to have.”


     “Without a door bell, it also helps to have something to bang on instead of scream ‘Tao po’ and hope to be heard by someone upstairs.”


     “That’s precisely one of the reasons for the choice.  We used to have a low ‘hakbangan’ like everyone else’s connected to a bamboo fence.  It served mainly as a barrier for small children and pets to keep us in and to prevent others from straying into the yard and wandering into the river unattended.  When the house was remodeled and a block fence took the place of the old one, a gate was substituted for the child barrier.  A metal one would be longer lasting and fancier.  Neighbors were delighted.”


     “They liked the appearance?”


     “Yeah plus they can reach over the top and use the handle of the locking bar to knock with.  My grandfather made sure that the gate was low enough so even short ones like me can reach the ‘knocker’ from the outside.”


     Capt. Garcia had a quick tour of the house.  Then they drove South in the Army jeep.


     “How did Dilim look?”  He asked.

     Lynn laughed.


     “ … funny?”


     “No.  You came too late.  My aunt asked me exactly the same question.”


    He proceeded to ask the other questions and got the same answers.


     “Why do you suppose he smelled that way”


     “It is said that the devil shall be locked in the bottomless pit.  So that would be the deepest part of the earth.  The only way to get out would be to be extruded by the earth.”


     “I got it.  That would explain the rotten eggs or Hydrogen sulfide aroma but what about the latrine stink?”


     “The more common designation for the insides of the planet is ‘the bowels of the earth’.”


     They both laughed.


     “I think we have to find a better explanation.”


     “Did sewers break during the storm last night?”  Lynn asked.


     “There was no such report.”  Capt. Garcia said.  “Here we are.” 


     Lynn scanned the horizon for a scorched area. To her surprise,  Lungga looked undamaged at least externally from a distance.  The line of bamboo trees, bushes, plants and boulders acting as a green curtain still covered almost the entire West view.  The entrances were similarly camouflaged by foliage.  She presumed that the lawn on the East side as well as the stream from the mountains are fine also.  Nothing could have obliterated the many sources of indirect lighting as well as waterfalls, springs and the indoor lagoon.   The indoor garden with its limited flora and fauna should still be there.  Birds were leisurely flying above the area.  Some men with guns passed by in the distance.  It was bird-hunting season.  Some of the feathered creatures may have already taken refuge inside.


       They were surprised to see Sigaw tending the tiny ‘Sari- Sari snack and convenience store at the East Bank.  He was in charge of the private one boat ferry as well.  Samara used to do both.  Elo did the small farming and maintenance of Lungga.  Siro focused on watching, educating and training Sigaw.  He was away enjoying a much needed break.  He did miss the exciting trips to different countries to learn about their culture.  Sigaw was constantly studying new technologies and actually learning state of the art ways of travel.  New scientific developments interested him specially those that related to secrets of the universe.  He actually trained in different means of modern transport on earth and beyond.  Siro had to be at his side constantly to watch for times when Dilim was causing problems.  He had to go for hands on training himself.  It was the most wonderful responsibility a greatuncle could desire.  It was often more disappointing for him than Dala to have to bring the latter home for safety reasons.  Though happy to be back at Lunggga with Dilim and Bulkan out of the picture, he actually would not be displeased should he be needed to chaperone Sigaw again.  During times when Sigaw had to be home and shielded from Dilim, it was his responsibility as well to infuse knowledge into Sigaw’s brain by intercerebral waves.  He and Samara complemented each other’s research using the ability to tap the Universal Consciousness.  It was surprising to bump into today’s inventions already in use during ancient times.  It was really enjoyable using past information to augment gaps in current practice.  The world indeed turns around for better or for worse. 


     Sigaw did not look half as tired as Lynn felt.  He untied the boat from the diving board sized bamboo dock and paddled across to meet them. He whistled the old folk song ‘Bahay Kubo’ as he ferried them across.  The little Nipa hut did not have all the vegetables mentioned in the song but had old local delicacies Lynn loved.  She and Capt. Garcia sat on a bamboo bench set outside the ‘tienda’s window which had an extra long and deep sill to double as a counter.  Sigaw went inside through the back door and described the day’s specials as he pointed them out.  Lynn sampled ‘Puto Bumbong’, a rice cake cooked in banana leaves stuffed in a hollow tube like bamboo section. She opened the banana wrapper, dipped the sausage shaped rice and coconut milk cake into a small container of shredded fresh coconut and brown sugar. Capt.  Garcia watched and took a piece and dipped it in the brown sugar Lynn pushed aside.  


     He started asking Sigaw more questions.


     “Global warming gets worse as CO 2 level rises.  We shall have more frequent and worse storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity and wildfires.  Economic losses shall escalate. Rivers, lakes and farmlands shall dry.  Glaciers melt.  Naturally and artificially stored Carbon dioxide eventually finds its way into the sea.  Sea level gets higher and higher due to the combined addition of glacial water and space occupying helium, CO 2 and Methane gases.  There shall be more giant waves and tsunamis.”  Sigaw said.  “CO 2 and sea water are going to be the most abundant resources as well as uncontrollable menaces.  The more than 3000 years worth of Methane may ultimately be more of a hazard than a useful fuel for future use. Unless we turn to marine plants, we shall have very little chance to survive.”


      Capt. Garcia started sweating.  Lynn’s eyes popped open.  They discussed things only mentioned in books of prophesies and currently in ‘History’ Channel.  They started with Carbon dioxide readily converting to methane gas which turns to Methyl hydrate and Methyl hydride.  The latter is what is being mentioned frequently in relation to manufacture of Hydrogen Fuel Cells.  Hydrogen is released by electrolysis.  Apparently, living organisms have electrical charges that can be captured and directed to form a current.  There are existing electromagnetic currents.  Water is a natural and efficient conductor of electricity.  Methane can be used for heating, cooking and drying.  It can be produced automatically in the sea but can be derived from farm wastes as well.  The electricity can be generated from bacteria and actually used for household power needs.  It was endless.  Recently, Methanol from Methane has been talked about as a preferred source of Hydrogen.  As a bonus, such a move would free corn, sugar cane and other items from being used as fuel.  In most countries, food is still a higher priority over power.  Methanol for cars have resulted in dangers to man.  Care and proper modifications of the engines have to be done.  Methanol is poisonous if ingested.


     Then she got lost when they went into heavy water, Hydrogen, protons, electrons, neutrons, atoms, elements, Deuterium, isotopes, natural and enriched Uranium and Plutonium bombs. They went farther to fission, fusion, thermonuclear fusion and so on.  She never understood the specific connections before.  So, she tried to listen intently.  It was still beyond her Chemistry phobic brain.  Russia and the USA were ahead in Nuclear weapons development for many years.  Of course, after the Disarmament Treaty, they had to at least in public appear to have stopped and started to dispose of their stockpiles.  In the meantime, other countries have started their own programs.  Some have also stopped and disabled their stockpiles.  Some countries managed to get going at the concern and displeasure of others.  At least, their activities were known by other nations and have been the reason for conflicts, watchfulness and deterrents which do not help too much.  The world is in a precarious balance of sensible and not so sensible Nuke Players who can trigger a man made cataclysm.  Man is now in worse danger of annihilating himself.  In the meantime, the political games played by different parties to avail themselves of the dangerous toys and leverage to use them are encroaching into situations directly or indirectly leading to economic wars or ransoms.  Alliances shift more for benefit rather than moral values or by necessity due to treasury depletion by expensive wars.  World Powers may turn to unscrupulous partners.  Insurgent groups grow in number and ability to destroy and maim.  They are not necessarily independent.  As the Lady of Fatima warned many years ago, ‘the devil is in the highest places’. 


      Heavy Water is naturally abundant in the oceans of the world.  They increase in amount in the deeper areas.  The four deepest parts of the world’s ocean system are here in the Pacific Ocean.  The deepest and third deepest are just East of the Philippines.  The fourth is not too far North.  The second is South and slightly West in relation to the others.  One of the two infamous mysterious Triangles is bordered by two of the deepest points East of this country.  The USA and Norway have stopped their work on Plutonium and have placed isotopes on cold storage.  They will slowly decay.  India and Iran were also working on similar projects.  Pakistan was working on Uranium and sold technological secrets to North Korea.  Saddam Hussein discarded his weapons but parts of a centrifuge were found burried under a rose bush after his capture.  Someone was instructed to hide them for future use.  Saddam, North Korea and Iran apparently  had sources of Uranium. In 2008, Syria was found to be in the process of building its own nuclear facility with the help of North Korea.  Israel took some action.  Hamas and Hesbollah became more active.  It is widely known that these groups are backed by Syria and Iran respectively.


      Who are all the countries or organizations with access to heavy water?  How will the Philippines defend itself from predators interested in access to the nearby waters?  The Triangle area belongs to different sovereign powers.  Will they always be united in the management of this isotope mine?  Dilim wanted to be THAT sovereign power.  Bulkan was tempted and was persuaded to be the physical agent.  Sigaw refused.


     “He promised to make me the world’s superpower when the time is right.  We still have relatives in this country and probably in others.  Some were present in Kalibo last night.  Dilim knows where they all are.  I lost track.  They can be very loyal and capable of combat.  However, They may not work against their conscience.  I do not plan to either.”


     “How does Dilim plan to make you a superpower?”  Capt Garcia asked.


     “I do not have a list of details.  I was not really interested because he was talking about conquering and subduing nations.  He said there will be a time when people can be so deprived of basic needs that they would do anything to survive.  That has happened repeatedly in the past.  Back then, greatness was measured by the size of area conquered.  Traitors turned over government secrets, leaders and even their own families for food.  Then the ruling class can ask for all their supplies and riches.  The ruling class can have all the luxuries and anything pleasurable.  Today, the sky would no longer be the limit.  Technology would be such that those in power may believe they are god.  Someone consulted an oracle to confirm his belief that he was the son of a god millena ago.  Someone stated that he is not too long ago.  He may use his nuclear proficiency to prove it.”


     “”Did you ever believe that you were God?”


     “No.”  Sigaw laughed.  “I had no such delusion of grandeur.  I was given my name because I was shrieking in fear from the very instant I was born.  It was clear to me from the very beginning that I was not almighty.  That was reaffirmed quite frequently later.  The ingrained knowledge that I am a humble subject was my saving grace.  It is easy to understand, though, how some rulers can have such a false belief.  In ancient cultures, in particular, subjects perceive their king as ‘God with us’ or ‘the anointed one’.  The belief can be so strong that the ruler accepts that as fact.  He or she behaves accordingly further strengthening the idea.  So you can see how Jesus Christ was expected to be that kind of a ruler.  The people presumed so.”


     “You refused to be at least close to that when Dilim offered you a chance?”


     “You see, all creatures instinctively know that there is a Supreme Being Who is above all of us. Therefore he or she cannot be that Being.  Besides, mothers transmit and impart their thoughts to the unborn offsprings for enough length of time to make a difference in the convictions of each individual.  In our family, this is a strong trait.  My grandmother shaped my mother’s mind and my mother did the same to mine before birth.  No multiple of Dilims can ever change us.”


     “So you said no?”


     “Right.”  Sigaw affirmed.   “I knew there would be a catch.   I would be his slave and be the evil one to execute all his plans.  My soul shall be cursed for that.  Also ingrained in all creatures is the instinctive knowledge of the Universal Moral Law and Ethics.  College courses actually are simply academic versions of what humanity verbalized from the common dictate of righteous souls worldwide through time.  My name appropriately reflects the nature of my instinct.”


     “How did Dilim say you can possibly be more powerful than the great leaders today when you have nothing?”


     “The world is going to lose everything.  Those with sources of energy shall prevail.”


     “What do you have here?”


     “… potential leverage.”


     “… Such as?  … “


     “We can have the basic material for the weapon of the future.  Everyone knows that but do not believe that we have the capability to develop it ourselves.   We do not have to.  If others are willing to pay a price to be partners with us, something gets done.  Of course the partnership would be with others also under terms controlled by Dilim.  It is not pleasant if you look beyond the surface.”


     “When will all this be?”


     “The earth had very close calls in the past but through some intercession, we were spared.  If we are not careful, it can happen this time soon.  As in the past, we can effectively postpone annihilation.  Of course, some of us will not make it regardless.  Some will.  Those trenches housing the bounty of the deep waters are continuously getting larger and deeper.  Global warming will speed up the process.  They commonly have at least a couple of edges of continental plates overlapping each other.  Increase in temperature of the waters change the physical characteristics and  relationships of these plates  to each other.  So, an increase in tectonic activity and subduction with resulting deepening of the trenches occur.  The Philippine Trench has two earth plates that melt because of the heat of the earth’s mantle.  One moves beneath the other faster as the temperature rises further increasing the depth of the waters.  With the melting of glaciers and secondary rise of sea level, we have guaranteed increase in ocean water volume and depth to increase the amount of Heavy Water or Deuterium that can be used for super weapons.  Hopefully, level headed righteous leaders would think of using them for peaceful domestic and industrial energy source.  Even then, those involved in control of these waters have the capability of asking for unspeakable compensation depending on lack of conscience and excess of greed.”


     “We have a big problem.”  Capt.  Garcia stated.  “I admire your wisdom and fortitude.”


     “Thank you.  Please alert everyone.  Remember that power is not everything.  The glorious Mayan civilization with all its gold, temples, control and know how disappeared.  The reason for the collapse was a mystery till recently.  When rains stopped and food became scarce,  the rulers who were thought to be gods were not able to remedy their problems.  The combination of agricultural collapse, starvation, and overpopulation took its toll.  They increased their sacrifices to the rain god.  Elite members of society volunteered to participate in religious ball games to be rewarded the honor of being sacrificial victims.  More precious sacrifices were offered later as drought became worse.  Virgins replaced them.  Whem the ultimate offering became necessary, they offered their own children.”


     “It would have been better if they have not been born.  I do not mean Abortion …”  Capt.  Garcia quickly clarified his statement.  “Family Planning would be wise.”


     “ … Certainly.  If you notice, animal species are getting less and some existing ones have smaller populations than they did ten years ago.  Animals may be more perceptive than we are.  Of course, the scarcity of food may be the real factor in the control of their numbers.  We should learn from them regardless.  There are more than six billion humans on earth.  The demand has long outgrown the supply.  Africa, India and most of the third world countries are proofs of that.  Communist China is the only country so far that is taking the problem of overpopulation  in addition to global warming seriously.  Their method may not be pleasant but the reasoning is wise.  We criticize nations that do not do enough to stem environmental problems.  We should be just as quick to recognize the efforts of those who address the root cause of excess demand in the presence of dwindling resources.  We can select different aspects of our common problem and implement different solutions that are more acceptable to each group.  When God said ‘Go and multiply/ it was necessary at the time.  We were supposedly made superior to animals by having intellect and will.  It is about time that we show that.”


     “I suppose He did not mean that we have to ‘GO’ continuously either.”


     “Drought will limit that.”


     “There still are Mayans.  Where did they reappear from?”


     “Some families built underground dwellings with large storage or natural sources of water and food.  They were undetected by others.  Priests used their multilayered caves to escape from view and disappear into intricate passageways leading to water and food sources kept secret for centuries.  These communicating tunnels were originally used to seemingly vanish into thin air at the top of the mountain  and magically materialize from the jungle below  later to tell the people the message from god.  The exits were usually barricaded and were located in places off limits to the public.  Jungle overgrowth later covered them.  They were effectively hidden from rival groups killing everyone in sight for food and water in their possession.  In the Chaco Canyon Ruins in North America, Archeologists found Myoglobin in skeletal remains.  That indicates the consumption of human muscle.  The only way to get that deposited in bone tissue is through the blood stream after digestion and absorption into the circulatory system.”


     “Have they indicated this problem to anyone?”


     “When Cortez arrived in 1521 and was honored by Moctezuma, the people grumbled about the food being served to the conquerors.  They had little supplies and fabrics.  Their temples have been deserted.  Newcomers have settled during the interim.  Most of them did not know the whole story.  They learned traditions and religions but not skeletons in the closet.”


     In April 2008, the Education Channel aired a program about a recent Archeological finding in Zultepec, about fifty miles away from old Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City.  A mass grave estimated to be around 500 years old was discovered.  It contained 400 skeletal remains.  Some of the skeletons had European characteristics.  The victims were decapitated and the bodies were dismembered.  Old Teotihuacan, which has been deserted before the new settlers of Tenochtitlan arrived,  was the backdrop for the site.  There was an altar and a vessel for depositing hearts of sacrificial victims as per ancient tradition.  Also according to such tradition, skulls or heads of victims would be displayed.  About two dozen were recovered.  Half belonged to Europeans.  Long bones were missing.  In the old times, these were rewarded to warriors.  A portrait was found.  Some of the heads had beards.  Natives did not grow beards.  Marks on bones were not characteristic of battle injuries.  Some were reminiscent of scratches from cutting or sawing or butchering.  The people devoured the sacrificial victims.  Once more, Tenochtitlan was overpopulated.


     Sacrifices were offered as part of religious ceremonies.  It was said that gods and priests sacrificed themselves by sitting in the fire at the altar.  The hearts were removed and dropped into a special receptacle and were eaten by the more prominent members of society.  In the ruins of Teotihuacan, the semirecumbent life size figure of the god Chac Mul lies on the top of a temple.  There is an opening on the mid portion of the abdomen.  In the days of the original Mayas, the hearts were dropped here.  The bodies were rolled down the temple steps for further preparations.


     The Aztecs obviously learned the old ritual.  The old legend says that the chief god earned his title by his success in sacrificing himself for the people.  He thus became the SUN GOD.  His twin brother was unable to do the same.  So he was named the MOON GOD whose duty was to offer sacrifices to the SUN GOD when and whenever needed for the benefit of the PEOPLE.  The graver the situation, the grander the sacrifice becomes.  The choice of victims depends on urgency as well as ineffectiveness of previous ones.


     Where, when, why and by whom Moctezuma was killed was not clear.  The mixture of native and European victims may never be known either.  No records were found to indicate weather the Zultepec incident was an act of war or one of desperation.


     “We have to make our own conclusions.”  Sigaw said.  “The more important thing, though, is to realize that we have to be alert for early signs of trouble and act immediately.”


     “Whatever measures we decide to do  now to save ourselves and our planet should probably be done forever since we can be so dumb sometimes.”


     “ … and more blind than I am now.  We will probably not recognize the danger signs next time around either.”  Siro remarkes as he arrived to relieve Sigaw. 


     Sigaw tried to offer the guests more food as he sat outside the shack to relax with them.  He brought a glass of ‘Halo-Halo with him. 


     “Wow!”  Lynn exclaimed.  “That looks good.


     “You need the liquids.”  Dala said as she joined them.  “Uncle Siro, may we have three mini ones?  We are watching our weight.”


     When they were done, Siro offered ‘Cuchinta’ to go.  The guests gladly accepted.  Sigaw ferried them across the river.  Capt Garcia asked the same question he asked Lynn earlier.


     “Why did Dilim smell that bad?”


     “Did you hear the story about the shepherd discovering the first ‘Dead Sea Scroll?”


     “Yes.  He threw something while in a cave in Qumrun and heard something break.  He searched for the object that he accidentally hit.  It was an earthen jar with a roll of ancient foul smelling leather.  He unleased two millenia’s worth of putrefaction gases into the air.  I bet it was salty.  He did not care to find out.  It was two thousand times more nauseating than bagoong’ … salty putrefied shrimp sauce.”


     “I was expecting you to say Dilim released a lot of Methyl Mercaptan.”  Capt Garcia laughed.


     “You are not too far off.  There is a lot of Methane gas in the deep waters of the world.  They are trapped under the layer of Methyne Hydrate that crystallized. Such crystals are now being harvested elsewhere for use in generating Hydrogen fuel.  All the debris of the oceans gravitate to the bottom.  That eventually turns to oil.  The country has oil but only one refinery produces gasoline.  Thatis in Palawan.  West of the island  is ‘No Man’s Land.  That is a group of islands that donot belong to any country but has been occupied for centuries by Chinese, Japanese, Indonesians, Koreans and Filipinos.  There may be a rich deposit of oil there.  There was fear of the area being the subject of International warfare if the fuel situation gets worse.  Fortunately, no one has started any aggression.  It is a South East Asia quiet territory so far.  I hope it stays that way.”


      “Methyl Mercaptan …”  Sigaw continued.  “ … is the smelly gas resulting from digestion in humans and animals.  Why not Dilim?  He has been exposed to massive supplies of all these chemicals and involved in all of these processes far longer than we can imagine.”


     “Yes!  … and with all the rotten associates sharing his dark lair, he must be full of it!”


     “ Aside from flapping and spreading their wings, have you ever wondered how birds stay in the air while in flight?”  Sigaw asked.


     “No.”  Capt Garcia and Lynn replied simultaneously.


     “They inhale and swallow a lot of air.  They keep their lungs expanded to the maximum limit and expel swallowed gas the posterior direction for propulsion.”


     “ … and release a telltale odor!  Birds must have a better diet to keep them less embarrassed on take off!”


      “Yup!”  Sigaw said.  Air bubbles also shield matter from magnetic force.  Submarines make use of that physical property.  So do space crafts.”


     “How about flying men?”  Capt. Garcia asked.


      “ … Of course.  In fact, even laughing creatures do.  You know, during the war, the Japanese camped in the Lungga and came too close to where we are.  One day, I heard someone say he was nice to a little local girl that morning because she sang a Japanese song but to the tune of Old Lange Syne.  She also looked like one one of them and maybe was a descendant of a long lost relative.  He sang the song.  Dilim and I listened.  I managed to keep quiet.  He laughed so hard that he filled the cavern with unpleasant smell.  The Japanese heard the laugh and concluded that the rumor about ghosts in the Lungga was real.  They moved a little farther away so as not to attract ghosts.”


     Lynn kept quiet.  Capt Garcia asked what the song was about.  Sigaw repeated it.





Tumadachi …

Sabi, ‘SIGA’ rito (I say there is fire or a superman here)

Are ye ‘gatong’?  (Are you firewood?)



     Lynn moaned.  It was her song … the one her classmates, teacher and DALA laughed about on the first day of school.


     “What did they think?”


     “They did not understand the altered portion.  They thought the girl just mispronounced the words.  I would have substituted ‘Scorch ya here’ or ‘Maaaring gatong’ … possible firewood for ‘Arigato’ and point at them.”


      … “Hmmmm … You know, it helps to have something to laugh about when things are bad.”  Capt Garcia sighed.


     “Yes.”  Sigaw agreed.  "I hope someday, the world would be able to laugh at the recent economic crisis.  Something like that could have been the last straw to break the camel’s back.  When one disaster after another devastates whole countries and a severe devastating economic collapse hits at the same time, animosity against each other can be the trigger for war.  It has happened time and time again.”


     “It helped that the G20 and APEC discussed plans to watch out for each other’s benefit instead of taking advantage of one another.  The big Industrial countries learned that a financial crisis in one rapidly spreads to the rest of the world.”  Capt. Garcia added.  “Individual governments have to watch for trends in their own as well as the other countries’ financial institutions that indicate unfair practices that lead to the common people’s inability to cope with sudden changes in loan payments.  Each individual is also accountable for irresponsible spending that they cannot really afford and focus more on saving for the future rather than expect the government to support all those disadvantaged by their own lack of initiative, poor incentive and unwise borrowing.  More aggressive investigation and punishment of those who use others’ credentials as their own to obtain personal wealth should be more enforceable.  The entire country suffers.  Consequences affect the culprits as well.”


     “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.”  Sigaw quoted.


     “ … good and bad.”  Capt. Garcia finished.


     “You are forgetting one important thing.”  Sigaw said.  “Big industries are still focusing on financial gain versus correction of the environmental problem.  That has already caused tragedy by increasing disasters and huge financial loss for entire states and countries.  Now it is worse.  Some are hoping to help the cause while inadvertently planning to do something more harmful than ever.”


     “ … Yeah?”


     “There are more and more advertisements about so called ‘CLEAN’ Technology!”


     “That’s good for a change!”


     “On the surface, it is but the cleanliness stops there.  The motivation is to save their old industries and the livelihood that their home states are accustomed to.  They plan to use the same fossil based technology and swear to sequester the resulting Carbon dioxide.”


     “Is that not great?”


     “For convincing themselves, the government and the people, it is.  What they plan to do is store Carbon dioxide under water in lakes and so forth.”




     “Storing CO2 in rocks was one of the original strategies mentioned in the late 90’s.  What is wrong with that?”


     “CO2 will escape from soil, rocks, water and less pressure resistant metal containers.  The gas leaks out from soil and rock and bubbles up from under liquids.  Furthermore, high temperature increases its volume and pressure facilitating explosive escape.  Temperatures above 120 degrees F catalyze  reactions  with other elements.  CO2 is released from carbonates in soil, rock, and fossils leaving defects where carbonates came from.  Marine animals cannot keep up with the increased supply of CO2 to build shells they do not need yet.  Sulfates trade places with carbonates forming Gypsum and other rocks to form crystals when excessive heat dries up the rocks.  Drying cracks rocks and earthen walls of cavities under and above ground level.  The released CO2 where these rocks originally were will escape between particles of soil, porous walls of rocks and through holes produced in caverns and so forth.  The CO2 finds its way to the atmosphere and/or gets carried by water to the sea further overwhelming the natural storage places of planet earth.  More gas explosions in the oceans shall occur.  WORSE GLOBAL WARMING, elevation of sea level, floods and storms shall happen.  Higher temperature shall increase drying of farm lands and trees.  Wildfires shall be more catastrophic.  Seismic activity, more volcanic eruptions and tsunamis would follow.”


     “The later advertisements said that the CO 2 shall be  kept in huge metal containers that would then be hidden in soil or rocks below the surface of the earth.  Will that not make ‘clean coal and other CO 2 emitting technology safer?  The last advertisement I heard suggested collecting CO 2 emission of cars in containers which would be buried deep in the earth to push out Natural Gas for commercial purposes.  Of course, it would be at most for temporary strategy till we find something better.”


     “It is bad enough to think of storing CO 2 resulting from some necessary technology.  Doing that to clean car emission is not the best choice to lower CO 2 levels and its effects on the environment.  We have the ability to make more ‘clean’ cars in some countries.  Technology has to be shared with the rest of the world.  We live on the same planet.  We shall all go with it.  The containers should have more than enough room for expansion of gas due to increasing temperature.  Eventually, just like a balloon, the limit can be exceeded.  Additionally,  the integrity of the skin can be compromised by external factors.  The bursting may just be delayed and when the time comes, there may be too many popping balloons for the inaugural.  If the containers are metallic, they may function as bombshells.  Depending on the size, the explosion s may be small or huge.  Just remember  not to store these things under San Francisco.  The cable cars may dance with the stars.  The ‘Big One’ may come too early.  If the ‘Bang’ is big enough, the universe may be restructured.”


     “The white and black matter may have altered compositions too.  They will be all shades of gray.  Both will contain variable amounts of Carbon dioxide.”


     “Right!  Also, upon contact with artificial or natural electricity, CO 2 decomposes to CO which is deadly and O2 which is flammable.  The oceans would be red!”




     “Carcasses of dead fish turned red by CO shall float all over. The released CO 2 that reach the   sea water would readily convert to Methane which can burst into flames enhanced by O2.  The heat, however, will accelerate the formation of beautiful crystals.”



     "Oh!  That makes up for the other possibilities.  For a while, I thought I was listening to the 'Joker'."


     "The largest crystals in the world were found in 2000 in caverns called ‘Fierro’ by the natives because it was too hot in there. The temperature was over 130 degrees Fahrenheit most of the time.  The owners of the mine nearby thought there may be a fault in the area.  The crystals were found to be originally Gypsum rocks estimated to be around 4,600 million years old.”


     “I heard about that.”  Lynn said.  “Something that old would be more precious than diamonds and probably just as beautiful.”


     “ … with flowers in them yet but only Archeologists would consider them more precious than diamonds!”  Sigaw added.  “Here! Hang this from your ‘Medic Alert’ bracelet.”


     Sigaw reached for Lynn’s wrist and touched the tiny crystal to her bracelet.  It automatically became enclosed in a delicate golden cage and attached itself with a matching link to the chain she was wearing.


     “How did you do that?”  She asked.


     “You heard of BCI?”


     “Yes.  … Brain Computer Interface!  Some paralyzed patients have successfully used the technology to enter commands in computers that in turn move specific muscles to perform impossible movements.”


     “I used BMI … Brain Matter Interface.”


     “Wow!  Well, you can get it back now before I lose it.”


     “No.”  Sigaw protested.  “Grandma wants you to have it.  I already lost it soon after she gave it to me when I was a little boy.  I was playing with it and marbles and hit that one too hard in Lungga.  I never saw it again.  She found it after we returned from Kalibo last night.  We owe you one.  Bulkan wants me to thank you for him.”


     “He is most welcome. This must mean a lot to your family.  I can’t accept.”


     “You better!  It will follow you everywhere you go anyhow.  You might as well display it.”


     “Why would it follow me?”


     “My grandma blessed you and this crystal was given the power to protect you.  Such an object traditionally will do what it was ‘programmed’ to do.”


     “Oh my!  What a beautiful guardian angel!”  Lynn said gratefully and proudly.  “I am honored.  Thank you.  Where did it come from?”


     “ … from a place in the same general area as 'Fierro' before it blasted away.  Crystals blew all over and some actually travelled through the tunnel between the triangles.  Someday, parts of America may do the same.”


     Lynn and Capt. Garcia were confused.  They looked at each other wondering whether or not to take the statement as fact or as a joke.  Sigaw laughed and left them guessing.


     Lynn and Capt. Garcia disembarked on the West Bank.  Then Sigaw paddled back to the East Bank still singing Lynn’s song till he reached land.  Then he tied the boat to a pole at the dock.  He started walking off the plank but turned apparently to scan the interior of the boat for something.  He took a few steps towards the boat and bent to pick up something.


     Lynn and Capt. Garcia started to walk back to the jeep in the meantime.  They heard a shot.  Both looked back.  They had a glimpse of Siro leaping across the river and then run after someone.  Dala jumped into the river.  Sigaw was nowhere in sight.  Siro caught up with the gunman.  They wrestled on the ground.


     “We’re just hunting birds.”  Another man shouted.


     Both Siro and the presumed assailant fell into the water.  Dala did not surface.  Neither did Siro nor the man he wrestled with.


     More men with guns arrived for birdhunting.  More feathered game flew overhead.  Dogs started barking and running back and forth.  Carabaos started scurrying home on their own.  Not one was pulling a sled or a cart.  The riders were nowhere.


     “This may be an omen for an earth shaking event.”  Capt. Garcia said as he pulled his radio from its holster to report the shooting and disappearance of four individuals in the river.


     They felt a slight tremor.  They looked at each other.


     “Capt.  Garcia to base.  Do you read me?’


     The radio squawks a reply.


     “Earthquake at Malaki River.  Implement Code Red NOW!!!”


     He grabbed Lynn’s arm.  They ran as fast as she could be dragged towards the jeep.  The sound of distant wings was heard coming from the lake’s direction.  Soon the bird was visible.  A less large one followed closely.  Two were seen approaching from the direction of Lungga.  Three shot up from the river.  They all flew North overtaking the animals running away and small birds escaping from Ground Zero.  The large birds converged in a diamond formation with the largest bird taking the solitary leader’s position then sharply veered Eastward.  One tipped its wings before making the turn.  Then the diamond turned to a deep inverted ‘V’ and then to a ‘Y’.  Samara sent an image of the landscape she saw from her vantage position in the left rear.  The river widened and the old Maliit River re-opened.  The river system turned to a Y.  As the formation turned farther , Samara flashed another image.  The river system turned to an inverted ‘Y’ … GAMMA!  On the section closer to the lake, at the bottom of the ‘Y’, a Swastika … the Buddhist symbol of permanence re-appeared.  The West arm was barely perceptible.


     Sirens blared.  The City loud speaker announced the occurrence of an earthquake.  More animals were running north.  Some were prodding their young masters onward Others were pulling confused children by their clothing.  Young and old were screaming each other’s names or asking for whereabouts of missing relatives.


     The four horsemen stood at attention waiting for individual signals to relax or resume a ride.  Their horses waited just outside the gate. The Great Spirit held the Book of Life in one hand and the Divibe Clock on the other.  The Father sat on His great white throne tapping His fingers on the wide armrests in rhythm with an invisible chronometer.  A woman dressed in blue and white knelt to His left.  The Sumerian cross in her hand were constantly bloodied by the flow of her tears.  She persistently continued to intercede for her wayward children.  The Fifth Horseman sat on the right of the Father.  He was all attired for an important event.  His whiter than white horse calmly stood nearby.  Saints and angels knelt all around with their hands clasped in prayer hoping not to suddenly need to cover their ears with them when the Father signals at least one command or when a trumpet blares at the wave of His hand.


     “Hold tight!”  Capt. Garcia yelled above the clamor. 


     “The river is red again!”  Lynn gasped.


     “ … red again?”


     “ … and HOT!”


     The jeep headed to camp.  They felt stronger tremors start during their bumpy ride.





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