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God as LIGHT

14 February 2006 

          The other female sibling also started preaching.  The handmaid described her as very eloquent.  Her only previously known statements were about her sister not helping in the kitchen and Jesus being too late to save her brother. 

     She selected a more inland location as her base.  It was here that she encountered a monster that was feared by the local residents.  One day, she ventured into the woods near a river and there saw what was basically an amphibian animal but it had six legs, scales, wings, ears similar to those of humans and a face of a sad old man.  Its large size and appearance earned it the reputation of being a monster.  It was thus avoided by the towns folk who settled elsewhere.  The monster was probably left alone for an extended enough period to live long and get huge.  Its mournful appearance may be due to the same reason.  Members of the reptile family are known to regenerate injured limbs.  Frogs with six legs have been described.  Wings and humanoid ears are other anomalous adaptations.  There was a two headed frog that hopped into a school about a year ago.  A two headed snake aptly named “We” was for sale just months ago.  A white alligator is currently on display somewhere in the USA.  A baby caiman, a descendant of a prehistoric alligator was shown on TV just a few weeks ago.  It was about two feet long and had a sad face.

     The holy sister did her first public act of faith in the power of Jesus Christ.  She held a crucifix in front of the monster’s face and sprinkled its body with holy water.  She supposedly managed to tame it and bind it with her own girdle/belt.  While immobilized, the people killed it.

     Another version said that the holy lady sang hymns to the monster winning its confidence.  She thus found a pet and the latter a friend and master.  It would have been a happy ending had not the people panicked upon beholding the sight of the beast being led to town by the lady.  Pandemonium followed and the beast was killed.  So ended the sad life of an innocent anomalous creature just when the chance for a happy existence started.  But it was not exactly the end.  The creature is now immortalized on the logo of an elite French military unit.

     Thus the misunderstood supposed predator/aggressor which actually was in its own perspective the prey/victim was elevated to the status it deserved if not the constant and permanent reminder that between two warring factions animosity could be anticipatorily prevented and allayed even at a late stage.  The holy lady initially flashed a signal for the beast to stop advancing by showing it the cross which power and significance she had no doubt about.  Then she sprinkled her first defense weapon, holy water, for whatever physical restraining effect it may have.  Given the chance, she bound the beast with her own girdle/belt probably in conjunction with other devices or objects.  In the other version, she resorted to dialogue.  Words did not mean much in the absence of a mutually understood language.  However, the tone of her voice and her unthreatening manner were understood as elements of a peaceful negotiation.  Mutually assured of freedom from attack, they both relaxed and bonded as she sang hymns as a mother would to a child soothing it to fellowship.  It was time to take a walk.  However, when the previously afraid, suspicious and hatred filled crowd emboldened by the security of numbers saw the beast coming, they probably failed to notice how docile a partner it has become.  The holy lady lost what could have been woman’s best friend when the escalating level of anger, fired by circulating recurrent transmission of hate messages among the townsfolk, led to a rush of blind rage and determination to kill.  This was carried into action when the opportunity suddenly presented itself.  Goliath was presumed to be bad as per history, he was.  This is another Goliath.  Kill it!  They did.   

     The holy sister opened a convent.  Since she freed the town of its menace and became their heroine, lots of people came to listen to her.  One day, a stranger wishing to hear her preach the doctrine of Christ, attempted to cross the river.  The others who came discovered his naked body close to the water’s edge.  He was dead more than a day.  The holy lady lay face down on the ground beside him and with her arms stretched out to form the semblance of a cross with her body, she prayed and implored the Lord Jesus to bring back this soul who came to learn more about Him.  Then she rose and offered her hand to him and pulled him up alive.

     Hearing this story, more people came to listen to her.  The convent’s population grew as well and she preached for a long time.  She was never married or had a man or children in her life.  Then of course she got old and very ill.  When it was time to go, at about the age of 79 years,  she went out of the convent and once more lay prostrate on the ground with outstretched arms.  She heard the sound of angels’ wings as they approached carrying her sister.  They called each other’s names and Jesus called them both. 

     At this time, the local bishop, being exhausted, fell asleep in the middle of a service.  When someone woke him up, he said that he was beckoned to help Jesus lay the body of the holy lady in her tomb.  In his haste because he was abruptly awakened, he left one glove and his key at the site.  Servers were dispatched to recover his belongings and verify his story.  They brought back his glove but left the key as a souvenir.

     Those raised reading the Old Testament were truly the chosen people for they were privileged with advanced knowledge of the coming of the Messiah, Who is the Son of God and is God the Son, to be conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit and to be born of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, walk in their midst, preach and physically die on the cross to atone for the sins of the whole world.  Unfortunately, all the benefits of advanced announcement and anticipation of what is a wondrous and miraculous gift of God to man who deserved such benevolence only because God is all loving and forgiving, resulted in DISASTER!!!  Jesus came and went unrecognized by most and still being awaited for by even more.  The Divine Temple rose from the dead on His resurrection but the chosen ones are still striving to someday physical rebuild an ancient ruin that they may make a sacrifice on the old altar of Solomon to appease God.  The Sacrifice has been offered on the cross on Calvary and His mission of redeeming us from sin has been accomplished but the chosen ones do not realize that and continue to wait for the final battle which unfortunately shall happen because we shall continue in our old warlike ways and Jesus has to come again to save us from ourselves lest all of us get annihilated due to our own doing and hatred of each other.

     Those fortunate and blessed to recognize God the Son made man and walked, talked, preached and ate with Him proclaimed His glory even at the price of martyrdom.  Their reward is not on this earth but in God’s kingdom elsewhere. Knowing this, they strove even more to propagate the knowledge of one God with three distinct Persons in the Same God, the second Person of Which became man to die on the cross to appease God and obtain pardon for our sins that we lowly humans may share His glory simply because He loves believe it or not … us!

     The holy sister was aware of all this and devoted her whole life after meeting Jesus Christ to spread His teaching to gather more souls to benefit from His sacrifice.  All we have to do is believe.

     There are different levels of believers and disbelievers.  There are atheists who like all humans and other living beings know by instinct that there must be a Supreme Being responsible for the creation of and the order in the universe.  However, They deny such knowledge that cannot be physically perceived by the senses nor proven by science.  There are members of different religious groups who by cultural, tradition and religious instructions were made to believe in God known by specific names and attributes.  Often, they are made to and/or choose to believe that the God they worship is their very own and that He is the means to the salvation only of their particular group.  On the other hand, there are those who believe that all groups worship the same true God.  Babel confused more than just the tongue.  Muhammad actually warned of the possible misbelief of Jews and Christians.  It is this same open mindedness that allowed early Muslims to worship in synagogues and churches provided there were no statues.  Even now, some Muslims including some leaders worship in such holy places. Of course, it may be difficult to find those without statues but it is known that these statues are not idols.  Think of them as three dimensional portraits of holy honorees.

     Alkufr, disbelief, is the only sin that Allah will not forgive.  It is a refusal of Him and His mercy.  It is the individual’s hardness of heart and total rejection of Allah. 

     An infidel is a Kaafiruun,  This is more than a passive unbeliever who is guilty of alkufr.  This is a person who actively opposes and makes war with Allah, blasphemes or defames Allah or attributes to Allah teachings or comments that are not from Allah.

     Allah is the Muslim name for God.  In the Old Testament, God was called Yahweh or Elohim by different writers during different periods in history.  In the New Testament, Jesus called God “Abba”, which is the Aramaic term for “Daddy”.  We all believe in the same God.  We just have different names to call Him by.  Our practices, clergy and membership differ.  We obey laws that originally came from God.  Applications evolved differently.  In all groups, intent and action count.  Also, there is such a thing as a conscience.  The almighty, all loving, all forgiving God sees that and knows when we are righteous, contrite and penitent.  

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