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Saddam and Increased Risk of Terrorist Attack

Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D. (dr G)


23 March 2004

     Saddam Hussein has been removed from power, captured, and sitting in a prison cell awaiting trial but gaining sympathy by leaps and bounds worldwide thanks to us.

     Ex members of his cabinet stated that Saddam got rid of his Weapons of Mass Destruction but we chose not to pursue this information and instead spend precious time and money trying to figure out why we did not find them.  Worse still, we keep broadcasting all over the world that we attacked Iraq because of wrong information implying that this was deliberately made up by our own government leaders.  Each time we allude to this specially in such frequency and intensity in the course of election rhetoric, we portray Saddam as a poor innocent victim who now is practically exonerated abroad (as well as here).  It angers the Iraqis, Arabs, Muslims and disappoints those who thought of the US as Iraq’s liberator.  It worsens our “corrupt and immoral infidels” image giving them another “good” reason to attack US troops, US bases, allies, and westernized cities.  Of course there has been no attack on US soil since 9-11.  However, that does not mean that there will never be any.  It is not likely that the terrorists are scared.  It simply is more practical to pick easier targets with more likelihood of dramatic consequences of attack. 

     The US is causing its own downfall and increased risk of terrorism.  We need to stop all these negative campaigning that are merely for political gain but with deleterious effects on the country.  Instead, we need to use the power of responsible silence to counter  Saddam’s brilliant plan and Psychological War which we are promoting for him at no charge yet.

     What better way for him to embarrass President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, the US and the UK, cause them to lose political leverage and world respect than to make his weapons disappear.  This way he also escaped having to use them and be guilty of a war crime.

     When no evidence of weaponized WMD's were found, the US and UK were red faced but THE USE OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION WAS EFFECTIVELY PREVENTED.  Whether we stoop or bow to conquer is a matter of perspective. 

      His idea of winning is not military success.  He claimed victory after the Gulf War.  As long as he stays alive, in Iraq and is able to continue playing his games, he considers himself the winner.

     Yes, he purposely did not change his years old report regarding his Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Obviously disappointing and infuriating was the absence of explanations as to what he did with each one

     He led us to presume that the weapons were there till the last minute.  Dead Iraqi soldiers were found equipped with gas masks when he knew (but the Iraqi soldiers probably and our troops definitely did not know) that the protective gear was not needed.

     Yes, we had a free show and we took pictures.  Secretary of State Colin Powell had beautiful photographs, not manufactured illustrations to show the UN.  The world was impressed.

     Please take into consideration the long reaching effects of our own words and actions.  Here in the US, we shall shake hands after elections and move on.  However, different peoples of the world are watching.  Religious, cultural and economic backgrounds may result in diverse opinions that may be surprising to us and not necessarily favorable.  Repercussions may be lethal and soon.

     Let us prevent being further misunderstood by our fellow citizens of Planet Earth to lessen unnecessary conflicts and needless deaths.

Magdalena D. Guerrero. M.D. (dr G)

ADDENDA: Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging on 30 December 2006.  TV


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Top Stories - AP
FBI's Mueller Warns of Terrorist Plots
53 minutes ago
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By CURT ANDERSON, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Emboldened by their deadly success in Spain, terrorists could attempt to influence the U.S. election and shock the world by launching attacks during this year's presidential nominating conventions or at the Olympics in Greece, FBI (news - web sites) Director Robert Mueller said Thursday.


AP Photo



"We understand that between now and the election, there is a window of time in which terrorists may well wish to influence events, whether it's in the United States or overseas," Mueller said in an interview with The Associated Press.


He also said that Islamic extremists are changing tactics to focus on recruitment of local sympathizers less likely to arouse suspicion than outsiders. And terrorist groups may well move away from fortified targets, such as airports and government buildings, he said.


"I do believe that when we enhance our security, harden targets, terrorists look for other targets that are soft targets," Mueller said. When new security measures are taken, he said, "the terrorists are thinking about ways to circumvent them."


The March 11 train bombings in Madrid that killed 190 were a factor in the ouster of Spain's government, and that has added to concern about the U.S. political conventions in New York and Boston this summer.


"In the wake of what happened in Madrid, we have to be concerned about the possibility of terrorists attempting to influence elections in the United States by committing a terrorist act," Mueller said. "Quite clearly, there will be substantial preparations for each of the conventions."


U.S. officials also are deeply concerned about security for the Athens Olympics in August. Mueller said he was awaiting a review of a recent anti-terrorism exercise to "see again what we could do if there are areas that need to be shored up."


Asked if security would be adequate by the time the Olympics begin, Mueller said: "It's premature to make any definitive judgment as to where we are in the stages of preparations."


Regarding new al-Qaida recruiting tactics, Mueller pointed to the May 16 suicide bombings in Casablanca, Morocco, as evidence of change. In those attacks, local Islamic extremists were recruited by outsiders probably linked to al-Qaida to carry out the mission.


"We, along with our counterparts, have to be alert to that type of combination of local persons as well as others who may have expertise in timing devices, and constructing (bombs), coming together with those who are willing to sacrifice themselves," Mueller said.


He said there is no good explanation as to why no suicide bombings have been attempted in the United States — "knock on wood," he said — other than an effort by the FBI to raise awareness among state and local law enforcement officials "understanding that this is a threat and understanding the need to be alert to it."


Mueller praised the efforts of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in assisting U.S. counterterrorism efforts. Saudi Arabia in particular has moved aggressively to root out al-Qaida cells since last May's bombings in Riyadh, discovering tons of explosives and large caches of weapons.


"Saudi Arabia has become a very inhospitable place for al-Qaida," Mueller said. "That was not always the case."


He said about 70 FBI agents, analysts and other personnel assisted the Saudis in investigating the bombings.


In the interview, Mueller also said:


_The FBI supports full reauthorization by Congress of the Patriot Act, which provides the FBI with updated surveillance capabilities. Concerns about civil liberties and privacy violations "are overblown."


_Emerging terror hotspots include Indonesia, southeast Asia, the Philippines, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and Europe. In America, Mueller said, "we are more knowledgeable of those who are supporters of terrorism" than before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.





_Terrorist groups undoubtedly include computer-savvy operatives who may attack U.S. computer systems, even though there is little evidence such attacks have occurred thus far. Mueller added the biggest concern now is from homegrown hackers who do it largely for the thrill.

_The FBI, CIA (news - web sites) and other U.S. and foreign agencies are compiling a database of explosives and tactics used in terrorist bombings worldwide. The database, at the FBI academy in Quantico, Va., compiles knowledge about how to identify signatures of various explosives and where they might have been manufactured.

_The investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks is focused on scientific work in an effort to learn how the anthrax was made and who might have been capable of it.


On the Net:






Letter to the Editor

Casa Grande Dispatch

22 March 2004

Pre-Publication Version

Dear Editor,

     The Iraq War is just a part of the 27 year war that will end on 2006 at the earliest  or 2026 at the latest depending on when it really started.  My guess and hope is that the count starts in 1979 when the Ayatollah Khomeni returned to Iran and rallied Muslim Fundamentalist inspiring bin Laden and a horde of successors later.  This in my mind is the start of the ride of the 1st horseman (MABUS) prophesied by Nostradamus as dying soon.  This death however is just a metamorphosis to other entitities (2nd & 3rd horsemen) riding way into the future (2700's ?)   There should be a gap of some 50 years after the current 27 yr war and the next ride.  The outcome of the next elections may modify the severity of some events but WILL NOT get rid of the future chaos.

     When I discovered the contents of Our Lady of Fatima's 3rd part of the 3rd secret which was kept mum longer than it should have been, I realized that the occult, scary and "nonsense" Nostradamus 1999 Prediction actually agreed in part with that of Our Lady's secret.  Both of them talked about a war overlaping in time frame and characteristics.  I can accuse Nostradamus of being occult but I will NOT think of Our Lady as such nor as a plagiarist (since she appeared much later compared to Nostradamus prophesies). 
     Nostradamus spoke of natural disasters, famine and war as a result.  Our Lady spoke of NATURAL DISASTERS, poverty, corruption ("the devil is in the highest places"), loss of faith and WAR.  Nostradamus urged correction of the factors he stated.  Our Lady asked for PENANCE. etc.
     Nostradamus described futuristic killing devices.  Our Lady talked of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.  Nostradamus said we can modify or avert some events by our efforts to do so.  Our Lady wanted us to do Penance, amend our lives and dedicate the world to her.  The next president will have a tough time fulfilling her requests.  Go to the polls with or without our impression of sucess or failure in Iraq but with the thought of who can best appease Our Lady.
     About Saddam and his WMD's ... Saddam's idea of victory is not winning the military conflict.  As long as he stays alive, remain in Iraq, and continues to play his games, he is triumphant. He actually claimed ictory after the Gulf War.  It is a fact that he had WMD's, used them and will use them again.  The presence or absence of WMD's in Iraq became the main issue in the Iraq War.  What better way to embarass, cause Bush, Blair, the US and UK to lose political power and world respect and not be guilty of using WMD's (a war crime) than getting rid of them?  This in his mind makes him the winner.  It cost him 2 sons, 1 grandson and a prison cell.  Nothing is free.
     Muslim Fundamentalists, Muslim Radicals, bin Laden et al hate us because in their eyes we are corrupt and immoral.  All this push for gay marriage in addition to clergy members sexual misconduct,  pornography, foul language on TV and everywhere,  Bill Clinton's well publicised affair, ENRON and Stewart cases smeared our image badly.  To them, we are dirty sinners needing extermination.  Westernized countries and cities are lumped in our category and therefore also subject to suicide bombing.   We need to clean up our act individually and as a nation.  The next president better be holy and capable of making the entire country look so.
Magdalena D Guerrero, MD (dr G)
N.B.   Israel and Palestine will keep fighting till the last war.  Read the bible.   



Fireball, Pope John Paul II's Message

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From:  Dr Guerrero <>
Date:  Fri Oct 12, 2001  11:43 am
Subject:  fireball



Fireball In New York City - 11 September 2001

Holy Father's (Pope John Paul II) Statement - 12 September 2001

(Taken from St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Bulletin)

I cannot begin this audience without expressing my profound sorrow at the terrorist attacks which yesterday brought death and destruction to America, causing thousands of victims and injuring countless people. To the president of the United States and to all American citizens I express my heartfelt sorrow.  Iin the face of such unspeakable horror we cannot but be deeply disturbed.  I add my voice to all the voices raised in these hours to express indignant condemnations, and I strongly reiteratethat the ways of violence will never lead to genuine solutions to humanities problems.

Yesterday was a dark day in the history of humanity, a terrible affront to human dignity.  After receiving the news, I followed with intense concern the developing sieuation. with heartfelt prayers to the Lord.  How is it possible to commit acts of such savage cruelty?  The human heart has depths from which schemes of unheard-of ferocity sometimes emerge, capable of destroying in a moment the normal daily life of a people.  But faith comes to our aid at these times when words seem to fail.  Christ's word is the only one that can give a response to the questions which trouble our spirit.  Even if the forces of darkness appear to prevail, those who believe in God know that evil and death do not have the final say. Christian hope is based on this truth; at this time our prayerful trust draws strength from it.

With deeply felt sympathy I address to the beloved people of the United States in this moment of distress and constenations, when the courage of so many men and women of good will is being sorely tested.  In a special way I reach out to the families of the dead and the injured, and assure them of my spiritual closeness.  I entrust to the mercy of the Most High the helpless victims of this tragedy, for whom I offered Mass this morning, invoking upon them eternal rest.  May God give courage to the survivors, may He sustain the rescue workers and the many volunteers who are presently making an enormous effort to cope with such an immense emergency.  I ask you dear brothers and sisters, to join me in prayer for them.  Let us beg the Lord that the spiral of hatred and violence will not prevail.  May the Blessed Virgin, Mother of Mercy, fill the hearts of all with wise thoughts and peaceful intentions.

Today, my heartfelt sympathy is with the American people, subjected yesterday to inhuman terrorist attacks which have taken the lives of thousands of innocent human beings and caused unspeakable sorrow in the hearts of all men and women of good will.  Yesterday was indeed a dark day in our history.

I invite you all to join me in commending the victims of this shocking tragedy to Almighty God's eternal love.  Let us implore His comfort upon the injured, the families involved, all who are doing their utmost to rescue survivors and help those affected.  I ask God to grant the American people the strength and courage they need at this time of sorrow and trial.

Pope John Paul II

The Administrative Committee of the United States Conference

of Catholic Bishops - September 11, 2001

(Taken from the St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Bulletin 9-22-01)

This is a day of national tragedy.  Though we do not yet know its full extent, we mourn those who have lost their lives and pray for their eternal rest and for the consolationof their families.

We pray for the living victims that they may know that God is with them in their sufferings. We pray for those who are rescuing and ministering to the injured, that God may strenghthen them in their heroic and often heartbreaking work.  We pray for our national community that we will be of support to one another in the days ahead as we come to grips with the enormity of what has happened.

We express our support for our President and other government leaders, both national and local, who bear the tremendous responsibilityof dealing with the aftermath of these unbelievable events.  They are in our prayers in a special way.

If, as seeems likely, this tragedy is the result of acts of terrorism, then we pray also for those whose hatred has become so great that they are willing to engage in crimes against our common humanity.  May they realize, at last, that such violence noy justice but greater injustice.

On Friday and Saturday, we celebrate the feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross and then honor Our Blessed Mother under the title of Our Lady of Sorrows.  These are particularly apt days for Catholics to reflect on the ways in which we are called to take up the cross and follow our Lord.

We call upon all our fellow citizens to renew their trust in God and to turn away from the bitter fruits of the kind of hatred which is the source of this tragedy.  Especially let us not engage in ethnic, religious or national stereotyping for what may be the acts of a few irrational terrorists.  As the Catholic Bishops of the United States, we unite in prayer to the Lord our God in the words of the Psalmist: "In You, O Lord, I take refuge...
                     Incline your ear to me.
                     Be my rock of refuge, a stronghold to give me safety."  (Psalm 71)

Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D.

12 Octoiber 2001

Re: Fireball in New York City - 11 September 2001            Please copy and distribute worldwide!!!

This is part of Nostradamus' July 1999 prediction which really covers 27 years of worldwide conflict, NOT JUST JULY 1999.  He wrote of nuclear war and poisoned environment. His interpreters expected a nuclear blast in New York City as early as 1995.  Thank God it was less than that.  Our efforts and prayers are working to some degree.

The war predicted was between Muslims and Christians,  The possible start was 1993+/-.  We were involved in the Gulf War in 1991, intervened in Yugoslavia, Somalia and Bosnia in 1993, and in Kosovo in 1999.  We kept our resolve to maintain peace through attacks on embassies abroad and the USS Cole.

On 9-11-01 8:58 a.m. New York date and time, a large commercial plane slammed into the World Trade Center north tower followed by flames and black smoke.  Another plane slammed into the south tower in a few minutes.  Both collapsed later.

Just behind the Pentagon, in the courtyard, a third plane crashed damaging and setting part of the Pentagon on fire.

A fourth plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania not too far from Camp David or the White House.

Plane No. 3 was thought to be aimed at the White House.  Plane No. 4 might have been meant to target Air Force 1.  All four planes were hijacked.  Osama bin Laden was named PRIME SUSPECT..  War was declared against the United States of America through these direct attacks.  President Bush said: "We are at war against Terrorism" NOT against the Afghan people nor Muslims.

Three cases of Pulmonary Anthrax have been documented in Florida and one in New York.  One patient died.  The FBI is investigating its source.

Bombing of strategic targets in Afghanistan started on 7 October 2001.  Food drops started before and CONTINUED after that date.  During President Bush' Press Conference on 11 October 2001, he invited the children of America to save or earn a dollar each to donate to the children of Afghanistan.  It is time to learn compassion and sharing not hatred and revenge.

US Allies have been united in support.  The British helped with the initial bombings.  Russia offerred arms for use by the Northern Alliance.  Those not in a position to supply military aid provide measures to find and/or deter terrorists.  Neighboring countries provide humanitarian support.  Pakistan is prepared to accept millions of refugees in addition to what they already have.  Peaceful efforts to deter terrorists such as freezing their assets and sanctions on hosts countries, etc. are being done

Consideration of Afghanistan's future is also a priority.  Support to re-structure government and economy shall come from different sources.

Pray as hard as you can for the world's safety and return to peace.  Persuade government leaders to avoid/PREVENT  the use of nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction WORLDWIDE.  We can still save our planet.

(See :July 1999 Preduictions
         Calendar of Events I & II
          Nostradamus Visits Zonta)

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Flight 93

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From:  Dr Guerrero <>
Date:  Fri Oct 12, 2001  11:35 am
Subject:  Flight 93

Phone Calls Reveal Heroism on Flight 93

by Todd Spangler (The Associated Press)
taken from
The Tribune-Democrat, Johnstown, PA' Sunday, 23 Septe,mber 2001

     SHANKSVILLE- By the time United Flight 93, Newark to San Francisco, made its abrupt turn near Cleveland, people on the ground  must have suspected what they had on their hands.  Two hijacked planes had already smashed into the World Trade Center towers and now this Boeing 757was hurtling back toward Pennsylvania, flying east and refusing radio contact.

     In Washington, F-16s were already patrolling the skies - too late to keep another plane from slamming into the Pentagon but soon enough to bring down Flight 93 if it threatened the capital.   President Bush had given the order to shoot down the plane if it refused to turn.

     And, on board, people made frantic phone calls, learning of the other attacks and formulating a plan: They would confrontthe hijackers; they would take back the plane.

     That's how far they had come in less than 1 1/2 hours since takeoff to fighting for their lives and others over the undulating ridges and valleys of the high Alleghenies - a battle which ended with the death of all 44 on board in the crash Sept 11 But it was one that won them acclaim as heroes.

     One of the passengers was the husband of Tom Crawley's niece.   He knew two other people on board as well.  "My take is that everybody on that flight was a hero," Crowley said.

     On what would turn out to be the worst day of terrorism in American history, United Flight 93 will be remembered as the only one of four hijacked planes which did not take a life on the ground.

     Until about 9:35 a,m., at least from the ground, there was little unusual about Flight 93.  Then the plane made a left turn.  A few minutes later, it turned again, heading east, toward Pittsburgh.

CNN reported getting a transcript of chatter from the plane recorded by air traffic controllers as the plane approached Cleveland.  The account manager for Oracle Corp, talked to a telephone operator for 13 minutes describing the situation:  The passengers had been split up with several ordered to the back and others to the front.  He said he knew of three knife wielding hijackers, two in the cockpit and a man with what appeared to be a bomb tied to his chest, patrolling Beamer and others in the back of the plane.  "Todd said he and some other passengers were going to jump on the guy with the bomb," His wife, Lisa Beamer, said.

     Several other passengers made phone calls from the jet.  Glick, 31, and Thomas Burnett Jr, 38, also called loved ones, and apparently had the same game plan as Beamer.  Glick who had been a collegiate judo champion, learned about the New York atacks while talking to his wife on a cell phone.    Glick told his wife, Lys, a vote was taken among some the passengers during his 20 minute call with her, Crowley said, "We're going to rush the hijackers," Glick said.  He told his wife he'd be back in a few minutes and put down his phone. leaving the line open.

     Todd Beamer ended his conversation with the telephone operator and dropped his phone.  The operator heard Beamer say to the other passengers "let's roll."

     On the ground at Pittsburgh Int Airport, the control tower was ordered evacuated.  The 757 was 20 miles from the airport barreling toward it refusing radio contact.  A spokesman with the FAA said the aircraft was probably flying at 500 mph.  The plane passed Pittsburgh about 9 miles south of the airport.  At some point, it turned slightly.  Cleveland Airport controllers called Dennis Fritz, the air traffic manager at John P. Murtha Johnstown - Cambria County Airport 15 miles south of him.  A minute or so later, Clevelan called him again, telling him to evacuate the tower.  "I had no idea what was going on," Fritz said.  He got all the non-essential persons out of the tower.  A few minutes later, Cleveland called a third time telling him that the plane had veered south again and disappeared.

     By 10:15 a.m, Fritz was hearing from emergency dispatchers about a crash in a field near Shanksville, Somerset County.

Slight editing by Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D., 11 October 2001
Original newspaper clipping courtesy of Betty Mizak, resident of Johnstown, PA
Johnstown is 10 miles away from Somerset County



 Msg #



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 Msg #
From:  "Magdalena Guerrero, M.D." <>
Date:  Tue Nov 13, 2001  12:22 pm
Subject:  Calendar of Events I


Nostradamus' 7'99 Prediction Calendar of Events:

Highlights/ Cosmic Signs/ Religious Markers/ Events/  Source

Sequence of events: Floods, earthquakes, fires, famine, war

May 13, 1917: The Blessed Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Fatima) appeared to 3
children in Fatima, Portugal /

*1981: Saturn Jupiter conjunction /NI
*1981:  Sun, Mars, Mercury near Aquarius/NT
*1981:   (117th Coptic) Pope Shenouda III, imprisoned by Anwar Sad EXILED
to a monastery in the desert along with priests  "The king with the white turban, his
 heart banished to Byzantium ...Sun, Mars, Mercury near Aquarius"/NT
1981: Iran's counteroffensive, Iran-Iraq War/INT
*May 13, 1981 Attempted assasination of Pope John Paul II by a Turkish
gunman    / NEWS
*Oct 6, 1981: Oct 6, 1981: Assasination of Egypt President Anwar Sadat by a
groupof Islamic Fundamentalists in his army / INT

*1988:  Saturn, Jupiter, Capricorn, Mercury; big earthquake / NT
1988:  Mt. St. Helen's errupted / NEWS
1989: Last San Francisco earthquake / INT

*Jan. 18,1991: Gulf War / NEWS
June 15, 1991: Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines, errupted.

*1993: Start WW III?  2020 - 27 yrs.; "The war shall last 7 & 20 years." /NT
US intervenes in Yugoslavia, Bosnia & Somalia /NEWS /INT

*+ April 1995:Foiled Pope John Paul II assasination Manila,Philippines/ NEWS

*Nov 5, 1995: Israel Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin assasinated

+1996: Partial lifting of economic bans on Iraq/ News/INT

Mar 24, 1999: Start of Kosovo bombing/NEWS
May 7,1999: Accidental bombing of the Chinese embassy  by the US/NEWS
1999: Summer Fixed Cross/ WL
+June 1999: Kosovo Peace Treaty/NEWS

*July 15, 1999:  Venus and Moon conjunction. seen as THE CRESCENT
AND THE STAR (Symbol of Islam)  /WL, OFA   "The king enters Europe
wearing a blueturban"/ NT;  (Purple*= Canaan/Palestine}/*GMS
*July 16, 1999:  The son of the 1st CATHOLIC president of the USA fell
from the sky and died./ NEWS;   "The kingdoms of the sea (blue) shall
OVERCOME thos of the church (white)." /NT
+July 28, 1999: US Shuttle Columbia had a safe, manual landing by the 1st
woman commander after trouble with fuel leaks /TV in space.  We revived the
good old daysof enthusiastic space exploration. "He will wake up the King of

Aug 3-7, 1999: Flood/mudslide, Cainta, Philippines; 91  D /NEWS
Aug 8, 1999: Flood, Thailand, Cambodia, China (759 D since June) /NEWS

*Aug 11, 1999: Total solar eclipse over the Mid East, Central Europe & Asia/WL
"The countries under its shadow shall experience great stress."/GMS
Aug 11, 1999: Earthquakes, Cyprus, Turkestan, Chile-Argentina, etc. /INT
Aug. 13, 1999: Explosion, NBI Office, Philippines
Aug, Sept, Oct, 1999: Hurricanes Dennis, Floyd, Jose, Eastern USA; fires in
California, etc. /NEWS
Aug. 17, 1999: Earthquake, Turkey, 7.8 R

+Aug. 26, 1999: NASA unveils ist light image from CHANDRA (image of
Cassiopeia, a supernova that exploded 300 yrs. ago./INT
Aug. 30, 1999: Portugese E. Timor voted for independence from Indonesia 4
to 1.  Violence followed. /INT
*+Aug-Sept 1999 Comet 1999 H1 (Lee) close to earth at this time with a
minimum distance of 125 MILLION Km towards the end of Sept./INT

Aug. 31,1999: Istanbul earthquake/ INT
+ Sept. 4, 1999: Israel/Palestine Peace agreement/ NEWS

Sept. 7, 1999: Athens earthquake/INT

+Sept 18, 1999: N. Korea froze its nuclear weapon program in return for a
US vow to provide 2 nuclear power reactors and oil supplies.  Japan & S.
Korea agree /INT

Sept. 20, 1999: Taiwan earthquake, 7.6 R

Sept. 27, 1999: Russia launched air attacks on Chechnya setting oil
installations ablaze /INT

Sept. 30, 1999: Radiation leaks from a uranium processing plant in Tokaimura,
Japan  /INT

Sept. 30, 1999: 7.5 R earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico/INT
Oct. 5, 1999: Mexico floodTV/INT
Oct. 7, 1999: Ecuador,s Guagua, Pichincha Volcano /INT
Oct. 16,1999: 7.0 R earthquake. S. California,hit Mojave & other desert areas,
felt in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Casa Grande, Tijuana, /INT
Oct. 29, 1999: Super cyclone with winds of 162 miles/hr. concentrated on the
eastern state of Orissa, India;NT
Nov. 12, 1999: 7.2 R earthquake in Turkey
Earthquake in Loma Linda, CA  /INT/TV
Dec. 18, 1999: Torrential rains and flood, Venezuela / INT

Dec. 22, 1999: Moon full & at Perigree,  50000 miles closer, bigger;  Earth at
Winter Solstice/*INT/TV

Dec. 24-31, 1999: Air India plane hijacking, / TV/NEWS

Dec. 28, 1999: second wave of severe winter storms damaged Europe; France
hit most /TV/NEWS

Dec. 31, 1999: Boris Yeltsin resigned.  Putin, former top spy and KGB member
became Acting President; Chechen rebels resist Russia /TV/NEWS

*2000 Saturn & Jupiter conjunction/  NI

+ Jan. 2000:  The argument is over.  Global Warming causes severe weather
changes / GOOD NEWS
Jan: 2000: Disaters and economic losses highest in 1998 (1999 statistics not
available yet) /IRC/RC

+Jan. 2000:  Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide in rock
formations already being done (for economic incentives);  storage in the ocean
possible / SCIENT. AM

Jan. 7, 2000: Severe drought and famine, illnesses, Ethiopia /TV

Jan. 10, 2000: Global warming IS HERE !!!/ TV

Jan. 16, 2000: Pacaya Volcano, 25 M south of Guatemala City errupted; /INT
Jan. 19, 2000: More extremes in weather due to La Nina /TV

*Jan 20, 2000: Moon turns red during 1st lunar eclipse of the millennium /INT
Jan. 22,2000:  N. Korea threatened to resume missile tests /INT
Jan. 28, 2000: 3 killed in bomb blast in Pakistan mosque /INT
Jan. 28, 2000: Heaviest snowstorm in half a centuryhit Israel and Palestine /INT
Jan. 30, 2000:  Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church justified fight against
terrorism by Chechnya /INT

Feb. 14, 2000: Tornadoes, Georgia / Int/TV
Feb. 14, 2000: Lots of fish died in Romania and Hungary due to cyanide
contaminated river water / Int

Feb. 14, 2000: Mozambique flood / INT
Feb. 19, 2000: Egypt promised to join Lebanon against Israel / INT
Feb. 21, 2000: Christians and Muslims clash in Kaduna, Nigeria  2-29-00:
Governors of northern states agreed not to enforce Islamic Sharia law / INT

Feb. 22, 2000: Mayon Volcano, Legazpi, Albay, Philippines erruptions; / INT

Feb. 24, 2000: Saudi Arabia took initiative to increase oil production / TV

Feb. 24, 2000: More floods across Southern Africa / INT

Feb. 24, 2000: Pope John Paul II met with Muslim and Coptic clerics in Cairo,
decried violence in guise of religion ; 2-25-00 Appealed for Christian-Muslim
harmony in Egypt and beyond; 2-26-00: left Egypt after visit to Mt. Sinai / INT

Feb. 26, 2000: N and S Korea agreed to allow S Korea to fish off N. Korea's
coast / INT

Feb. 26, 2000: Khatami cautioned world on Iranian reformer's win / INT

Feb. 28, 2000: Philippine authorities to file murder charges against Muslim and
communist guerrilla leaders for a series of ferry and bus plus one Catholic radio
station bombings which started in Mindanao on 2-24-00  / INT

Mar 10, 2000: Floods in Argentina / INT

Mar 12, 2000:  Pope John Paul II during the Homily apologized for the
Catholic Church' s faults of the past as ancient as the crusades / NEWS
Mar 2000: Pope John Paul II's tour - 20th: arrived in Jordan, called for peace
and justice in the MIddle East, gazed at the promised land from Mt. Nebo
where Moses died; 21st:celebrated mass in Amman, Jordan, had a red carpet
welcome at Ben Gurion Airport; 22nd: prayed in Bethlehem, pleaded for a
Palestinian homeland, visited a Palestinian refugee camp, a riot errupted 1 hour
later; 23rd: celebrated mass at Israel's Last Supper Chapel, visited  the
Holocaust Memorial; 24th: spoke in the same place Jesus gave the Sermon on
the Mount in Galilee; 25th: celebrated mass in Nazareth where Muslims and
Christians live together uneasily, passed by the future site of a controversial
mosque on his way to the Basilica of the Annunciation; 26th: ended his visit by
an apology to the Jews at the Wailing Wall / INT

Mar 20 - 25, 2000: President Clinton visited Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan,
cautioned leaders about the possibility of war, responsibility forcontrol of the
use of nuclear weapons.  Brief riot in Kashmir occurred.
Geneva, Switzerland, 3-26-2000, Peace talks with Syria's Assad /INT

Mar 21, 2000: Gorbachev, president of Green Cross International, said the Mid
East can face another war in 10 to 15 years if countries fail to agree on how to
share scarce water / INT

Mar 26, 2000:  Philippines - Salamat Hashim,  Moro Liberation Front (largest
Muslim rebel group) chairman, called for UN supervised independence vote/
INT Mindanao is in big trouble.  (See 2-24-2000 & 3-19-2000)  Muslim
leader Abu-Sayaf's group kidnapped a priest, teachers and students  (about
50 people) from a Christian school in Basilan.  A group of Christian vigilantes
countered by kidnapping relatives of Abu-Sayap /  e-mail

Apr 7, 2000: Hunger kills children in Ethiopia / INT
Apr 13, 2000: Iran foiled Iraq based Mujahideen Khalq attack / INT
Apr 15, 2000: UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan sent UN envoy and
director of the World Food Program to Djibuti, Horn of Africa to plan a
massive drought relief program to ward off famine which may affect up to16
million people.  The program will be channeled through the Red Seaport / INT

Apr 15, 2000: Putin said Russia will remove nuclear missiles from active service
if t is satisfied that the US is complying with its arms  treaty obligations / INT
Apr 24, 2000: Russia warned the US that withdrawal from the Anti Ballistic
Missile Treaty would disrupt talks on a new treaty to limit nuclear arms / INT

Apr 27, 2000: Islamabad, Pakistan: The Lashkar-e-Taiba militant group said
that it is a must for all Muslims to join a jihad {holy war} in Kashmir to protest
Indian rule / INT

May 5, 2000: 300 UN troops possibly taken as hostages in Sierra Leon;
5-6-00: Another 200 possibly taken; 5-7 to 14-2000: Fighting continues but
capital safe; 5-15-00: About 139 hostages released  / INT

*May 9, 2000: Sun at 20 degrees Taurus / NI: "great trembling"  (fear/worry)
"IN the earth" (TERra) (ra is a boat made of a tight NETwork of reed bundles
and maybe with a fishing NET).   "The great filled theater"(INTERNET/ World
Wide Web) "shall be ruined."  Did Nostradamus actually spell out
"INTERNET" 400 -500 yrs. ago? Amazing!!! / MDG;  May 9,2000: Manila,
Philippines (5-8-2000 US side of International Dateline): Filipino man
suspected of creating the computer virus with potential to stop international
communications, services and commerce was arrested   The Love bug caused
billions of dollars in damage worldwide. / TV/NEWS; Manila 8-21-00: All
charges were dismissed due lack of laws.  Pres Estrada signed a law last June
covering electronic commerce & computer hacking but it could not be applied
retroactively.  The gharges were theft & credit card fraud. The credit card law
does does not apply to computer hacking / AZ Republic

May 10, 2000: Los Alamos, New Mexico, home of the Atom bomb,
declared a disaster area; 5-11-00: Fir still out of control / TV; 5-14-00:
Former residents allowed to view their homes; 5-15-00: Fire may still turn
back with winds / INT

May 11, 2000: India welcomed its billionth citizen / INT
May 11, 2000: Israel offered 80% of W Bank land to Palestine control / INT
May 11-14, 2000: Sri Lanka rebels close inon Jaffna / INT
+N & S Korea reach full agreement on summit / INT

May 21. 2000: Manila, Philippines: 1 man dead, 14 wounded in SM Megamall,
4th blast in 2 wks., possibly by Muslim rebels.  More bombings in Mindanao / INT

May 22, 2000: Sierra Leone: 29 UN hostages released, 6 bodies wearing UN
uniforms found / INT

May 24, 2000: Kaduna, Nigeria: Renewed unrest resulted in more than 200
dead / INT

May 24, 2000: Moscow: Russia can launch strikes against Afghanistan if the
Taliban helps Chechnya / INT

Jun 3, 2000: Berlin: 13 international leaders + Clinton spoke of a more global
distribution of wealth from Internet and other  commerce / INT

June 5, 2000: Kiev, Ukraine: Chernobyl Plant to close / INT

June 5, 2000: New York: Senior Iranian Intelligence Service defector claimed
the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scottland in 1988 was
masterminded by Iran, not Libya / CBS Reporter / INT

June 5, 2000: Jakarta, Indonesia:  A powerfull earthquake and several
aftershocks rocked Sumatra killing 68 / INT
Jun 6, 2000: Ankara, Turkey: Strong tremor felt; no reported iinjuries / INT
Summer 2000: Wilfires: Los Alamos, Reno, Montana, Wyoming, N Arizona,
 etc. (12 states so far) / INT

June 13, 2000: Los Alamos National Laboratory released news of 2 missing
drives containing instructions on how to dismantle US & Russian nuclear
devices.  The disappearance was discovered 5-7-00, reported on 6-1-00 ;
6-16-00: Drives found behind a copier / INT

Jun 18, 2000: Ethiopia and ERitrea sign peace agreement / INT

Jun 22, 2000: Italy: A 4.2 R earthquake was reported N of Perugia. No
immediate reports of damage or injuries were available.  It was felt as far as
70 Mi NW in Florence, Tuscany / INT

Jun 26, 2000: Vatican City:  The 3rd Secret of Fatima was published and the
public was assured that it referred to a violent communistic past rather than a
coming apocalypse.  It also foretold of the 1981 near assasination of Pope John
Paul II / Int

Jun 26, 2000: Jakarta, Indonesia: A state of civil emergency was declared after
6 days of Muslim/Christian violence / INT

July1, 2000: Tokyo: Strong earthquake killed 1, injured others and triggered
landslides / INT

*Jul 1, 2000: Iraq resumed testing missiles including Al Samoud, a ballistic
missille capable of carrying conventional as well as chemical & biologic
weapons / INT

July 7, 2000: Managua, Nicaragua: A 5.9 R earthquake / ?NT
Jul 8, 2000: Mt. Oyama Volcano in Miyakejima, Japan, 124 miles S
of Tokyo erupted; / INT

July 11, 2000: Athens, Greece: High temperature killed at least 26 in S.Europe
and sparked wildfires.  In the N, it was cold enough for winter coats / INT
Jul 13, 2000: Bombay: An avalanche of mud,/ INT
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: 5 days of heavy rain lead to mudslides killing 47and
forcing 120,000 to flee / INT

Aug 2, 2000: Lagos, S Nigeria: 7 US, 5 British citizens among 165 hostages
held hostage by Iljaw militants in Shell oil rigs / INT

Aug 3, 2000: Iran: Worst drought in 30 yrs affected 18 of 28 provinces
and more than half of the 60 million population / INT
Aug 7, 2000: Patna, India: 160 dead in floods after a delayed monsoon
deluge in India, Bangladesh and Bhuta / INT

Aug 8, 2000: Moscow: Bomb blasts killed more than 90.  Chechnyans
suspected / INT

Aug 14,2000: Russian nuclear sub sinks to bottom of Berant's Sea after
damage from a collision forced the crew to power down; 8-16-00: British rush
to scene after Moscow accepted offer to help; 8-18-00: Norwegian diverso
pened hatch but found no survivors, weak tapping heard till 8-15-00 ; 8-26-00:
Russia requested the Norwegian team to go back after a feasibility study to get
the 118 bodies and possibly raise the submarine / INT

Aug 27, 2000: Fires raging in Macedonia threten to cross the Greek border / INT
Sep 3, 2000: LA: Earthquake in Napa Valley / INT/TV
Sep 10, 2000: Soveratto, Italy: Floodwaters and mud killed 10 visitors in a
campsite where disabled persons were having a holiday / INT

Oct 1, 2000: Jerusalem: 4th day of clashes between Palestinians and Israel
Army.  Yasser Arafat expected to give stop order accordiing to Spanish
Television report; 10-4-00: Fighting continues, Arafat stormed outof Paris
Peace Talks, Sec. of State Albright ran after him and persuaded him to return,
demonstrations outside Israeli embassies in Egypt & Syria / Int

Oct 6, 2000: Beirut: Lebanon Muslim authorities call on war on Israel / INT
Oct 6, 2000: Belgrade: Slobodan Milosevic conceded defeat in presidential
elections / INT
Oct 8, 2000: Floods in Bangladesh / INT

*Oct 12, 2000: USS Cole severely damagedby a terrorist attack in
Yemen  / INT

Oct 12, 2000: Gaza: 3 Israeli soldiers mutilated, heavy fighting followed,

Oct. 13, 2000: Cape Canaveral: US Space Shuttle Discovery docked with
the International Space Station / INT

Oct. 13, 2000: Landslide in Ecuador /INT
Oct 14, 2000: Landslide in the Swiss Alps; 10-17-00: Flooding in North
East Italy / INT
Oct. 18, 2000: Uganda: Help needed to curb Ebola deaths; 10-22-00: Death
toll: 54 / INT

*+Nov 2000: USA pased the Alternative Fuel Bill / NEWS

Nov 2000: Israel's water deficit tops 53 billion gallons/ day / US News
Nov 23, 2000: Moscow: Putin will meet with Arafat at latter's request on
Friday 11-24-00 / Int
Nov 25, 2000: Baku, Azerbaijan: 6.0 - 6.5 R earthquake kiled 8 / INT

Nov 29,2000: US said Allies would make up for difference if Iraq cuts oil
production as the "oil for food program" ends / INT

*Dec 31, 2000: (Manila date):  5 bombs exploded in different parts of
the city killing at least 12.  The police was already on alert for possible bomb
attacks by the Muslim rebel group (Abu Sayyaf) / AZ Republic 12-30-2000

*Dec 31, 2000: Israel: The son of Kahane (Anti-Arab militant who advocated
forcibly evicting Arabs from Israel, W Bank & Gaza) was killed.  The Arab
group called Martyrs of al-Aqsa Intifada claimed responsibility / INT

12-31-2000: NASA: Cassini passed by Jupiter, will rendezvous with Saturn
by July 2004 / INT

1-1-2001: Pope John Paul II focused on Israel/Palestine mutual respect as part
of world peace / INT
*Jan 1, 2001: The beginning of the chronological 3rd millennium: (see
May 13, 1917, subsection 12-8-83 ... Precisely at the end of the 2nd
millennium / INT

Jan 13, 2001: Mexico City: 7.6 R earthquake in Central America, S Mexico
caused mudslides, collapsed buildings and cut power\ 1-15-01 San Salvador:
400 estimated dead, 1200 missing, more than 80 aftershocks / INT

Jan 14, 2001: Cebu, Philippines: Floods, thousands flee, 2 die / AZ Republic
Jan 17, 2001: Manila, Philippines: Pres Estrada's impeachment trial was
adjourned after an 11-10 vote by the senate not to look at Estrada's bank
account & all prosecutors resigned.  Noisy protests errupted. Hours later, VP
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was sworn in as President / INT

Jan 26,2001: Ahmedabad, India: Thousands feared dead after an earthquake in
Western India yesterday.  Bhuj worst hit / INT
Jan 26, 2001: Earthquake, Oxaca, Mexico / INT
Feb 1, 2001: 5.8 R earthquake in the Aleutian Is., no injuries / INT

From this point on please see 
and compare actual events to those below

June 21, 2001: 12:03, 800 Mi W of Angola, 6.5 R  /*INT
July 5, 2001: 14:56, between Japan & Papua, 4.5 R / *INT
Dec. 14, 2001: 20:56, 1200 Mi W of Galapagos, 6.0 R / *INT
Dec. 30, 2001: 10:27, between Hawaii & Anchorage,
5.4 R earthquake /*INT
2010: Dreams of world in flames (Jung) / PT
2017: Total solar eclipse /TV
2017: 1857 + 160 yrs. = The Big One/ NT

?      : NY fireball / NT
?     : Invasion/destruction of Europe/ NT
?     : Destruction of Rome/ NT
?     : "Dog of war howls all night when the Pontiff moves." /NT
+   ?     : US - Russia alliance / NT
+   ?     : Defeat, death of Antichrist III / NT
Dec. 21, 2020: Saturn, Jupiter in Aquarius / NI
+Peace for 57 years/ NI
?2022: Asteroid, 150 MILLION miles away from earth  / TV
 +(2087: Alternate date for 1999 prophesy / NI
??3797: End of the world / NT/NI

These are information gathered from different sources.  Time will tell which
are true and which are not or have been averted.  Pray for WORLD PEACE.

*INT: Earthquake predictions by Ian Montano, Yahoo.

Visit frequently for updates:

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