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Nativity of Our Lord

August 2005

Reprinted 15 February 2006

     On September 11, 3 BC, the sun was in Virgo and Jupiter, the royal star,  perhaps king of the universe, went into a series of conjunctions with Regulus, the star of kingship and brightest star in the constellation of Leo, the constellation of Judah.  It was also the Jewish New Year marked by a new moon. The two planets appeared as a single bright star and stood still over Bethlehem on December 25 the following year, 2 BC, on Hannukah, the season of giving.   These happened just before the death of King Herod which occurred after a visible lunar eclipse remembered by Flavius Josephus as the day Herod had two rabbis executed preceding the Passover before his death.  This eclipse was on January 10, 1 BC, twelve and a half weeks before Passover.  This was described by Ernest Martin in his book “The Star that Astonished the World”.

    Thus the year of King Herod’s death and the nativity of Jesus Christ were redetermined to be year 1 and year 3 or 2 BC respectively.  A similar series of events occurred from year 7 to 4 BC but the stars were seen as two separate objects, involved Saturn instead of Jupiter and did not stand still over Bethlehem as described in the bible.  The planets were in the constellation of Pisces and the sun was not in Virgo. The eclipse in the first series was only forty percent and barely visible.  So the years involved changed to revise history.  Did the corresponding messages also change? 9-11 and 12-25 are certainly meaningful dates in our society today.  We do not know the dates of the intervening conjunctions.  They may coincide with other ominous events in our history or future.  We do not have another 2000 years to figure out the warnings that we have missed or ignored.  If we have not already done so, it is time to start praying and doing penance to get in a better standing with the Lord protection wise.

     The magi were not Astrologists.  They are wise men from the east, probably Babylon, now Iraq.  They understood that the message on the eternal WWW meant that the Messiah, King of the Universe, descendant of King David, Son of a Virgin, was born in Israel as written in the scriptures.  They followed the star which after some time disappeared from view.  In Jerusalem, they sought Herod, the reigning king at the time.  The latter consulted the priests and scribes.  They knew their scripture but did not believe nor bother to investigate if indeed the Messiah has been born.  Herod, puppet king backed by Rome, descendant of Essau instead of David, knew that the legitimate ruler has arrived to dethrone him.  “When might he have been born?”  He asked the magi who were searching for the newborn King of the Jews.  He sent them on their way with a request to return and inform him of the location of this child that he may also pay respect.  After the audience with Herod, the star reappeared in the Southern sky.  They resumed their journey following the guiding light which had stopped and moved again.  They found Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.  They offered their gifts of gold for a king, frankincense for a priest and myrrh for the Messiah Who would die to save all of mankind.  The number of magi was deduced from the number of gifts.

     Through separate dreams, the magi and St. Joseph learned of Herod’s true intentions.  The wise men returned to their respective homes in the east through separate routes without notifying Herod of Jesus Christ’s location.  Thus His place of birth was not recorded.  St. Joseph took his family to Egypt.  One of the Bethlehems is about five miles south of Jerusalem and on the main route to Egypt.  The birth of Christ was obviously not celebrated by all especially the parents and relatives of the Holy Innocents excecuted by order of Herod to safeguard his throne.

     After Herod’s death, the Holy Family returned to Israel where Jesus led a hidden life in Nazareth and then a public life mostly in Galilee.  He was tried and crucified to death in Jerusalem.  After His Resurrection and Ascension, the apostles and other disciples, inspired and emboldened by the Holy Spirit on Pentecost went about the business of preaching and saving souls.  The Roman empire grew stronger.  Ethnic and religious difference became more pronounced.  Persecution was beyond description.

     After the apostles left, about fourteen years after the Ascension, some remaining followers of Christ were set adrift on a ship without sails, oars or rudder.  They were doomed to eventual shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea or accidental exit into the vast Atlantic Ocean.     

     “Do not hurt them!  Their father is Syrus. They are the children of Encharria, daughter of the Duke of Syria and other maritime places!”  The handmaid must have cried.  She feared the loss of her masters who she depended on.  As a female, her maternal instincts superseded the threat to her own safety.  Loyalty made her persevere.   She was listed as Marcella.  On a different account of the voyage,  Marcella’s name was changed to Sera.

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