Chapter 13



 Started 8 August 2007

Last Updated 31 October 2008


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     “In the year nineteen hundred ninety nine years and seven months, the King of Terror shall come out of the sky…”  Nostradamus wrote.  On July 15, 1999, there was a conjunction of Venus and the moon.  On the computer print out it looked like the Crescent and the star … the symbol of Islam!!!  The Star shown above is the Star of David representing Israel.  It is made of two identical isosceles triangles indicating equal sharing.  The color is blue implying the quest for PEACE.  It is filled with the color purple representing Canaan or Palestine.  The Rays represent the four directions of the world.  They form a Cross symbolizing Christianity.


     The events below were reported by the Liverpool Astronomical Society and published on the Internet in July 1999

·        July 1st - Neptune 0.6° South of Moon.

·        July 2nd - Uranus 0.4° South of Moon.

·        July 6th - Earth at Aphelion at 23h:00m.(1.016719 AU).

·        July 7th - Jupiter 4° North of Moon.

·        July 8th - Saturn 3° North of Moon.

·        July 10th - Aldebaran 0.8° South of Moon.

·        July 10th - Lunar Occultation of Aldebaran from Liverpool. Disappearance at 09:15:51 (Bright Daylight).

·        July 11th - Comet C/1999H1 (Lee) at Perihelion (0.709AU).

·        July 11th - 20th Anniversary (1979) Skylabb re-enters into Earth's Atmosphere.

·        July 12th - Mercury Stationary.

·        July 13th - Venus 1.5° South of Regulus.

·        July 14th - Mercury 3° South of Moon.

·        July 14th - Venus at Greatest brlliancy.

·        July 15th - Regulus 1.1° South of Moon.

·        July 15th - Venus 3° South of Moon.

·        July 16th - 30th Anniversary (1969) of the launch of Apollo 11.

·        July 20th - Mars 7° South of Moon.

·        July 20th - STS-93 launch, space shuttle Columbia, Payload- Chandra X-Ray Observatory.(AXAF)

·        July 24th - Comet C/1999 K6 (LINEAR) at Perihelion (2.251AU).

·        July 24th - Ceres: conjunction with Sun.

·        July 25th - Juno stationary.

·        July 26th - Neptune at opposition.

·        July 26th - Mercury: Inferior conjunction.

·        July 27th - Venus stationary.

·        July 28th - Partial Lunar Eclipse  (Not seen from UK).

·        July 28th - Neptune 0.6° South of Moon.

·        July 29th - Uranus 0.5° South of Moon.

·        July 31st – Lunar Prospector Spacecraft to crash on Moon to-day.

All times are in BRITISH SUMMER  (BST). Times For Observer in Liverpool, Merseyside,, England, U.K.

     More than one celestial event occurred on July 1999.  Nostradamus gave reference only to a few.  He mentioned the long tailed comet which most people feared of as a certain announcement of war or disaster from it or a piece of rock from it crashing into the earth.  The King of Terror mentioned was thought to be the ancient asteroid with the same name that may show up during the darkness of the eclipse on the middle of August.   A worker in an Arizona observatory mentioned the conjunction between Venus and the moon.  Actually it was more complex and involved Regulus, Venus and the moon.  It still would have appeared on the diagram on the computer as a star and the crescent moon.  What was Nostradamus’ message?

     Regulus is the same star that was involved in the triple conjunction of planets that the Magi saw in the sky and interpreted as the star announcing the birth of a new KING of the Jews.  Regulus was the LITTLE KING in the constellation of the Jewish kings, LEO.  Regulus actually is a sun.  In Mayan mythology, the god who sacrificed himself for his subjects became the supreme god, the SUN.  The god who was unable to sacrifice himself became the lesser god, the MOON.  The job of the MOON god is to make sure that the SUN god returns every day to keep his subjects and the earth alive.  Sacrifices had to be offered.  The moon eclipses Regulus from time to time.  A total solar eclipse, billed by Astronomers as the gloomiest since the death of Jesus Christ, also predicted by Nostradamus, occurred on 11 August 1999, 27 days after the July 15 conjunction, the same number of years that the war is supposed to last.  Two years later, the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City happened.  Another gloomy total solar eclipse is expected on 2017.  This corresponds to the year that scientists believe to be the time for the BIG ONE in San Francisco.  There was an eclipse the day Jesus Christ was born and another one when He died.  2019 is 27 years after Osama bin Laden’s first attack on a westernized country.  Nostradamus said that the antichrist will annihilate all three.  President Anwar Sadat, a Muslim died in 1981.  Israeil Izaak Rabin died 14 years later in 1995.  Will a Christian be next on 2009?  2009 has a double significance being 14 years from the death of a leader of one of the three factions in the 27 year war.  It is also 27 years from the Lebanon War which was THE factor that made Osama bin Laden turn against Jews and ‘Crusaders’.   According to Mayan legend, gods manage to appear as the jaguar which was also a usual manifestation used by the SUN god … the supreme god.


     On 2020, there shall be a sign of peace: “Jupiter, Saturn in Aquarius”.  Aquarius is an AIR sign.  An EARTH sign would have meant death or disaster.  There shall be no Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in an EARTH sign for more than 150 years after this.  However, Nostradamus only predicted more than 50 years of calm.  Perhaps. wobbling of the earth shall change our angle of perspective of the heavenly bodies necessitating changes including our calendar and that of the Mayans.  It is not the END OF THE WORLD!!!  Nostradamus predicted that to be on 3797 by whatever calendar should be in use by then.  Subtract 1000 years of peace from that and we get 2797 for the possible date of Armaggedon.  We may through our own fault be reduced in numbers but those left behind have to learn to get along with each other.  Then we hope to be fit and ready to board New Jerusalem.




I.                  We have the critical responsibility of keeping the media CALM.


II.               2007 may be hi risk for WWIII if enough militants believe a popular hadith.  It is probably not true but enough believers can make it happen.  Believers in the hadith say this is an approximate date and may actually happen later.


III.           QUIETLY convince everyone to do penance and pray for world peace.


 The last thing we need is a series of world protests increasing anger level and making war more possible.




Our  Lady of Fatima’s Secrets



2nd half of 20th century


27 years

a long time


Muslims..and Christians

Christians & Non Christians

Root causes

climate changes, DISASTERS, drought, famine, social unrest

DISASTERS, poverty, corruption, wrongful deaths, loss of faith


all kinds and nuclear



reverse earth changes, prevent war, lessen damage


FORGIVE all AMEND our lives; pray, ROSARY

The Foresight

Nostradamus: In 1558, he wrote his predictions in such a manner that they would survive to warn us. 

Our Lady of Fatima May 13+, 1917: The three children had a vision of people and the clergy being persecuted and killed.  A man dressed in white looking like a bishop, was shot and fell looking dead.  Beside the Blessed Virgin Mary was an angel holding a flaming sword in his left hand pointing it towards earth.  He cried in a loud voice: "Penance!  Penance!!  Penance!!!" Adam and Eve failed.  God “drove out the man; and He placed Cherubim at the east of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the Tree of Life.” … Genesis Chapter 3, Verse 24

     During one of her apparitions the Blessed Mother was seen holding the HOLY ROSARY.

The Promises

Nostradamus: By warning us, we can take active measures to at least modify the severity and effects of events or possibly prevent them.

Our Lady of Fatima:  "The open heart purified by the contemplation of God is stronger than guns and weapons of every kind." "My Immaculate Heart will triumph.


… Ever Flowing Change



The ancient name for God the Father was ‘HO’.  God the Son was called the same.  How about the Holy Spirit?  All members of the Holy Trinity may have been called by the same name.  They are three persons in one God and equal.

HO + HO + HO = 3 (HO) = H3 O3 = H20 +O2 + H

Scientists now say that at the time of the ‘Big Bang’, quarks (protons, electrons and neutrons) were released everywhere making the universe.  The ‘extra’ ones became us.


     All kinds of movements and changes are produced by Yin and Yang.  Yin is the Female, more docile, and negative  ELEMENT or ANION.  Yang is the Male, more virile, positive ELEMENT or CATION.  One unit of Yin and one unit of Yang repel or attract each other resulting in TAO or movement.  A series of movements start a flow.  All changes and transformations are results of movement.  This applies to all things basic and complex.

Water … H2O


      For this particular chemical formula, one unit of Yang, made of two Hydrogen atoms combine with one unit of Yin, composed of one Oxygen atom to form a molecule of water.  Water molecules combine to form drops.  They are pulled by gravity to a lower level and start a flow … ‘I’


     Heat, light, pressure and other forces affect all matter animate and inanimate.   Some things in nature are good and some are not.  Some are two-edged swords.  The sun is our friend and our enemy.  It helps us see but it also destroys our eye cells.  Realization of danger alerts the brain to produce electrical energy waves.  Visual imagery enhances this process.  Nerve endings secrete chemical substances which travel through extensive pathways formed during our lifetime.   The nerve network reaches target organs.   Electro-chemical messages stimulate body cells to perform metabolic and physical functions.  Outside forces further add to the complexity  of actions and results … ‘Ching’.

dr G’s “i” Visualization


Darkness revives my rods and cones.

Each heartbeat rejuvenates them.

Each breath revitalizes them.

Each nerve activity stimulates them.

Each metabolic reaction nourishes them.

Vitamin A energizes them.

Antioxidants protect them.


The joy of sight begets new functions.

I now have the eyes of

… a mouse…  it regenerates its own eye cells.

… a cat … it sees in the dark.

… a fish … it sees around the periphery.


My eye cells regenerate … regenerate … REGENERATE!!!

I see clearly

… day and night,

…indoors and outdoors,

… in artificial and natural light,

… at all angles of the sun,

… and throughout the periphery!!!


     While standing by a stream, Confucius said: “Ah!  That which is passing is just like this, never ceasing day or night.  What is “passing” is ever changeable and changing.  All that happens in the universe ever flows and changes like the “flowing stream” .  As per Heraclitus of Ephesus,  that is the true meaning of the word “I”.  Ching means change.  I Ching  therefore is “Ever Flowing Change”.


     Volcanoes erupt blowing melted rock and compounds formed by reactions of elements in the upper mantle with those in lava.  A huge cloud of dust can block the sun and cause freezing of the planet.  Billions of years later, the sun eventually causes enough thawing and planetary activities including volcanic ones resume.  The extreme temperature of the turbulently flowing lava melts, erodes and decomposes the carbonate rocks previously emplaced on the ground.  Calcium reacts with Sulfur forming Calcium sulfate.  Oxygen reacts with Iron forming Ferric oxide.  Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere restarting the greenhouse effect needed to maintain temperature compatible with life.  I Ching goes on.  Man can tip the odds forwards or backwards.


     The UFO phenomenon has been around for about a century at least.  There were stories of incidents in ancient history that may be interpreted as involving a UFO.  One was about Alexander the Great being observed by beings in a green metallic flying ship during active warfare.  An Oracle pronounced Alexander the Great as the son of a god.  So what could have been more natural than for advanced intelligence watching his performance in what he did best?  Curiously, the craft appeared a second time.  Their visit was not limited to observation again.  They actually helped him win the battle. 


     The UFO visits to Earth were mostly in Russia and the USA at or near nuclear facilities.  An interesting episode involved tripping the command for a missile to launch.  The Russian officials scrambled to stop the unintended launch for fear of starting World War III accidentally.  The launch was mysteriously aborted at the nick of time.  The computers were studied for defects that may have accidentally switched the go command on or leaked it to those aboard the UFO.  Nothing was found.  More recently, reports of sightings in Mexico and Brazil have caught public attention and concern.  A possible explanation offered was the existence of Hydronium near volcanoes at the areas.  Hydronium is compsed of three Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom.  It is therefore heavy water or a good source of Hydrogen based fuel.  As to whether this would be for civilian or military purposes remains unknown. 


     Yin and Yang in correct proportions combine to produce HARMONY.  Otherwise, the result would be DISHARMONY.  As in disease, an excess or deficiency of one or the other means trouble.  Perhaps, or at least we hope that the beings behind the UFO’s are simply guarding sensitive areas for our own good.




     The Muslims call Him Issa.  When the situation on earth really gets drastic ,,, when the people are oppressed … when the land gets dry and food is gone … when men fight for survival … Ihmam Mahdi will only take a short while to come.  He will show up in Medina and Mecca.  He will take his people to the place of confrontation.  Issa will catch up with him and defer the honor of leading the morning prayers to Ihmam Mahdi.  They will proceed to where the Jews are with Dajjal.  Dajjal will happen to look at Issa and melt as salt does in water.


     The Jews call Him Yeshua.  They did not believe that He was the promised Messiah.  They crucified Him. He died on the cross and on the third day rose again but they spread rumors that His body was stolen from the tomb.


     Christians call Him Jesus Christ.  The Romans named their religion after Him and called the followers Christians.  Christians profess to be His believers and followers.  Through conscious or unconscious desire to be like Him, they reduced Him to the level of very ordinary man.  Thus there was no apparent sinful attempt to elevate their status to equal ihat of God nor to declare themselves as God.  Prayer became a dirty word.  It became customary to observe a minute of silence instead.  It may be as gloriously or peacefully empty as desired.  They respect human rights.  Those who tried to remove God from public places, government laws, protocol, documents, tradition and schools may have been more honest.  They even questioned the mention of God’s name on the dollae bill.  In either case, there was no visible Tower of Babel.


     On September 11, 3 BC, the sun was in Virgo and Jupiter, the royal star,  perhaps king of the universe, went into a series of conjunctions with Regulus, the star of kingship and brightest star in the constellation of Leo, the constellation of Judah.  It was also the Jewish New Year marked by a new moon. The two planets appeared as a single bright star and stood still over Bethlehem on December 25 the following year, 2 BC, on Hannukah, the season of giving.   These happened just before the death of King Herod which occurred after a visible lunar eclipse remembered by Flavius Josephus as the day Herod had two rabbis executed preceding the Passover before his death.  This eclipse was on January 10, 1 BC, twelve and a half weeks before Passover.  This was described by Ernest Martin in his book “The Star that Astonished the World”.


    Thus the year of King Herod’s death and the nativity of Jesus Christ were redetermined to be year 1 and year 3 or 2 BC respectively.  A similar series of events occurred from year 7 to 4 BC but the stars were seen as two separate objects, involved Saturn instead of Jupiter and did not stand still over Bethlehem as described in the bible.  The planets were in the constellation of Pisces and the sun was not in Virgo. The lunar eclipse in the first series was only forty percent and barely visible.  So the years involved changed to revise history.  Did the corresponding messages also change? 9-11 and 12-25 are certainly meaningful dates in our society today.  We do not know the dates of the intervening conjunctions.  They may coincide with other ominous events in our history or future.  We do not have another 2000 years to figure out the warnings that we have missed or ignored.  If we have not already done so, it is time to start praying and doing penance to get in a better standing with the Lord protection wise.


     The Magi were not Astrologists.  They were wise men from the east, probably Babylon, now Iraq.  They understood that the message on the eternal WWW meant that the Messiah, King of the Universe, descendant of King David, Son of a Virgin, was born in Israel as written in the scriptures.  They followed the star which after some time disappeared from view.  In Jerusalem, they sought Herod, the reigning king at the time.  The latter consulted the priests and scribes.  They knew their scripture but did not believe nor bother to investigate if indeed the Messiah has been born.  Herod, puppet king backed by Rome, descendant of Essau instead of David, knew that the legitimate ruler has arrived to dethrone him.  “When might he have been born?”  He asked the magi who were searching for the newborn King of the Jews.  He sent them on their way with a request to return and inform him of the location of this Child that he may also pay respect.  After the audience with Herod, the star reappeared in the Southern sky.  They resumed their journey following the guiding light which had stopped and moved again.  They found Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.  They offered their gifts of gold for a king, frankincense for a priest and myrrh for the Messiah Who would die to save all of mankind.  The number of magi was deduced from the number of gifts.


     Through separate dreams, the magi and St. Joseph learned of Herod’s true intentions.  The wise men returned to their respective homes in the east through separate routes without notifying Herod of Jesus Christ’s location.  Thus His nativity and place of birth were not recorded.  St. Joseph took his family to Egypt.  One of the Bethlehems is about five miles south of Jerusalem and on the main route to Egypt.  The birth of Christ was obviously not celebrated by all especially the parents and relatives of the Holy Innocents executed by order of Herod to safeguard his throne.  The massacre was not included in Josephus. Writings either.  Josephus was employed by Herod.  According to the book based on the visions of Sister Catherine Emmerich, one of the Essenes present during the Passion of Christ said that his own two sons were killed during the unrecorded event.


     After Herod’s death, the Holy Family returned to Israel where Jesus led a hidden life in Nazareth and then a public life mostly in Galilee.  He was tried and crucified to death in Jerusalem.  After His Resurrection and Ascension, the Apostles and other Disciples, inspired and emboldened by the Holy Spirit on Pentecost went about the business of preaching and saving souls.  The Roman empire grew stronger.  Ethnic and religious difference became more pronounced.  Persecution was beyond description.


     After the Apostles left, about fourteen years after the Ascension, some remaining followers of Christ were set adrift on a ship without sails, oars or rudder.  They were doomed to eventual shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea or accidental exit into the vast Atlantic Ocean.


     “Do not hurt them!  Their father is Syrus. They are the children of Encharria, daughter of the Duke of Syria and other maritime places!”  The handmaid must have cried.  She feared the loss of her masters who she depended on.  As a female, her maternal instincts superseded the threat to her own safety.  Loyalty made her persevere.   She was listed as Marcella.  On a different account of the voyage,  Marcella’s name was changed to Sera


     Marcella was one of the seventy nine passengers on board the ship without sails, rudder or oars that was set adrift in the hazardous Mediterranean Sea from Jerusalem by non-Christians some fourteen years after Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.  With her were three royal siblings.  The man was in the military but was a personal friend of Christ.  One of the sisters visited Tiberius Ceasar in Rome three years after the Resurrection bearing an egg on which was written “Christ is risen”.  Tiberius said that no man could have risen from the dead anymore than the egg in her hand would turn red.  It promptly did.  She discussed the unfair handling of Jesus’ trial by Pontius Pilate.  The latter was thereafter moved to a different assignment.  In the meantime, the Apostles left to minister in different countries.  By the time of arrival of the group in Marseilles, France, persecution of Christians was intense.  The pilgrims, including Cidon or Sidonius, the man born blind and led and baptized by St. Maximin, were allowed to disembark but had to take refuge under the porch of a temple.  They received no offer of food or other aid from the local residents.  Eventually, the people started listening to the sister who brought the egg to Rome.  In another account of the same event,  Marcella was listed as Sera.  Perhaps her name was shortened to Cella and later degenerated to Sera or some of the people only heard “They are the children of Encharria, daughter of the Duke of Syria.”


     Although the Holy Spirit entrusted the royal trio to the care of St. Maximin and obviously guided them, floating from Jerusalem to Marseilles was probably the natural fate of a vessel set to drift away from the eastern end of the Mediterranean.  The wind blows from North to West directing the ship westward and keeping it in the straighter, wider, southern, lower half of the sea.  There is an abrupt drop in elevation of the Atlantic Ocean floor right after the straits causing the Mediterranean waters to crash down like a waterfall cascading from over the straits to the beginning of the much lower Atlantic floor.  This creates a rapid westward flow at the junction of the two bodies of water.  The warm Mediterranean aquatic temperature makes the water more saline, denser and thus heavier compared to that of the Atlantic which is cold, less saline and thus lighter and flows on the surface as the two specimens meet.  Mediterranean water flows outward to the Atlantic while the cold Atlantic water flows on the surface inwards over the Mediterranean water.  A warm undertow goes outwards from east to west and a cold surface flow enters the narrow opening between the two areas moving from west to northeast where there is more space.  Jets of water exiting from inland rivers help keep floating bodies away from nearby shorelines.  It is the turbulence caused by colliding circuits that can cause navigation problems and increase the possibility of a shipwreck.  Maybe the ship was equipped with an anchor to prevent it from escaping before all the doomed passengers and their Christian paraphernalia along with the body of St. Anne could get on board.  Then the anchor could have been dropped or lifted as needed to stop or go depending on the changes in direction of water current.  Smuggled ancient portable equipment and seafaring expertise may have also been available.  They lived in the shores of Galilee, home of gentiles and seafarers skilled in navigation of waters prone to frequent and sudden violent storms secondary to seismic and other underwater activity.  The earth’s constantly shifting magnetic fields and and subsurface tornadoes fool the eye of the observer from land, air and outer space.  Atlantis was in the area and disappeared during a big earthquake.  The Mediterranean was an enclosed inland sea or huge lake as the Galilee is.  Something broke off a piece of the brim of the basin at the western end opening a gate to the Atlantic.  Indeed, evidence of ancient ruins were found recently close by between Crete and Santorini.   The maternal royal grandfather was once the duke of maritime places.  The royal trio may have been accompanied by contacts loyal to the family and provided expert help.  The sister who met Tiberius Ceasar traveled all the way ro Rome.  She may have recalled the course taken at least to that point.


     By accident, choice or guidance of the Holy Spirit, the royal siblings avoided Rome and Christianized France.  The sister who previously visited Rome eventually made believers out of the coastline residents then moved inland to preach.  The other sister went even farther into the interior and opened a convent.  The brother stayed in Marseilles for a while.  After St. Maximin’s death, he became the first bishop of Kition, Cyprus.  While he was there, he wrote a letter to the Blessed Virgin Mother mentioning how he missed her.  She replied and suggested that he send a ship.  He did. 


     Her arrival was not as fast as his response.  She was delayed by a storm at sea.  According to tradition, she and her traveling companions, including St. John and other disciples, drifted away from their course as far as Greece.  She actually visited Mt. Athos where after converting the idolaters, she invoked her Son’s blessing and protection for all those who, in the future, were to “fight the good fight of faith” (as monks and ascetics) on the mountain.  She then sailed to Larnaca, ancient Kition.  When she finally showed up, she presented the royal brother with a white miter made from the fabric that she herself wove.  This was sometime in 50 AD plus or minus some years.  On her way back, she supposedly stopped in Jerusalem and stayed for a while. 


     It was while in Cyprus that the brother died and stayed dead.  His sepulcher and relics are there.


          The other female sibling also started preaching.  The handmaid described her as very eloquent.  Her only previously known statements were about her sister not helping in the kitchen and Jesus being too late to save her brother. 


     She selected a more inland location as her base.  It was here that she encountered a monster that was feared by the local residents.  One day, she ventured into the woods near a river and there saw what was basically an amphibian animal but it had six legs, scales, wings, ears similar to those of humans and a face of a sad old man.  Its large size and appearance earned it the reputation of being a monster.  It was thus avoided by the townsfolk who settled elsewhere.  The monster was probably left alone for an extended enough period to live long and get huge.  Its mournful appearance may be due to the same reason.  Members of the reptile family are known to regenerate injured limbs.  Frogs with six legs have been described.  Wings and humanoid ears are other anomalous adaptations.  There was a two headed frog that hopped into a school years ago.  A two headed snake aptly named “We” was for sale also.  A white alligator was on display somewhere in the USA.  A baby caiman, a descendant of a prehistoric alligator was shown on TV just a few years ago.  It was about two feet long and had a sad face.


     The holy sister did her first public act of faith in the power of Jesus Christ.  She held a crucifix in front of the monster’s face and sprinkled its body with holy water.  She supposedly managed to tame it and bind it with her own belt.  While immobilized, the people killed it.


     Another version said that the holy lady sang hymns to the monster winning its confidence.  She thus found a pet and the latter a friend and master.  It would have been a happy ending had not the people panicked upon beholding the sight of the beast being led to town by the lady.  Pandemonium followed and the beast was killed.  So ended the sad life of an innocent anomalous creature just when the chance for a happy existence started.  But it was not exactly the end.  The creature is now immortalized on the logo of an elite French military unit.


     Thus the misunderstood supposed predator/aggressor which actually was in its own perspective the prey/victim was elevated to the status it deserved if not the constant and permanent reminder that between two warring factions animosity could be anticipatorily prevented and allayed even at a late stage.  The holy lady initially flashed a signal for the beast to stop advancing by showing it the cross which power and significance she had no doubt about.  Then she sprinkled her first defense weapon, holy water, for whatever physical restraining effect it may have.  Given the chance, she bound the beast with her own belt probably in conjunction with other devices or objects.  In the other version, she resorted to dialogue.  Words did not mean much in the absence of a mutually understood language.  However, the tone of her voice and her unthreatening manner were understood as elements of a peaceful negotiation.  Mutually assured of freedom from attack, they both relaxed and bonded as she sang hymns as a mother would to a child soothing it to fellowship.  It was time to take a walk.  However, when the previously afraid, suspicious and hatred filled crowd emboldened by the security of numbers saw the beast coming, they probably failed to notice how docile a partner it has become.  The holy lady lost what could have been woman’s best friend when the escalating level of anger, fired by circulating recurrent transmission of hate messages among the townsfolk, led to a rush of blind rage and determination to kill.  This was carried into action when the opportunity suddenly presented itself.  Goliath was presumed to be bad as per history, he was.  This is another Goliath, they presumed.  Kill it!  They did.   


     The holy sister opened a convent.  Since she freed the town of its menace and became their heroine, lots of people came to listen to her.  One day, a stranger wishing to hear her preach the doctrine of Christ, attempted to cross the river.  The others who came discovered his naked body close to the water’s edge.  He was dead more than a day.  The holy lady lay face down on the ground beside him and with her arms stretched out to form the semblance of a cross with her body, she prayed and implored the Lord Jesus to bring back this soul who came to learn more about Him.  Then she rose and offered her hand to him and pulled him up alive.


     Hearing this story, more people came to listen to her.  The convent’s population grew as well and she preached for a long time.  Then of course she got old and very ill.  When it was time to go, at about the age of 79 years,  she went out of the convent and once more lay prostrate on the ground with outstretched arms.  She heard the sound of angels’ wings as they approached carrying her sister.  They called each other’s names and Jesus called them both. 


     At this time, the local bishop, being exhausted, fell asleep in the middle of a service.  When someone woke him up, he said that he was beckoned to help Jesus lay the body of the holy lady in her tomb.  In his haste because he was abruptly awakened, he left one glove and his key at the site.  Servers were dispatched to recover his belongings and verify his story.  They brought back his glove but left the key as a souvenir.


     Those raised reading the Old Testament were truly the chosen people for they were privileged with advanced knowledge of the coming of the Messiah, Who is the Son of God and is God the Son, to be conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit and to be born of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, walk in their midst, preach and physically die on the cross to atone for the sins of the whole world.  Unfortunately, all the benefits of advanced announcement and anticipation of what is a wondrous and miraculous gift of God to man who deserved such benevolence only because God is all loving and forgiving, resulted in DISASTER!!!  Jesus came and went unrecognized by most and still being awaited for by even more.  The Divine Temple rose from the dead on His resurrection but the chosen ones are still striving to someday physically rebuild an ancient ruin that they may make a sacrifice on the old altar of Solomon to appease God.  The Sacrifice has been offered on the cross on Calvary and His mission of redeeming us from sin has been accomplished but the chosen ones do not realize that and continue to wait for the final battle which unfortunately shall happen because we shall continue in our old warlike ways and Jesus has to come again to save us from ourselves lest all of us get annihilated due to our own doing and hatred of each other.


     Those fortunate and blessed to recognize God the Son made man and walked, talked, preached and ate with Him proclaimed His glory even at the price of martyrdom.  Their reward is not on this earth but in God’s kingdom elsewhere. Knowing this, they strove even more to propagate the knowledge of one God with three distinct Persons in the Same God, the second Person of Which became man to die on the cross to appease God and obtain pardon for our sins that we lowly humans may share His glory simply because He loves believe it or not … us!


     The holy sister was aware of all this and devoted her whole life after meeting Jesus Christ to spread His teaching to gather more souls to benefit from His sacrifice.  All we have to do is believe.


     There are different levels of believers and disbelievers.  There are atheists who like all humans and other living beings know by instinct that there must be a Supreme Being responsible for the creation of and the order in the universe.  However, they deny such knowledge that cannot be physically perceived by the senses nor proven by science.  There are members of different religious groups who by cultural, traditional and religious instructions were made to believe in God known by specific names and attributes.  Often, they are made to and/or choose to believe that the God they worship is their very own and that He is the means to the salvation only of their particular group.  On the other hand, there are those who believe that all groups worship the same true God.  Babel confused more than just the tongue.  Muhammad actually warned of the possible misbelief of Jews and Christians.  It is this same open mindedness that allowed early Muslims to worship in synagogues and churches provided there were no statues.  Even now, some Muslims including some leaders worship in such holy places. Of course, it may be difficult to find those without statues but it is known that these statues are not idols.   Think of them as three dimensional portraits of holy honorees.


     Alkufr, disbelief, is the only sin that Allah will not forgive.  It is a refusal of Him and His mercy.  It is the individual’s hardness of heart and total rejection of Allah. 


     An infidel is a Kaafiruun,  This is more than a passive unbeliever who is guilty of alkufr.  This is a person who actively opposes and makes war with Allah, blasphemes or defames Allah or attributes to Allah teachings or comments that are not from Allah.


     Allah is the Muslim name for God.  In the Old Testament, God was called Yahweh or Elohim by different writers during different periods in history.  In the New Testament, Jesus called God “Abba”, which is the Aramaic term for “Daddy”.  We all believe in the same God.  We just have different names to call Him by.  Our practices, clergy and membership differ.  We obey laws that originally came from God.  Applications evolved differently.  In all groups, intent and action count.  Also, there is such a thing as a conscience.  The almighty, all loving, all forgiving God sees that and knows when we are righteous, contrite, forgiving and penitent.


     The father of the siblings was a wealthy man named Syrus.  He came from the line of David and was considered royal.  When he died, all the property were divided equally among the three descendants.  The son chose a military career.  The holy daughter took excellent care of her holdings.  The other daughter spent and flaunted her share.  The former bemoaned the latter’s extravagance and vanity.  They lived in the family castle along the shore of Galilee where association with pagans made the frivolous sister’s behavior also became quite untraditional by Jewish standards.  No one took into account that their mother was the daughter of the Duke of Syria.  How did she dress?  What and how much cosmetics and pagan type jewelry did she wear?  What religious practices did she observe or drop?  Did she eat pork and drink old fermented wine?  Did she frequent the Roman baths and entertainment places?  Did she forget to wear a veil or not use it properly?  She has been often depicted with red flowing hair that was at least partially visible.  She fixed her hair well.  Unfortunately, doing hair is the expression sometimes used to denote prostitution.  She was simply called “the sinner”.   


     After the incident in the temple at the age of twelve,  Jesus, Mary, Joseph’s, step brothers James and Josse’s home became well known to men hoping to have Jesus for a son-in-law.  At the age of thirteen, when Jewish males have their bar mitzvah and take a wife, Jesus secretly left and joined a caravan to India and Tibet for more sublime undertakings.  He studied the ways and laws and beliefs of the Brahmans and other religious ministers.  He preached as well.  Thus He grew in strength and stature.  Upon return to His homeland, He was baptized by His cousin John the Baptist and was publicly recognized by His heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit.


     By this time, most of His countrymen have walked away from the laws handed by God to Moses.  It was definitely time to start His public life.  People listened and word about His preaching reached the authorities who sent men to follow Him and report what He said.  One time, a man stepped in front of a woman so he can hear better.  Jesus then spoke about the need to respect, heed and honor women for they are progenitors of nations. 


     The holy sister believed in Jesus and persuaded the frivolous one to accept His teachings.  Jesus was invited for dinner and the holy sister, realizing the importance of this visit tried her utmost to prepare the best banquet possible.  The frivolous one was deeply intent on absorbing Jesus’ words that she spent every minute to complete her instructions.  Later, Jesus forgave her all her sins.  From then on, she was His top student, most ardent follower and seen with the Apostles.


     Peter once suggested that Jesus send her away for women were not supposed to be there.  Jesus replied that He would make her a male Himself.  Jewish women at the time had very little rights and authority if any.  They were not allowed to make decisions or disbursements of their personal property which could not be in their name to begin with.  They were not allowed to speak in meeting places and in public.  If they did, their opinions were not listened to.  Jesus empowered the Penitent as she was known by then to be responsible, authorized and able to do the same duties as the male apostles.  She was elevated to the top circle of His active, cooperative, corporate koikonos to save souls.  She was one of the most constant travel companions along with His mother and His mother’s sister.  She contributed from her substance as wealth was called financially aiding the work of the apostles and was seen sitting on His dinner couch.  A free meal in exchange for donations?  I would have done the same and more to stay away from the kitchen.


     The Apostles were disturbed by Jesus’ kissing her often and on the mouth.  Jesus knew that the holy sister felt much better that the Penitent was in the company of His vestry board dressed in a modest necked, long sleeved, unisex style, opaque robe plus a veil!.  She listened attentively and understood his teachings.  After His death, when the apostles were reviewing all they have learned, she recounted them.  The Apostles asked why they were not told the same things.   She remembered everything.  The Apostles asked why Jesus loved her more.  He was delighted to have someone of her caliber, zest and social status then hidden under the fisher of men uniform, in His team rather than in the opposition.  He replied by asking why He loved them less.  Before that, the Penitent had asked what the disciples were like.  He said they wee like babes but she should be well prepared because she was well informed of dangers to come. 


     I suppose Judas Iscariot was not relaxed enough and so limited his kiss to Jesus’ cheek.  What was the customary form of greeting at that time?  Peter cut off a soldier’s ear.  Jesus performed a successful futuristic plastic surgical procedure on the spot.  Why Muhammad did not believe that Jesus is God after hearing stories like this is baffling.  Either the Angel Gabriel spoke faulty Arabic or lost his voice at critical times during the revelation, instruction, compiling and writing period.  Environmental noise probably was also to blame.  Mohammed did say that it is disrespectful to even think that God would beget a son.  His respect for God is admirable.  It is unfortunate that a term limited to human and animal biology had to be used to explain God the Son’s coming to being.   There has to be a more appropriate word but probably is part of a language beyond our comprehension.  God’s complexity is not within our capability to describe.  All we can say is that everything is possible with God.


     When Peter denied knowing Jesus and the Apostles, except for John, hid, the Penitent stayed with the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The people pointed at her and laughed.  Her usual courtesan appearance was gone and her landmark coiffed hair was visibly disheveled.  Her eyes were red and swollen from crying and her clothes were unkempt.  She managed to follow the Lord to the end.  She stood beneath the cross along with the Blessed Mother and the Beloved Apostle John.  She and her brother helped with the entombment of Jesus’ body and along with the Blessed Mother and the Apostle John witnessed the change on the outside surface of the shroud before they left Jesus’ body in the tomb and rolled the stone to seal the opening.  On the day of the resurrection, before sunup, it was she who discovered that the tomb was empty and that the shroud was cast aside.  She saw someone that she mistook for the gardener.  When He spoke and she realized Who she was with, she impulsively as any of the disciples would have done, tried to touch Him.  Kneeling and with her head on the ground, she called Him ‘Rabboni’ as a sign of respect and awe, not lust.  “Noli Me tangere.”  He reminded her that He still, as the First Fruit or Harvest, has to go to the Father as prophesied in the Old Testament.  He commanded her to tell the other apostles that she saw Him and thus became “THE APOSTLE TO THE APOSTLES”.  The connotation means someone who was given the responsibility to inform the others as an envoy would.  As a koikonoit or a member of the koikonos of Fishers of men and therefore with the job of saving souls, she still had her tasks ahead of her.


     Tradition says that she was present at the Ascension and Pentecost.  About three years later, she had an audience with Tiberius Ceasar in Rome and brought him the egg with the words “Christ is risen” written on it.  It turned red in front of his eyes.  After another eleven or so years, we see her, the holy sister and her soldier brother along with other pilgrims and the body of St. Anne cast away in a ship without sails, rudder or oars.  It was the Penitent who initially won the trust of the people of Marseilles.  Then for about thirty years, she was not seen or heard from and was feared dead.  Then a hermit wandering a little too far from his grotto at St. Baume, heard the harmony of angels singing and flapping of wings as they carried her to one of the places that show her the reward for belief in God.   Astounded, the hermit went to town and announced what he just witnessed.  The Penitent spent years in solitude, prayer and fasting while bewailing her past sins.  Angels came daily to give her Holy Communion.


     She supposedly was in Rome after the arrival of St. Paul for his first trial and stayed till two years afterwards.  It was commonly believed that she retired with the Blessed Mother and John in Ephesus. However, Tradition says that it was when she was bent with age that she arrived there. 


     Being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, early influence of Roman dietary practices and thirty years of fasting took their toll.  She had Osteoporosis.  The frailty of her body masked her steadfastness.  It was said that she “laboured” John through Gospel 1 through 20 and that she may have been the author of some.  She was at least available for motivation, inspiration, comment and consultation along with the Blessed Virgin Mary.  St. John’s Gospels, though not necessarily penned by all of them, are products of the three individuals closest to Jesus Christ during His lifetime.  The number 666 may be colored by the events of the first century AD.  The individual referred to may be a symbol of similar entities with critical contributions to the dreaded associated outcome first prophesied by Daniel


     The Penitent lived to the age of about 72 years and died at about 75 AD. St. John was accompanied and probably assisted in his works by Barnabas after her death.  Just before her demise, she was mysteriously transported to St. Maximin, France.  A record of the Unction was found and lost.  Her original tomb is in the same area as the Cave of the Seven Sleepers near Ephesus and is a place where groups of combined Muslims and Christians alike visit.  After some transfers, her relics finally were kept in St. Maximin, France.

Handmaid, Princess or Saint?


     About fourteen years after the Ascension, followers of Jesus Christ were sent afloat aboard a ship without sails, rudder or oars by pagans in Jerusalem.  Passengers included St. Maximin, to whom St. Peter entrusted the care of important pilgrims, the body of St. Anne, and sacred religious objects including the Holy Grail.  The ship that was condemned to eventual shipwreck and accidental exit into the Atlantic Ocean somehow arrived in the vicinity of Marseilles, France around 42 AD.  Finding the port and actually docking safely was another story.  A handmaid of the sisters of Lazarus or the sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary or these sisters plus Mary Magdalene supposedly was the key to safe landing.  A girl named Marcella, Cella, Sera, Sara or Sarah was responsible.  Her identity and background remain debatable and is the subject of confusing traditions to this day.  More recently, it was the subject of very imaginative fiction.  None of them married into the French royalty as proposed.


     St.  Martha.s  handmaid was present when Jesus cured the former of a seven year issue of blood.  According to the Golden Legend, it happened during the early part of the Savior’s public life.  The handmaid was referred to as the maiden that Martha herself raised.  There was no word about her ethnic background.  She must have been old enough to at least pronounce these words of wisdom, gratitude and praise for Jesus: “Blessed is the womb that bare Thee and the paps that Thou sucketh.”  One to three years later, during the Last Supper, it would have been a very tight squeeze for her to be in her supposed mother’s womb.  She stayed with Martha in the convent and preached for ten years after the saint’s death.  Martilla was supposed to have been in her sixties when she died.


     The female writer who said she invented the character Princess Sarah, based that on a version of the story of the ship having an Egyptian girl about nine years old.  She would have been just a pigment of the imagination 14 years before the arrival of the ship in Marseilles.


     One story says that the girl taunted one of the sisters who then stepped off the ship into the water and dared the girl to follow her.  Sara, as some stories called her tried to walk on the water but started sinking when she realized what she was doing.  One of the sisters rescued her.  This sounds very much like St. Peter’s experience in Galilee retold with different characters involved.


     There is a St. Sara story about a girl who lived in a cave turned convent situated near a river.  She was raised a Christian.  This sounds like Martilla by a different name.


 The Coptic Christians also have a story about a St. Sarah who was born of wealthy parents in Upper Egypt, became a nun and died at about the age of 85 years.  Martilla was raised in a home of wealthy people and if Martha died around 75 AD as her sister did, then Martilla after surviving about 10 more years would have died in year 85 AD.


     Interesting and of note are the stories and pictures of a painting and a statue of St. Sara al Kali.  Kali means black.  Gitanos (gypsies) venerate her as their saint who was the servant of the two sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary and saved them.  During the yearly celebration of her feast, Gitanos from everywhere come to light candles, sing tributes and reenact her accomplishment.  They carry her statue to the sea in a procession amid a lot of merry-making as well as prayer.  There is a crypt where the remains of the Saints Mary of the Sea are interred.  St. Sara’s shrine is there.  A picture on the Internet shows a painting of a dark skinned female child dressed in a long robe and a mantle.  Another article shows a picture of the statue of a young woman dressed in real clothes.  She looked like one of the multiple statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary but with a dark skin.  There is a black Virgin Mary statue in the Philippines.  It is the miraculous Virgin of Antipolo.  Tradition says that the statue’s color was due to the original one having been made from dark wood.  However, there is the Lady of Guadalupe who appeared looking and speaking as an Aztec complete with brightly colored clothes plus the stars, moon and sun.  The shrine of St. Sara al Kali is supposed to be filled with gifts of simple jewelry, thankful notes, children’s clothes and children’s crutches left by those who were miraculously cured.  This seems to be a similar phenomenon as that at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes except for the focus on children.  The big difference is that St. Sara al Kali was on earth at about the year 42 AD which is well within the Blessed Mother’s lifetime.


     In two stories about St. Sara al Kali, she was not aboard the ship originally.  She was on the shore when she had a vision of the ship carrying the Saints Mary of the Sea.  She supposedly was a descendant of the Roma people who retained from ancient times the ability to take advantage of mind over body powers and techniques.


     The waters of the sea were getting rough.  There was an impending storm.  She had to rescue the saints by PRAYERS!!!.  In one story, using her mantle or other part of her attire as a raft, she met the ship and guided it into the port.  A different story says that one of the sisters threw her cloak on the waves for Sara to ride on.  Sara floundered and one of the sisters picked her up.  It may have been less fantastic than that.  She could have started swimming towards the ship and from the distance her clothes floating on the water’s surface gave the appearance of a raft being ridden on.  A closer look revealed that such was not the case and someone may have thrown her something to hold on to till she was finally pulled to safety.  Anyhow, she attempted to rescue the pilgrims in bad weather at the crucial climax of their impossible voyage.  They were sent afloat to die and were probably already written off as dead.  The Lord had other plans.


     Just before Jesus gave up His spirit on Calvary, the Blessed Virgin Mary approached the cross and begged Him to take her along.  It was not time.  He commissioned her for a very important job.  He said: “Woman, behold thy son.”  She thus became the duly appointed Mother of all mankind.  St. John represented us. To him He said: “Son, behold thy mother.”  We all, including the Apostles, became her children.  At that instant, her duty to care for and protect us started well before her death, the Assumption to heaven and her coronation as Queen of Heaven and Earth. 


     “Sarah” means princess.  Even as princess, she was entrusted with the responsibility to help us.  Being in the upper room on Pentecost Day, she was given special gifts and powers to do her job.  The ship without sails carried the VIP’s of the early Christian Church.  Among them were her legal sisters and other saints.  Also, relics and the body of her own mother as well as the vessel that her Son used to consecrate the wine into His own Blood were aboard THAT ship.  The Princess did not wait till Queenship to help.  She did not carry any device to save them with.  Such were not needed.  She planned to accomplish her mission through prayers and succeeded. 


     I can just imagine Jesus stretched out on the Mediterranean sand with hands clasped under His head and His feet propped on “A ROCK” grinning from ear to ear thinking: “More power to you, Mom.  I’ll wait here.”  This paragraph is fiction but … who knows???


     Our duty to obey started at the same time.  We should at least show respect for her and all the other children specially the Divine One. 


      One of the many TV programs about the book and movie “Da Vinci Code” mentioned arguments already discussed by others including the presence of a hole on the ancient scroll found in Qumrun bearing the Gospel of Philip.  The hole is strategically located where the word “mouth” was supposed to be where it was written that “Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene often on the (blank)”. 

     Also mentioned was the previous refutation of Leonardo Da Vinci and others’ membership in the Priori of Sion which did not exist before 1956 +/-.


     A new argument, the possible DNA similarity between natives of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s country and the royal Merovigian family if indeed a child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene married into that family was discussed.  DNA samples were obtained from members of the Syriac Orthodox Church and the body of Queen Aregunde.  That of the latter was definitely European without markers or characteristics found in those of the Mid Eastern residents of the area where Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s families used to live.  They still speak Aramaic. **


     The particular episode of “Digging for the Truth”, hosted by Josh Bernstein was aired on 20 May 2006, 8:00 P.M., Arizona date and time, on Channel 59, the History Channel.


     At 8:00 P.M. on 25 May 2006 on Channel 48, the Travel Channel, another search story was aired.  This time, Andrew Sinclair in England was interviewed but did not have a DNA test.  Michael Stewart in Scotland replied in the affirmative when asked if he believed that he is a descendant of Jesus Christ.  We do not know if he interpreted the question literally or metaphorically.  Later, more research showed that Merovech (Son of the Sea), father of the Merovigian dynasty and other royal rulers before him believed that they descended from the god WOTAN.  Only tall, long haired, blonde males could be chosen as king.  They married within the extended family resulting in a tight, intricately woven genealogy.  The sword further narrowed down competition and gave rise to a bloody history.


    Also, Henry Lincoln personally appeared on a separate TV documentary.  When he stated that there was something fishy about the Merovigians because a fish symbol was found on one of their documents, he may have said something true.  There supposedly also was a letter in a hollow pillar that read something like  “I was swimming in the sea and was impregnated by a fish.”  That can be interpreted as “I was lost in the sea of confusion and was enlightened by the Holy Spirit(?}”  Clovis converted to Catholic Christianity as previously promised after winning an important battle.  A number of Merovigians including Queen Arregunde, whose DNA was tested, are saints.


     Following the same advice already given to everyone, we better stop seeking more untruths about the so called bloodline.


  The author of the “Princess Sarah” character stated that the blood personality was ‘made up’ by her.  The girl she based the story on was NOT originally aboard the ship that carried Mary Magdalene, Martha, Lazarus, St. Maximin, Cidon, Mary Caiphas, Mary Salome, more than sixty others, the body of St. Anne, and precious relics.  According to legends, Sarah was on French soil when she had a vision of the ship and realized that she had to save the Saints Mary (Mary Caiphas and Mary Salome, legal sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary).   Sara al Kali (Black Sarah) managed to get to and board the ship and guide the pilgrims to the port.  She was NOT related to anyone on board.  She was about eleven years old.  This happened about fourteen years after the Ascension at about 42 AD. Saint Sara al Kali’s shrine is in the same crypt where the bodies of the Saints Mary of the Sea (Mary Caiphas and Mary Salome) are buried.


     The Merovigian dynasty started four centuries later after Merovech, a Frankish prince and ruler of the Catalone Fields,  defeated Attilla the Hun in battle and later succeeded Clodion, King of Salic Franks, successor of Pharamond.  It was NOT Sara who married into the French royal family anyhow.  Queen Basina, originally Princess of Thuringia, married Clodion, Merovech’s father or father-in-law.  She later was wed to a Thurigian king.  At this time, she was seduced by Childeric, son of Merovech who was then staying with Thuringian relatives.  Queen Basina of Thuringia then left her husband to be Childeric’s queen.  Clovis was born later.  Queen  (Haregunde) Aregunde (St, Radegunde), one or two generations after Clovis, son of Bassina, married Clothaire, the “Old king of France” then entered the convent years later.  It was her DNA that was tested in 2006.


     The Merovigians were part of a federation of tribes comprising the Salian (Salic) Franks, not French.  Though Clodion occupied Gaul, it was Clovis, son of Queen Bassina born after marrying Merovech’s son Childeric, who finally was able to attach France to his territory.  The Salian Franks lived in what is now the Southern Netherlands and Northern Belgium.  Salian was derived from the river Salle.


     Prior to the 430’s AD, Gaul was under Roman rule.  During the reign of Merovech, the Empress of the Roman Empire, Galla Placidia, governed in the name of her four year old son, Valentinus III.  She appointed the Gallo-Roman Aetius who really was a Bulgarian (Silastrian) in charge of maintaining Roman authority over Gaul.


     According to the Golden Legend, St. Mary Magdalene, shortly after arrival in Marseilles, was able to convince a nobleman and his wife to share their home with the pilgrims.  The couple had no children and asked Mary Magdalene to intercede for them in their quest for a descendant.  The wife got pregnant.  At this time.  Then the husband had to travel to Rome for official business.  The wife insisted on going with him in spite of the dangers of facing possible pregnancy and delivery complications during a difficult voyage.  There would be no expert help nor proper equipment. He tried to dissuade her but she won.  Mary Magdalene marked them with a cross on the shoulder, blessed them and dispatched them to St. Peter who would show them important places in Rome and vicinity.  The wife went into labor en route.  Due to the previous hardships encountered during the trip and the stress of labor and delivery, she died.  The healthy male infant had no way to get nourishment.  The passengers demanded that both the corpse and the infant be thrown overboard. The husband pleaded and offered them bribes to stop at an island to bury the woman and the infant.  The ground was too hard to dig so he simply laid her body on the rocky shore and placed the infant face down between her breasts, covered them with his cloak and left them.  When St. Peter saw the mark, he was kind to him, showed him around and told him stories about landmarks important to Christians.  Then it was time for the voyage home.  The man pleaded and bribed the passengers again to stop at the island to visit his wife and son’s bodies.  He was surprised to see the then two year old boy playing with pebbles at the water’s edge.  The boy got scared as it was his first time to see a stranger.  The man, curious to find out how the boy survived, followed the latter who lifted the familiar cloak revealing his wife.  Then she revived. When he started narrating his experiences, she said.  “I know.  Mary told me everything.  She was with me all through the labor, delivery and these past two years.  She repeated everything that Peter told you.”  So they journeyed back home to rejoin the Christians they left behind.  They destroyed the temples and idols in Marseilles and built churches.  They were baptized by St. Maximin.  Then Mary Magdalene went into seclusion and a life of meditation in Sainte Baume.


           The fish symbol was the code ID of the early Christians during the years of persecution.  Members of the koikonos of Fishers of Men and close associates enjoyed its protection and benefits.


     When Muhammad was supposedly given instructions by the Angel Gibril, he managed to understand that there is one God and that Jesus was conceived by the Blessed Virgin Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit.  However, Muhammad did not believe that Jesus is God the Son.  It was pointed out earlier that we need the grace of God and enlightenment by the Holy Spirit to believe in the mysteries of God.  Also, the possibility of environmental noise causing interference during the special education sessions was mentioned.  ***This referred to the dichotomy in beliefs and teachings within the early Christian community regarding the Divinity of Christ.  It persisted even after the Council of Nicea through the 600’s to the 700’s.  It is the same situation NOW.  How many souls will be led astray by modern fantastic fiction?  On July 22, St. Mary Magdalene’s feast day, please remember to pray for all those souls.  If we manage to start early and continue indefinitely, so much the better.  Please be generous enough to include writers, the Internet, the media and producers in your prayers.  Thanks.



E … Environment


Left: African Plate, Right: Arabian Plate

White: North, Pison, White Nile River

Blue: South, Gihon, Blue Nile River

Green: West, Al Furat, Euphrates River

Yellow: East, Tina, Tiddekel, Tigris River and Shaat al Arab


     Most of the talk nowadays is about the so called Carbon dioxide footprint each individual contributes towards global warming.  The focus is on COOPERATIVE Effort to reduce the risk of global disaster. 


     Recently, there was talk about Atmosphere management in response to talk about harmful or altered contrails emitted by airplanes.  First, the content of such contrails was examined for harmful substances that may either contribute to illness or global warming.  Then the proposal to actually check for alteration of such contrails was suggested to allay suspicion of government secret action to modify the greenhouse’ saran wrap.  This thought was brought on by the observation of beautiful sunsets and less warming after the June 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption in Pampanga, Philippines.  It probably delayed acute global warming by ten years or so.  Sulfur dioxide was credited for the cooling effect by its reflective action acting as tin foil diverting the sun’s rays from Mother Earth.  So far so good and if that works why not do it purposely?  Of course every time man thinks of a so called good solution, there is a chance of a domino effect of resulting consequences.  It certainly would be prudent to seal the exit of toxic materials to space.  Just cover the ozone hole defect like an umbrella, not a non-breathable plug.  Long term studies on the effect on human lungs may be wise if we have the luxury of a waiting period.  It may be most useful right under the ozone hole.


     On Sept 12, 2007, Indonesians experienced an 8.2 R earthquake.  After the 2300 deaths in the 2004 tsunami, that was a sober reminder that Mother Nature is still at work.  Even those in skyscrapers at the time worried about a sudden surge of waves even at that level.  In April 2005, Archeologists confirmed what those in the Indian Ocean saw when the waters temporarily receded.  Yes, there were indeed intact pagodas believed lost in their own Atlantis version some 700 years ago.  Another earthquake measured as 9.2 R happened on 13 September 2007 just 24 hours after eight people died from the previous one.  They at least take Global Warming as a true possibility.  More than that, to them the real tragedy would be more drastic than the rest of the world is thinking of.   We have to think GREEN worldwide.  Reduce fossil fuels.  Coal and oil are the worst.  Avoid using products made of them or with the use of fuel derived from them or manufactured using them as fuel.  Switch to environmentally friendly alternatives.  Thanks to the power of FEAR, people are starting to listen.


     There are a record number of wildfires, tornadoes, floods.  Category 5 hurricanes with maximum wind velocity if 155 to 165 miles per hour happened one after the other in the Yucatan, Carribean and Gulf of Mexico.  Resort owners fortified their buildings.  They now recommend that guests leave and offer rides to the airport before storms start.  There are actually dangerously low resources left to fight fires.  Oil prices stay up.


     When the USS Discovery Flight Commander announced that evidence of widespread damage to earth was visible from way up in space, it was time for “Really?”  When the Indonesia Tsunami hit, it was time for “Oh! oh!”  After Huricane Katrina immediately followed by Hurricane Rita, the tune changed to “Oooops!!!”  When a 250 mile stretch of shoreline in Uruguay was covered with foam that was difficult to clean up, people wondered how it happened.  Simple!  There must have been a substantial amount of Magnesium sulphate from a nearby volcanic source.  When the sat water of the sea became warm enough, it produced Noxema.  That can stick to surfaces and clog pipes.  The chemical milieu must have been present for eons but not discovered till global warming was indeed here to stay.  Welcome?


     The Mayans knew for thousands of years about recurring cycles of disasters on earth.  They supposedly left Machu Pichu to avoid being caught in another one.  “It is a time of changes, discord, oppression, war, famine …”  Apparently, some are still in the area.  In a recent TV documentary, a couple of tourists along with their travel guide interviewed a Mayan King.  He was leading his small group somewhere along the Bamba River on a ceremonial procession.  It was revealed that they eventually stopped sacrificing maidens to the gods about twenty years ago.  That was previously done to bring back ice from the mountains to the town.  The glaciers melted and the ice disappeared from the mountains.  Sacrifices will no longer work.  In the meantime, the Bamba flows and springs still trickle but thay would not last for long. 


     In Patagonia, Chile, naked glaciers with exposed piled up rocks still frozen or cemented together were photographed.  Recently, lakes 100 miles across have formed where people used to walk on to reach one scenic spot to another.  Water level has gone up 97 feet in just a few years.  The water tempersture is going up slowly but surely by 1 degree F a year.  It does not take much change to reach ice melting point when the surrounding water is already at that level or higher.    The mountain streams have dwindled and are expected to dry up in ten to twenty years.  Sixty percent of penguins that managed to arrive during their yearly process of migration did not survive.  In the Arctic, satellite pictures confirmed that water is flowing.


     We heard of Atlantis over and over again.  Some are just starting to believe that it may really have existed and was lost in a day.   Archaelogists are pointing to somewhere in Santorini as the epicenter of an earthquake that started a huge tsunami.  Some say they actually found evidence of the legendary battle of Troy just outside the Pillars of Hercules which now are said to be the ancient entrance or protective frontier of Turkey.  Even the kingdom of Menelaus was pointed out to be in the Mediterrenean.  There is also an underground temple somewhere there.  The last plague of Moses was interpreted as a result of the huge volcanic eruption that sank Atlantis.  It may have spread debris in a wide area including Egypt subjecting residents to low oxygen, high Carbon and Sulfur dioxide and other toxic gases.    When the Nile river turned red from Iron compounds from a volcanic source, fish died and frogs leaped out.  They sought refuge elsewhere and scared the sheep.  These in turn sought shelter with the cattle which died.  Their carcasses released spores and and bacteria.  Boils appeared on the skin of susceptible individuals.  A possible contamination of the air by Anthrax spores and  bacteria may have caused illness of the first born of Egyptian royalty and elite due to their very sheltered upbringing.  Most of them may not have been in contact with sheep resulting in their lack of immunity to Anthrax.  Sleeping quarters for favored children were in lower floors of homes because rooms are cooler at that level.  However, air heavy with pollution would have also gravitated there.  In addition, The water of the Nile may have been blessed with Tetracycline.  Stained teeth, typical of such pathology on humans receiving the drug during early childhood, was noticed years ago.  Favored children may have been served wine instead of water.  Thus, they did not get prophylactic therapy against Anthrax.  It would be difficult to state that the lambs’ blood smeared outside the doors of Israeli dwellings had enough antibodies and other agents to neutralize or at least absorb some of the harmful contents of the killer clouds.  The non-immune and non-protected died.  The Pharoah’s son was one of the victims.  The Israelites were permitted to leave.


     Edgar Cayce said that clues regarding those mysterious disappearances would be found.  In the 1960’s, a diver found a stone man made looking edifice underwater just outside Yonaguni Island just beyond Japan.  It looked like a stage with a stone carving of a man’s face.  The “Bimini Highway” was found in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle area.  Sailors discovered Easter Island whose inhabitants claimed to be descendants of those from the Mu civilization.  There were colossal stone statues lined up at the shore in honor of Aku.  All trees were gone.  The people had apparently resorted to cannibalism to ward off starvation.  They were isolated in the Pacific in an island that looked like the central rock of a bigger piece of land which periphery had broken off leaving a circular cliff instead of a gradually descending shore around it.  It jutted out of the Pacific Ocean like the top of an almost submerged tower.  Thor Hayerdal proved that it was possible for ancient humans from across the sea to migrate to distant locations on reed boats.  He embarked on the Ra Expedition on board a tightly woven reed and rope Ra similar to those in Sumatra.  He demonstrated how people from the Egyptian civilization could have started the one in Peru.  More recently, such reed boats were found to be still in use by villagers along the shore close to Chavin which was determined to have been established about 8,000 years ago.  The question is why after such a lengthy seafaring adventure did the first civilization according to Peruvian history settle around Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world.  The stone carvings attributed to the Olmecs looked like depictions of Oriental men’s heads with a Proto Polynesian looking facies.  They were similar to the carving on the underwater stone stage just off Yonaguni Island.  Did they also have a flood to escape from? 


     Some stories in the bible are starting to make sense and seem to have possible geological explanations.  The Tower of Babel was maybe made at least in part with lode stones which are known to be magnetic and probably electrically charged in such a way as to react with the atmosphere.  Dark clouds were noticed at increasing frequency.  Then weather disturbances followed.  There was thunder and lightning.  Finally, there was a horrific electrical storm.  The tower collapsed probably as a consequence of fire or earthquake or both.  The people started speaking in different tongues.  Mass confusion can occur due to mass hysteria from a shocking experience.  It may have been literally shocking physically to the brain.  Jericho was probably about to experience an earthquake.  Joshua probably was not aware of it but God knows everything and instructed him on how to precondition the enemy to shock trauma.  He instructed him to make a lot of noise which caused additional vibration increasing the likelihood of crumbling of masonry.  The walls collapsed and the enemy succumbed.  Sodom and Gomorrha probably also had volcanically related episodes.  Brimstone and fire were the clues.  There is a place called Great Crater in the vicinity.  If this was not a volcano then it could have been the site of a meteorite impact.  Evidence of collapsed mud dwellings were found several years ago.  Seasonal flooding was the key element in the filling of rivers necessary for Agriculture in Egypt and probably the rest of the Holy Land.  Noah’s flood was an extreme exaggeration of the combined effects of man’s actions and natures behavior that we need to understand quickly.  Failure to do so would mean our demise due to our own negligence.


     Prior to all these, we lost Paradise.  We do not really know when Paradise was created.  The earth gets an older estimate of age with each Archaelogical discovery.  We do not know Adam and Eve’s birthdates either.  The oldest available skeleton of a humanoid was estimated to be about 2.5 to 3.5 million years old.  It was found in the Hagar layer of Bilika, Ethiopia, Africa and is currently kept in the Addis Ababa Museum.  It was presumed to be that of a mature female Australopithecus  probably a little more than 3 feet tall and weighed about 60 to 75 pounds.  There was evidence of injury to the pelvic bone.  That would be an unusual result of war.  It could have been from a fall called the bicycle injury when one falls on a narrow strip and lands straddling it.  A remote possibility is difficult childbirth when the offspring is too large to pass through the pelvis safely.  The usual result if minor is a separation of the symphysis pubis or junction of the two sides at the midline in the front part.   An infant’s skeleton was found elsewhere also in Ethiopia but so far no one has mentioned a connection between the two.  The “infant” was later determined to be a juvenile with teeth, about 3 years old, also female and probably of the same species but with probably developmentally associated differences.  It was also capable of walking upright but the arms and shoulder blade areas suggested possible adaptation to climbing trees.  The Hyoid bone in the throat which is linked to speech was not developed probably because talking was not done.  Studies are not finished yet.  Stories of wild animals coming to the rescue of lost children have been heard of even during our time.  What if  Lucy’s infant were alive and the mother died during difficult childbirth?  Cousin Ape could have cared for the helpless infant which without a tail probably was  a misfit in tree swinging society and did not reach maturity.  Other possible humanoid bones found were estimatedt be as old as 3.8 to 4 million years old.   Bible estimates only account for 6.000 to 10,000 years of Adam related history.  Several links are still missing.


     Where was Paradise?  When was it lost?  Archeologists guess that Noah’s flood was about 7000 years ago based on recent findings of man made wood structures at 3000 feet level in Turkey.


     “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden…”  “And a river went out of Eden to water the garden and from thence it was parted , and became into four heads.”  … Genesis Chapter 3


     Two of them retain their original names.  Therefore starting the search where all the fighting is going on in modern Iraq is understandable.  The Euphrates and the Tigris are still there uniting into the Shaat al Arab flowing into the Persian Gulf.  It gets muddy after that.  NASA tried to help.  LANDSAT showed a picture “clearly” marking the location of the “South” or “North” River depending on whether you believe this is the Pison or the Gihon.  The world may end before we resolve the debate.  The fossil river discovered running on the bed of the Persian Gulf flowed initially Northwest towards Kuwait and Saudi Arabia’s East Coast then South  to Bahrain.  Squinting at the path of the river to the tip shows it communicating with the Strait of Hormus by one short branch and the Gulf of Oman with another.  The Northwestern branch on land at the level of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia was cut off  on the picture published on the web.  So was the portion below Bahrain.  They probably connect with other existing or dry Wadis all the way to the Gulf of Aden, Yemen.  Looking at the globe map, there is a broken blue line at the lower edge of the Arabian Peninsula indicating a waterway starting from Oman to Salalah, Sayhut, Mukallah, AHWAR and Aden in Yemen and then the South portion of the Bab al Mandab.   This floods into Djibouti and Eritrea in Ethiopia.  Djibouti floods fill up the dry Ambouli River which floods and most likely drains into and adds to the collecting basin of the Blue Nile River.  Lake Tana is close by.  So are the Giyon Fountains.  The Atbara,  if once functional all the way may be the Pison River which flows THROUGHOUT not just TO Havilah.  It collects water spill from its headwaters and flows into the White Nile’s mainstream nearly 200 miles north of Khartoum.  It rises in Ethiopia at heights of 6,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level, not far from Gonder, to the north of Lake Tana. The two principal tributaries that feed it are the Angereb (Arabic: Bahr as-Salam) and the Tekezo.  They seem to both be at the same plane, higher up across the Arabian Peninsula.   Atbara is the farthest and Northernmost tributary of the Nile River North of Khartoun, at the level of Eritrea at the level of the top of the Bab al Mandab.  The Bab al Mandab connects with the Red Sea which connects NORTHWARDS to the Strait of Tiran, then the Gulf of Aqaba, then the Wadi Araba AND into the JORDAN River.  The Jordan is not listed as one of the rivers of Eden.  However, the Book of Enoch mentions Adam telling Eve after God cast them out of Paradise through the East Gate to “stay in the Tigris since you are the weaker gender and I shall stay in the Jordan”.  It was most likely close by and was accessible from the East of Eden which was guarded by Cherubim and the Flaming Sword.  Also, Sister Catherine Emmerich, who related her visions to the anonymous author of “The Glorious Passion of Christ” said that Adam and Eve went up to Jerusalem and entered the Grotto of Olives which was close to the Garden of Gethsemane and Gihon Springs in Jerusalem.  A skull belonging to Adam was supposed to be there.  A skull has been discovered somewhere but was thought to be that of St. John the Baptist.


     The article supporting the theory based on the LANDSAT photo said the fourth river may be the Karun River which was also visible and present up to now.  The author had no basis for calling the Karun Gihon except that the “Land of Cush or Kush” may not be referring to Ethiopia.  That is absolutely correct.  The original kingdom of Nubia was the old Land of Kush, located along the Nile, just South of the present Aswan Dam and under Lake Nasser, between the first cataract of the Nile  and 300 kilometers South between the third and fourth cataracts.  Other articles said it was from just South of the current Aswan Dam to the the confluence of the Blue and White Nile rivers just North of Khartoum.  Additionally, the Nubians at one time also ruled all of Egtpt.  The kingdom was rich in gold, frankincense, myrrh and bedyllium which were the riches characteristic of the North River area.  Bedyllium is the old name for emerald.  It is the South River that is Gihon and still flows around Ethiopia.  The Nubians were relocated in 1964 to Wadi Halfa because of flooding problems.  The Aswan Dam formed Lake Nasser which sank Northern Nubia.  In Jubilees, Noah told his sons that the Garden of Eden was West of the GEjon.  Abyssinians say that the Nile is the same as the biblical GiHon.  Ethiopians call the Blue Nile GiYon.  Some think that the Atbara River is the Pison.  It touches the Bab al Mandab at Eritrea.  Tanita seems to almost connect the White Nile with the Jordan.  The Jordan originates from Dan in the North.  The Black Sea is somewhere there and is surrounded by a rich complicated network of bodies of water and rivers including the Bosporus,  Anatolia and Al Furat which is the northern portion of the Euphrates in Turkey.  We now know that both the Euphrates and Tigris originated from the Taurus mountains in Turkey.


     Noah used old names.  He said that ‘rivers rise from the middle of Mt. Rafu (part of Taurus Mountains), approach the abyss of the waters out of which comes the Tina (either the Tigris, also called Tiddekel, or Shaat al Arab or both) River which pours and empties its waters into the sea Miot (Persian Gulf) and this river goes into the Great Sea (Arabian Sea)’.  The rivers seem to be distant from each other on today’s map.  However, if you hold a globe map vertically with the North Pole-South Pole axis at right angles with the horizontal plane and draw a straight line from top to bottom passing through Mogadishu, you would cross all four rivers.  At one time when the tilt of the earth was non-existent or minimal, all of them were located on the same  vertical “cotyledon” if the spherewere an orange fruit. The rivers must have connected somehow on or under the surface of the planet.   “… the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth …”  “… But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.”  Genesis Chapter 3…


     Similar names appear on adjacent portions of the Arabian Peninsula and Southeastern Africa.  Aden is in Yemen.  Across the Gulf of Aden in Africa, we are searching for Eden West of the Nile but find Edin somewhere.   Djibouti River appears to have flowed into the South Bab al Mandab.  A dry Djibouti Village is across on the African side with a dry river bed that floods.  Ahwar is on the Arabian side.  Adwar is on the African side.  Would Cherubim and Flaming Sword still be here?  Possible previous connections followed by later disconnections may have occurred.  There may be more coming soon. 


     The Anatolia fault is up at the level of the Black Sea.  The Nile below has two heads arising from the equatorial rift.  A currently non active volcano  is silently posing for pictures for tourists before or after they measure the widening fault in Djibouti.  The entire Horn of Africa is moving towards Europe.  Gijon Springs are in Jerusalem and Giyon Fountains are at the area of Lake Tana.  Mist was coming out of the earth throughout the Garden of Eden.  Hot springs and geysers abound at the Yellowstone National Park which essentially is a huge caldeyra caused by a massive volcanic eruption way in the past and waiting for the next time.  Scientists believe that Noah’s flood was the  result of glacial ice melt which raised sea level and caused the Mediterranean Sea to breach the natural barrier with the Black Sea which then overflowed.  There were man made wooden structures found by Archeologists at 3000 feet elevation in Turkey.  Sea shells not expected in freshwater bodies were found in the Black Sea.  There is no more question as to whether or not it happened.  The bigger question now would be whether it was a local or global event.  Noah only knew his land as the world.  A third of that world according to him was the area from East of the Nille to the Western border of Persia.  We really should not even question if his flood overwhelmed the whole world as we know it not or just his hometown.  However, similar stories in different cultures abound.  Did people in different parts of the world experience similar episodes not necessarily at the same time?  People argue that water in all the earth’s oceans, lakes and rivers would not be enough to cause a global flood.  How much water is beneath the earth?  How much of the glaciers will melt at any given time?  How much liquid will flow if they all melt simultaneously or one after the other at overlapping or very close periods? The last one depends on how much wobbling the earth goes through to cause the axis to shift more and how much of the glaciers would consequently be more exposed to the sun and for longer durations.   If the consequent tilt of the globe maximizes the exposure of enough glaciers at the same time to solar heat and elevated environmental temperature, faster and more massive melting would occur simultaneously.  Add this to the causes of global warming now identified plus rifting of the crust of the earth to release underground water in addition to multiple tsunamis and Mother Nature’s water mediated wrath.  We would need an Almighty Lifesaver.  We may be the first generation to actually experience a worldwide event.


     Woe to those who hope to be included in the selected one hundred forty four thousand or more who shall go to Paradise as their reward.  They may never know if they indeed made it there or elsewhere.  They may also have to learn to live under water, and probably miles of silt beneath.   Perhaps that is the reason for having a watchtower.  It may also help to learn a new language. 


     Somewhere West of the Nile, remnants of Paradise lie.  Some portions may have even washed away to distant locations forming parts of different civilizations.  The area has been subjected to various climate and geological upheavals as well as social, cultural and religious ones.  No other place can truly be the world’s first and ongoing laboratory of human experience.  It was presumed to have been in the center of our initial one landmass habitat on the planet.  Then continents broke away followed by smaller pieces.  We continue to drift away from or collide with each other in more ways than one. 


     About 30,000 years ago, was the transition from Neanderthal to Modern man.  Then there was the Great Ice Age with a 400 foot drop in sea level. The Persian Gulf must have been dry and was irrigated by flowing rivers and rich networks of tributaries.  Basic agriculture started.  Then there were climate changes to about 15,000 BC.  There was progressively less rain and more dry land just as we experience now.  During the Paleolithic period, inhabitants moved to the so called “Fertile Crescent” stretching from the Nile to the Mediterranean and to the Indus River region.  Those in the Persian Gulf region moved North along the Tigris and the Euphrates.  Then, around 6,000 BC came the Neolithic Wet Phase.  Rains came again and so did the greening of Saudi Arabia, Iran and the rest of the area.  Agriculture invented earlier was resumed with new vigor.  Sumerians and other former natives found their “Home” settled by strangers.  We know the rest of the story.  Because of the absence of journalism from the beginning through this period, myth mixed with fact and omissions and misread translations made valuable ancient records very confusing and inadequate.  Unfortunately, a lot of our cultural and religious misunderstandings became reasons for permanent war.


     Instead of wasting precious time and effort to get everyone to call God by the same name, we may benefit more from honoring His two main commandments … first love God above all and second, love your neighbor as you love yourself.  The history of the world has essentially been a list of wars.  Emissions from firearms and debris from destruction started our accumulation of pollution and Carbon dioxide.   Destruction of forests and other resources added to the stockpile of wastes and inability to restart with a clean environment.  The Industrial Age hastened our ability to destroy our habitat.  How much did gasoline and other fossil fuels contribute?  How much did Kuwait’s burning oil wells add?  How much did all the testing and firing of missiles add?  How about the ongoing use of explosives and other types of ammunition?  A worker in Kuwait said the smell of spent uranium lingers in the air.  How about in body tissues?  2700 died during the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center.  About 5500 volunteers helped with rescue and clean up activities.  At least 2000 developed serious cardiovascular illnesses.  Most are still chronically ill.  Some developed cancer.  One died recently.   Regardless of who are to blame, we cannot afford more damage.


     Forgive and move on.  We need each other to tackle the future.


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