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Earth will survive IF we save it !!!

Summary of Nostradamus' 7'99 Prophecy:

    1. Signs in the sky confirm that it is time for the prophecy

    2. There shall be a series of natural disasters leading to famine, political unrest and war

    3. This war shall be between the East (Muslims) and the West (Christians)

    4. Most of the fighting shall be in Europe, Middle East and Asia

    5. It shall involve an Antichrist

    6. It shall last 27 years

    7. With the unlikely alliance between Russia (or maybe part of the former USSR) and the USA, the West shall win eventually


1.  The argument is over.  It is now recognized that global warming causes severe weather changes. 

2.  The International Red Cross and Red Crescent announced that severe natural disasters, casualties and economic losses have reached record highs. 

3.  Sequestration of carbon dioxide in rock formations is being done in some countries (for tax purposes).  Trapping carbon dioxide deep in the ocean is possible.  It can also be converted to methane for fuel.  Who knows?  We may need to release it later for a controlled greenhouse effect when the earth gets cold. 


5. The USA used experimental LASER to shoot down artillery 11-5-2002

6. The USA plans to use fuel cell based land transportation 11-13-2002; 11-21-02: USS plans to create a single cell organism that can absorb carbon dioxide and help curb the earth's green house problem.  I can also produce hydrogen for fuel / Int ; 2-11-2003: Hydrogen based fuel cell technology now ready / TV

7. 7 astronauts including the first from Israel and India did scientific experiments to benefit planet earth during their 16 day mission.  The ill fated US Spaceship Columbia exploded over Dallas, Texas 15 minutes before their scheduled landing on 1 February 2003.  The first report of debris discovery was from Palestine (Texas) ; 2-5-03: debris found as far as California and Louisiana / TV

8. 8-4-2005: Eileen Collins and the rest of the Discovery crew saw extensive environmental damage on earth and warned that more efforts are needed to protect the planets resources. Soon after, a series of record disasters followed. /Int

***Fulfilled Predictions from Different Sources***

1979 - 2006

Dec 8, 1983:

"Precisely at the end of the second millennium, there accumulates on the horizon of all mankind enormously threatening clouds and darkness falls upon human souls." ... Pope John Paul II.  (The start of the chronological third millennium is Jan 1, 2001. 

Late 1990's

There were isolated reports of persecution of the Christians in Communist China.  In 2003, Pope John Paul II appointed a secret Cardinal whose identity so far has not been revealed to protect him from his own government which was not identified either.  In 2005, Good News Magazine stated that persecution of Christians is ongoing in Muslim countries, China, probably in North Korea, and in Hindu areas of India.  Part of the third secret of Fatima was a vision of members of the Church and clergy being killed.

Dec 31, 2000: 

1. Manila (12-30-00 US date, 12-31-00 Manila date): 5 bombs exploded in different parts of the city killing at least twelve.  Police suspected involvement of the Al Qaeda connected Abu Sayaf group .

2. Beirut: Martyrs of the al-Aqsa, a Palestinian group claimed responsibility for killing Kahane's son.   Mair Kahane founded the Anti-Arab Kach movement and advocated forcibly evicting Arabs from Israel, West Bank, and Gaza

Sept 11, 2001

NOSTRADAMUS: Two suns: New York City, New York, USA: The twin towers of the World Trade Center burst into flames as two hijacked commercial planes flew directly into each one a few minutes of the other.  Al Qaeda was to blame.  The War on Terrorism started.

Mar 20, 2003

The War on Iraq started.  Saddam Hussein was removed from power and the Iraqi people liberated after more than thirty years of oppression.   NOSTRADAMUS: "Mountain nine stadia (miles in old English) shall drown civilizations including antiquities." While concentrating on preparations to capture Tikrit,  Baghdad was poorly policed.  Looting of the Iraqi Museum occurred.;  May 1, 2003: "The major combat is over.  War is not."  US President George W Bush.  Problems persist. December 13, 2003 8:30 pm local time: Saddam Hussein was captured without incident in a dugout "spider hole" in Adwar, 10 miles away from TIKRIT!!! Now the real power struggle starts/TV/Int.  N.B. As long as he is alive, in Iraq and able to play, he shall believe he won (MDG). 1-30-05: The first Iraqi free elections were held in Iraq, Polling places in the USA and 14 other countries enabled displaced Iraqi citizens to vote; Pope John Paul II released a dove from his window.  The "bird of Peace" made a small circle and flew back in.  2 days later, the pope was rushed to the hospital  5 days later, he celebrated mass through his hospital window and vowed to finish his mission.  The earliest possible ending of the 27 yr war is 2006.  The latest is 2026.  The Lord God relieved his suffering on 4-2-2005/ 5-3-05 Iraq's first Democratic government took office despite key positions not being filled.  The new Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and others were sworn in. /TV/Int/MDG

Before March 2003

...The Bible: "Men shall lay down their arms ..." Saddam Hussein supposedly destroyed all his Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Indeed, none were found making Great Britain and The US look like fools.  However, THE USE OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION WAS EFFECTIVELY PREVENTED.   19 December 2003:  Libya's Col Moammar Gadhafi admitted having WMD, agreed to have international weapons inspectors in Libya and destroy his arsenal.  Negotiations with Great Britain and the US started in March. June 2004: 6-28: Iraq was handed over to the Interim government by the US, diplomatic relations with Iraq and Libya re-started; 6-30: Saddam and 11 others handed over to Iraq's custody/  NOV. 5, 2006: Saddam Hussein was sentenced to DEATH by Iraqi court/ December 30, 2006: Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging/TV/Int

10 July 2005: Ex foes sign new Sudan constitution ending more than two decades of war.  Past President since 1989 Omar el-Bashir,   ex rebel John Garang and Ali Osman Muhammed Taha were sworn in as President, first Vice President and Vice President respectively.  Muslims, Christians and Animists shall resolve ongoing differences.  Darfur rebels and government negotiators also signed an agreement / Arizona Republic

N.B. As history repeats itself, there shall be a recurrent need for this prediction to be fulfilled /MD

A. 11 December 2004/ B. 23 November 2006

A. Dec. 11, 2004:Our Lady of Fatima, 3rd Secret:  "The devil is in the highest places ..."  Doctors in Vienna, Austria announced that tests showed that Ukraine opposition leader and presidential candidate was poisoned through the oral route with Dioxan during the September campaign.  The November elections were invalidated and reelections were scheduled for 26 December 2004.  12-16-04: Further tests showed 6000 x normal blood level of Dioxan.  TCDD, the key ingredient used in Agent Orange was the type of Dioxan found.  12-26-04:  Repeat elections were in Victor Yushchenko's favor; a member of the outgoing cabinet was found dead wit a gunshot wound in the head in his own sauna; the Prime Minister resigned; the "outgoing" president challenges results;1-23-05: Yuschenko was sworn in as President; 1-24-05: Yulia Tymoschenko was nominated as Prime Minister /Int/TV    B. Nov. 23, 2006: THANKSGIVING DAY!!!: CNN TV USA broadcast: A Russian spy was poisoned and a femaele spy was murdered 2 weeks previously.  Later, the death of the spy the previous night was revealed.  The following morning, the father of Alexander Lituvhenko , on TV, said through an interpreter that his son was killed by radiation using a tiny"bomb".   This was after Alexander disclosed the identity of the female reporter.  Alexander wrote a letter before his death and pointed the finger at the government./ 11-25-06: Autopsy showed Pulonium 210 as cause of death.  This radioactive substance normally found in Uranium ore also can be synthesized, absorbed by ingestion, breathing or through an open wound/ TV     .

26 December 2004

     Both Nostradamus and Our Lady of Fatima warned of increasingly severe natural disasters leading to famine and war.  The worst one in history hit countries as far apart as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Sumatra, Thailand and Africa after an epic Tsunami developed secondary to an earthquake in the Indian Ocean.  Interestingly, the Pope in his homily during the Christmas Mass included the Great Lakes area as one of the areas of conflict.  Did he have a vision of water and disaster but mistook it for the Tsunami? /Int /TV

4 August 2005

Eileen Collins and her crew orbiting 220 miles above the earth saw WIDESPREAD ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE and WARNED that greater care was needed to protect natural resources; soon after, a series of record disasters happened / Int

29 August 2005 Katrina Disaster, Hurricane Rita, Mudslides in Guatemala, Earthquake in Pakistan and India, Floods in New Hampshire, Heavy snow in Colorado, expect more in the future.

Open Letter to President George W. Bush

10 August 2006

Multiple suspects arressted in London, International flights to the USA cancelled, Alert codes raised to top levels.  Nov. 2006: Targets in the USA were confirmed.  TERRORISM is REAL and ONGOING!!!

28 August 2006

Start of alignment of Mars, Venus and sun ... an Astrological event mentioned by Nostradamus in the "Epistle to King Henry II"

23 September 2006

UNCONFIRMED REPORT of death of Osama bin Ladin


  "Coming Events" are moved above this line as they occur.  Intervening entries are added to


 Coming Events

End of the 27 year war referred to in the July'99 Prediction: 2006 - 2026?  Nostradamus did not specify the actual start or end of the conflict.  He only said clearly (for once) that July 1999 is somewhere inbetween.  Through the unlikely alliance between the US and Russia (or maybe a part of the former USSR), the West shall win the war between Christians and Muslims / NI

Raypoz: 2007??? or earlier and/or 2797??? Raypoz (FA YPOZ in French version) shall terminate all those that oppose him (Nostradamus).  Saddam Hussein shall fit the description if and when he attains nuclear capability. His would be nuclear facility was bombed by Israel in 1981.  Parts for building a future one were found buried under a rosebush in Iraq after the 2003 conflict, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to DEATH by Iraqi court\  was executed by hanging on 12-30-2006, next candidate: N Korea followed by Iran which announced successful testfiring of a strategic missile during military exercises Sept 12 -18. 2004 / MDG

2007+/-:  A Muslim hadiths' prediction of events by occurrences and characteristics of solar and lunar eclipses point to a possible world war between Christians and Muslims ... This narration is not attributable to Mohammad.

Phoenix unmanned space probe: scheduled to land on Mars in 2008 / NASA

 World in flames: 2010 (Carl Jung): extreme solar heat ?  (Nostradamus), wildfires? world war? Flaming sword? (Our Lady of Fatima)

Bible Code:  LA Earthquake 2010, meteor 2012

21 December2012: End of current 5000 year Mayan calendar with alignment of sun, earth and center of milky way ... hopefully a recycling point

Asteroid "2003 QQ47" potential strike: March 21, 2014; equivalent of 20 million Hiroshima bombs:;   The odds of a catastrophic collision with earth is 1 in 909,000 .  Asteroids usually stay in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter /BBC

Total solar eclipse (not a year of peace): 2017

The Big One: 2017 ? (scientists); America shall split into four pieces (Edgar Cayce); San Francisco shall break off (scientists, Nostradamus); New York shall experience a volcanic event. (Nostradamus)

 Dec 21, 2020: Saturn, Jupiter in Aquarius (Peace sign); 50 years of peace

 Asteroid: 2022

 Alternate date for 1999 27 year war vs. repeat cycle of war and peace: 2087 +/-

2100: The Temperature will rise by 2.5 - 10.5 degrees F mainly because of carbon dioxide build up from cars, factories and power plants.  The sea level shall rise in the upper half of a 3.5 - 34.5 in. range per projection of a UN climate panel.  More flooding, erosion, sinking and tsunamis are predicted.  Shorelines and boundaries of islands and continents shall change / Int Yahoo 1-11-2005)

Mars' next closest distance to earth: August 28, 2287, between 34.62 million miles (9-12-57616 BC) and 34.65 million miles (8-27-2003).  The average distance from earth is usually 140 million miles. / NASA 

 Devastation of Europe

"Dog of War howls all night when the Pontiff changes bier." - 2005???


 Defeat  of Antichrist

God's Peace 2797 ??? - Peace for a thousand years

 End of the world  3797 ???

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