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A. Hcy - 8-26-2009

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First Letter 26 February 2009

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6 Now Showing: The Unconfinable CO 2

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**  See African Experience I and II

8. Ode to Nancy LU 5-7-2009

***  9. NO N2O  Health Risks  Revised 1 June2009

**** 10. BEYOND AFRICA ... The Metabolic Syndrome

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Latest Letter


9-27-2009: Phlppines: Ketsana, 4th thypoon in 2 weeks dumped record ranwater causing extensive flood and mudslides 

9-28-2009: Samoa 8.3 R EQ caused damage and Tsunamis in Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga

9-30-2009: Sumatra 7.4 EQ caused damage and caused tsunamis in Western Indonesia; Typhoons floded Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia

10-3-2009: Typhoon Parma hit Cagayan, Northern Luzon, Philippines , weakened, dumped more water but less wind 4.7 R EQ near Death Valley & new forest fire in Little Creek, San Bernardino Forest, California

10-4-2009:  Typhoon Merol hit Japan and Mariana, weakened before reaching Guam, warnings stopped


Started 29 September 2009,  Last Updated 6 October 2009


All RighsReserved MMIX

Magdalena D. Guerrero, MD, FACOG/GP (dr G)



“Your plan sounds like a tree with very wide spreading branches.” 

    “The tree of life, like a complex waterway, has many tributaries, Sir.”

     “Beg your pardon?  Such as … ?”

     “Communication, peace keeping, understanding, intercultural tolerance,teaching, planning, drafting, contributing, supplying, helping, cooperating, teamworking, inspecting, scrutinizing, recommending, advertising, etc.  All these enhance survival of the tree.  Inability to supply chokes the tree.  Inaction at a time of jeopardy is irresponsible negligence.”

     “When does it become criminal?”  Someone asked.

     “It is not up to us to determine that.  We are not our brothers’ keepers.  We hope to inspire and motivate.”

     “Are you suggesting that we have to do all that?”  The AFP Chief of Staff reverted to the original subject matter.

     “… and more, Sir, if we want to convince the world that together we can come up with a showcase of everyone’s genius and good heartedness to save the planet.  We may very well be the host location of the cooperative International small scale practical application of multinational achievements.”

     “Advertizing opportunity may be a very attractive incentive for less  known countries with new or less popular inventions.  It would be an environmental technology world conference.”  A previously silent member of the group commented.

     Please see and study these two chapters before the Environment Summit in Copenhagen.

        The above clip is from Chater 14, ‘STA ANA’.  See Chapter 10, ‘LAST SESSION’first.  The entire book is about environmental effects on ancient history and the interrelations with human behavior culminating in the final destruction of the world and all life.  We have been close to that several times and may not have too many ‘second chances’ left.  2012 is not IT though.  We may have about 700+/- years of terrible misadventures before a lenghy ‘Armaggedon???’ and the Last Judgement followed by a thousand or so biblical ‘years’ of God’s PEACE.  Then comes the final destruction and hopefully we go elsewhere.  I am not a futurist.  This is a studied presumptive conclusion from years of reading, watching and listening.

     In Chapter 10, ‘Last Session’, The local people of the fictional counterpar tof what really is the area devastated by this weekend’s Philippine flood discussed inter-religious, social, economic and ENVIRONMENTAL problems.  They outlined what to do in the near and distant future with the help of town leaders and an International Environmental expert.  The area has been flooded repeatedly in the past.  This IS MY HOMETOWN.  In real life, my mother related a story about an incident during WWII when flood waters almost reached the second floorof my grandfather’s house located up to now along Taguig River, a tributary of the Pasig River.  In the book, I mentioned relocation as one of the options based on the old estimate of 3 feet elevation of the sea.  The newer estimate is as high as 30 ft by the end of the century.  More aggressive flood control and EVASION may be needed. Your job in Copenhagen is to update the world in the new estimates inclimate changes plus point out that there are more greenhouse gases to worry about than Carbon dioxide and Methane.  Nitrous oxide and its destruction of life and Ozone are not in my book either.  Homocysteine and METABOLIC SYNDROME were not in my brain bank at the time.  They are on my website NOW.  All plans need to be adjusted to include newer knowledge. 

     In Chapter 14, the aftereffects of an earthquake and river fire dominated in first two thirds.  Close to the end is a discussion of the plan to include the International Community in a worldwide display and SHARING of environmentally related innovative essential technology.  I heard of your plan to present videos in Copenhagen to promote the US bid to host the 2016 Olympics.  Would you, pretty please, get etstarted with discussions about the Environment Summit with the local and International delegates?  We are in more ssrious trouble than we are aware of.  Our brains seem to be dulled.  Hardness of heart is the biblical version of deranged mind, spirit and conscience.


     10-2-2009 Comment:  Chicago lost against Rio de Janeiro in bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics.  We can concentrate on the ENVIRONMENT and SECURITY.  PEACE, ECONOMY and HEALTH depend on Them.


All Rights Reserved MMIX

Magdalena D. Guerrero, MD, FACOG/GP (dr G)








Hcy - 26 August 2009


     ***** HOMOCYSTEINE -  may have develoed as an adaptation to previous severe environmental conditions.  It is the Chimeric waste version of Cysteine aggregated by Serine, a scavenger for ROS  and can both be a powerful antioxidant or a dangerous oxidizer ROS depending on its molar ratio to COPPER ions in the blood.


     Elevated Plasma Homocysteine level results in Hyperlipidemia leading to among other things, Cardio Vascular and Neurological disorders as well as Diabetes.  Some French scientists now think that the rapid increase in the last one may partly be due to overload and overwork of the liver (and pancreas?) due to unnatural storage of lipids by Cholesterol ‘Lowering’ Drugs.  An unusual surge of Cardiomypathy may come next due to storage of lipids in cardiac muscle.


     Let’s do something now or never.  Rewrite Therapeutics.  It will take a lot longer to correct the environmental status and its effects.  THANK YOU!!!


(Please review: ‘NO to N20 Health Risks’  and  ‘Beyond Africa … Metabolic Syndrome’.  Please discuss with the Surgeon General.)


**** 14 September 2009


     ***** WILDFIRES -  initiate instant, ongoing, latent, and transgenerational highly OXIDANT NITROUS OXIDE (N2O) domino effects from deep beneath the soil to the Stratosphere on inanimate, plant and animate occupants of the planet.  Miracle drugs can backfire.  Damage make patients unhappy …  provocative TV ads increase … lawyers get busy … malpractice suits, awards and liability insurance premiums increase … healthcare costs increase ... Cardiologists, Internists, Family Practitioners and GP’s join the ranks of OB-GYNs, Neuro Surgeons and Nurse Anesthetists.  (Please discuss with the Attorney General and the Healthcare Committee)




Started 3 August 2009, Last Updated 14 September 2009


  1. PREVENT WILDFIRES, clear forest (CHON) underbrush (CHON), stop burning organic fuels (CHON)
  2. Stop using Nitrogen compounds  (CHON) to enrich gasoline, fuels and fertilizers
  3. Water forests by helicopter or Slver Iodide cloud seeding induced rain when fire risk is high.  Lubboch, Texas uses ground level servers.  Others use planes as started by FDR to revive US soil productivity in the 1930’s
  4. Construct canals from the sea to run between forests and populated areas to:
    1. continuosly evaporate water to supply moisture to prevent dryness and wildfires
    2.  supply water to swimming pools (eliminating Ozone damaging Chlorine, etc.), man made lakes, ponds, rivers, recreational facilities and dancing fountains  
    3.  Supply potable water to homes after desalination
    4.  Supply drinking water after distillation or electrolysis
    5.  Supply H+ for fuel
    6.   Supply water to fire hydrants
    7.   Serve as a means of transport


All Rights Reserved MMIX

Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D., FACOG/GP  (dr G)







26 February 2009


First Letter



'CLEAN' Coal Steps

1. CO 2 Capture – Complicated

2. CO 2. STORAGE – Deadly Failure



     Thank you for all the good things you included in your State of the Union address on 24 February 2009.  Now please do everything to keep Mother Nature from sweeping them all away.  Please scrutinize all Industrial Methodology for purposeful or unsuspected steps to store Carbon dioxide.


     The recurrence of wildfires in Australia on 7 February 2009 should not have been a surprise to anyone.  It was the hottest day recorded in Melbourne.  Everything was dry.  That day, smoke from a brushfire was noticed.  Soon, a raging inferno spread rapidly.  More than 100 dead were found.  Another hundred could be among the charred ruins.  A survivor said she could not see anything because of the thick black smoke.  ‘The flames came from above.’  The familiar words were originally quoted by Hopi Native Americans referring to the ‘Blue Star’ prophecy expected around this time.  Grass and homes are on the ground.  What was burning had to be in the air.


     Australia started their ‘Clean Coal’ Program years ago.  It included the steps above.  Capture must have worked because they had no wildfires for many years since.   Carbon dioxide Storage must have failed years before 2009 because the area temperature was higher than before ‘Clean Coal’ started.  No escape of CO 2 was suspected.  CO 2 was kept in rock formations under water.  Carbonates in soil and rocks are replaced by sulphates.  This process is accelerated by rising temperature.  The Calcium Carbonate thus becomes Calcium Sulfate or even Sodium Sulfate which is a soap.  The integrity of the storage is compromised.  With extreme heat, the Calcium Sulfate stones turn to crystals which break further compromising the ability of the storage formation to keep the CO 2 in confinement.  If internal pressure sufficiently rises, an explosion can occur which may luckily be detected before a catastrophic event.  Otherwise, silent leakage and unsuspected worsening of Global Warming occurs and mysterious disasters surprise the world.  CO 2 when in contact with naturally or artificially generated electricity splits to deadly Carbon Monoxide and flammable Oxygen.  High levels of CO 2 may have been present in the area for an unknown length of time.  A spark started a brushfire and may have split CO 2 to CO and O2.  The air caught fire.  Some of the victims may have died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning aside from suffocation with CO 2 clouds.  The fire was so intense and difficult to fight because of good oxygenaton.  Gases and fire blew unchecked.


     A similar natural disaster happened in Cameroon, Africa in 1980.  There, the CO 2 natural deposit was released by an explosion triggered by a small landslide on one side of a lake rupturing the floor of the lake.  The energy of moving matter, chemical interactions of substances and electrical charges produced resulted in a reddish glow, a tidal wave, a cloud of gases riding on the moving water and 1800 deaths on the opposite shore.  Victims had what looked like Carbon Monoxide ‘burns’ on the skin.  Furthermore, Carbon dioxide continued to bubble from under the lake to the atmosphere.  CO 2 Storage sites would be man made models of Cameroon.  Please do not have any near the USA or anywhere on the planet.  What we thought to be THE foolproof deterrent to Global Warming ACTUALLY IS THE INSTRUMENT for  PLANETARY DEATH.


     PLEASE reply to let me know what steps Clean Coal is planning to do.  There are others waiting for reassurance or a DEATH SENTENCE from YOU.  Allowing Carbon dioxide STORAGE is precisely that.  Our children deserve a better fate.  You and I might survive. Only the good die young. 




Magdalena D. Guerrero, MD. FACOG/GP  (dr G)

POB 12096 Casa Grande, AZ 85230, USA


Please print pages 1 and 2, fill up the blanks and send to the Preident and all government and Industrial leaders.  See Contact List.  Thanks.


Signature and date:

Printed name, Country, ZIP




2. Reply to Vice President Joe Biden

8June 2009

Dear Vice President Joe Biden,


     Thank you for your encouraging response on 1 June 2009.


     On 1 April 2009, satellite measurement of greenhouse gases revealed that Ozone, Carbon dioxide, Methane and Nitrous oxide were at record levels.  We were only concerned about Carbon dioxide and all the world’s plans were based on Carbon effects only.  Ozone is 25% as powerful as CO2 as a cause of global warming.  However, Methane is 25 times more potent than CO2.  Nitrous oxide is 200x worse global warming wise and immeasurably a lot more health risk wise.  Satellite pictures also showed more rapid loss of polar ice plus global warming effects in Greenland and surrounding areas.  The old forecast was changed.  Glaciers and polar ice shall be GONE by the 2030’s instead of the 2100’s.  Sea level rise shall be 30 feet instead of 3 feet by the end of the century.  By 2012 severe socioeconomic effects of global warming shall  dominate all issues.  By 2020, we shall be at the verge of the disaster zone.  By 2030, we shall already be at the disaster zone.  Yes, I agree that we should act now.  I would only add 1 word: AGGRESSIVELY.  Nitrous oxide is related to Cardiovascular Disease, Alsheimer’s Diesease, other personality and brain disorders, some cancers and more including premature, damaged, dead infants or live ones with Down’s Syndrome, etc.


      Thanks for the 1 million hybrid cars and tax credit plan.   Our older daughter traded in her Camri for a 30 MPG Outback last year.  She is hoping that the Denver light train would have stops close to her home and place of work.  No type of car can help after a 3 foot snowfall.  Our younger daughter plans to get a hybrid soon.  She said that since electric cars produce water, they will not work in NE USA.  Please think about the French hybrid vehicles that use compressed air instead of H+.  They are rated at 600 MPG.


      My husband and I are in the desert.  I am more concerned about Nitrogen enriched gasoline that I may unknowingly use when that gets to be THE US fuel and the Nitrogen content kept secret.  Nitrous oxide from my exhaust may be just a fraction of the CO2 but the effect is 200x worse global warming wise and infinitely more health wise.


     At this point, I would like to request, plead and even BEG that Nitrogen ‘enrichment’ of gasoline and other fuels be disallowed.  Our fixation on Carbon rating and trading made us unaware of other greenhouse gases with far worse harmful effects.  I do not blame the manufacturers but I would like to ask the leadership of this nation to inform them of the paradoxically deathly substitute for the unbelievably less worrisome CO2.  It would be quite a shock that most would deny and refuse to accept.  So, please forgive them. 


     We need all the water vapor we can transfer to the air to keep the forests green and less likely to ignite into wildfires releasing whopping amounts of Nitrous oxide.  Thus, my choice for my husband would be an electric car.  Of course, if it comes with an ‘Auto Pilot’ option, I would like my own in RED with a horn that screams ‘MAKE WAY FOR THE BLIND’.  It does not have to fly.


     Please convince Preident Obama, the entire Cabinet and Congress.  Thank you all.  I am adding this to my website.


With prayers and advice (… just call me dr G … save your breath and INK),

  dr G

!!! Also see 9. NO N2O Health Risks





16 March 2009  Updated 9 June 2009



PLEASE provide TAX CREDITS for the following:


  1. Rapid but Smooth Transition from Fossil based to Non-Fossil based Technologies with care to minimize job loss


B.  More aggressive Carbon dioxide/Methane CAPTURE AND UTILIZATION


  1. APS uses captured CO 2 and water to grow Algae which in turn is used for production of Ethanol.
  2.  Another group uses compressed Methane gas collected from pipes erected around waste dumps and incinerators for heating with better results compared to Natural Gas.
  3. BONUS EFFECTS: help attain independence from OIL and augment electricity supply to homes, establishments and grid: Captured CO 2 and/or Methane can be converted to Methanol for use in FUEL Cell Technology for cars and electronics.  The cars can be plugged into the home, eatablishment or grid to supply additional electricity.  Generators can also be made for emergency or ongoing additional electricity source. 


    1. Buy/DRIVE Electric cars to cut CO2 emission.  PRODUCE Electric Cars to turn the economy around


    1. STOP/BLOCK Nitrogen enrichment of Gasoline and other fuels for health and earth


    1. STOP/BLOCK Carbon dioxide Storage/Sequestration to end disasters and unexplained global warming  from silent escape of mixed harmful gases


 Be sure to write VIP's on the CONTACT LIST.  Thaks.






8 February 2009, Updated 21 February 2009


     After his first flight aboard Air Force 1 on 5 February 2009. President Barack Obama said that ‘Low Emission Coal’ is on the Stimulus Package to be discussed in West Virginia.  He did not specify which one.  Let us help.  There are three types.


Type 1.  Coal + CO2 Storage: The CO2 emmision is captured and then stored in natural formations under water in the sea or a lake.  Ex: Clean Coal as advertized on TV ads

     Advantage: It sounds brilliant and makes us feel good.  CO2 emission is lowered initially but increases silently as CO2 escapes or Mother Nature sends a storm to force it out from any confinement includiong metal containers.

     Disadvantage: Coal mining related injuries, sludge, unsuspected ongoing pollution and global warmin acceleration in spite of our efforts

     Danger: We shall not realize the problem till mysterious disasters happen as in Cameroon, Africa.  That was a natural one but the same type can happen at CO2 Storage sites.  Lost opportunity to start new green industries and green jobs


Type 2.  Coal + CO2 Capture and Conversion to Methanol for Fuel Cell Technology for use in cars and electronics or Methane for generation of Electricity

     Advantage: No dangerous silent killer CO2, permanent low CO2 emission, ability to start new green industrie and green jobs


Type 3.  No Coal

     Advantage:  No CO2 emmission, no coal mining hazards, no sludge

     Disadvantage: Industry loss, job losses, lost opportunityto help start new green industries and green jobs


Indicate your preference here:  Type 2


Signature:                                  Print:                  Date:                Zip or country:


Please print page 1and 2, fill up questionnaire, send to:  President Barack Obama

White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC 20500

Fax: 1-202-456-2461  or scan and e-mail

Get info at






US Clean Coal is patterned after the Australia Plan






3 March 2009  Last Updated 6 April 2009

Magdalena D. Guerrero, MD, FACOG/GP


Please Send The Link Above To

ALL Government Leaders And Environmentalists 


The earth is in I Ching ... ever flow ... constant state of CHANGE!!!


Carbon dioxide cannot be hidden longer than the time it takes to find a way back into the atmosphere to re-escalate environmental havoc.  The re-occurrence of wildfire in Australia on 7 February 2009 after years of control should NOT have been a surprise to anyone. 



7 February 2009 (before the fire): 12th month of drought, the hottest day recorded in Melbourne in spite of CCS..


 The high number of casualties may be reflective of the CO 2 concentration in the area. 


January - February 2009: Floods in Western Australia


10 February 2009: the 'Impossible' tornado struck Hawaii.


22 February 2009: Coal Mine GAS EXPLOSION in China killed 74 people.  A survivor said they were 'lucky' that the disaster happened at night when most workers were home.


1 March 2009: dolphins and whales beached themselves on the Australia shore.  We need to check the Ocean CO 2, Methane  and ecosystem.

Dolphins and whales jump for Oxygen just as humans take a breath

A sudden gulp of CO 2, Methane, Hellium they get instead

One managed to sound a painful cry to warn others

Who swam to their rescue but experience the same fate


Millennia ago they walked into the water to avoid the toxic land

Must they now readapt to escape the sea turned hostile

Where can man go to escape after ruining his environment

Perhaps our sea relatives can show us such a place


CO 2 escapes

Silent leaks kill as well as large bursts do

Utilize CAPTURED CO 2 and Methane products and by products

DO NOT STORE/SEQUESTER/HIDE CO 2 in any form anywhere

It will return in one form or another and do far more damage


Please print and send to President Barack Obama, Cabinet, Congress, Governors, All World Government, Industrial and Religious Leaders. Thanks.




Updated on Valentine's Day 14 February 2009


     Please warn Australian Prime Minister Kelvin Michael Rudd, US President Barack Obama and ALL Government and Industrial leaders worldwide about the connection between worsening environment and Carbon dioxide Storage used by Clean Coal Technology.  The US Coal Industry got the idea from Australia.  It has been in use ‘successfully’ over there for sometime now.  Supposedly, CO2 captured during processing of mined coal is being stored in a rock formation under water.  CO2 escapes from earth and rock.  Metal containers corrode, leak, rupture or explode.  Mother Nature continuously alters the shape and composition of our landscape above and under water.  Temperature alters chemical and physical reactions of all matter.  With increase temperature, Carbonates are replaced by sulfates.  There may be distortion and softening of such areas producing holes, gaps, and cavities with exits.  Wind and water erode surfaces, carve caves, tunnels, caverns, etc.  We have Window Rock, Rainbow Bridge and the Grand Canyon in the US SW.  Crystal Caves are in Chihuahua, Mexico.  An underground river is in Palawan, Philippines.    Very high temperatures change the Calcium Sulphate soft stones to crystals which crack and fall further leaving defects.  Storms worsen the process.


     Natural huge deposits of CO2 are everywhere.  The one under the lake in Cameroon, Africa was unnoticed till a freak landslide happened.  The falling earth and rocks ruptured the lake floor releasing the CO2 and other gases then started a tidal wave.  The chemicals from earth, rocks, gases, lake water and atmosphere produced multiple chemical reactions.  Hydrogen sulphide  was responsible for  the rotten egg smell. The metallic compounds and lake water and sulphates formed a natural battery causing electrical activity.  Water is a natural conductor.  The gases formed a cloud that ‘rode’ on the tidal wave that transmitted the electrical current across the lake farther and faster. At the same time, the electrical charge electrolyzed CO2 to deadly Carbon Monoxide and flammable O2.  1800 residents on the opposite shore died.  The victims had what looked like Carbon Monoxide ‘burns’ on the skin.  There was a red glow on the horizon earlier. 


     This mysterious event was featured in a documentary on Channel 102 (Science Channel) shown in Arizona, USA on either 31 January or 1 February 2009 PM.  The explanations are mine.  Adding CO2 Storage sites in different locations will result in other freak mystery disasters.  We will surely notice those.  What we will not suspect as a result of CO2 Storage is the ‘unexplained’ acceleration of Global Warming in spite of ‘less’ CO2 emission directly into the atmosphere.  We will not expect silent leakage of CO2 from leak proof metal pressurized containers in similarly leak proof formations.  More wildfires, difficult to control fires with higher or unexplained cause of casualtiese, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms and finally ice age will confound us.  We already have storms occurring at unuasual times and places and with record frequency as well as strength.  California surpassed other places for frequency of wildfires.  Hawai had an impossible to happen tornado on 10 February 2009. We should really expect such knowing that we caused ALL of them.  The Philippines may have the opportunity to host the Winter Olympics soon.


     SOLUTION:  Proceed with Carbon dioxide CAPTURE as Clean Coal does.  SUBSTITUTE Carbon dioxide CONVERSION (and permanent elimination) to Methanol for fuel cell technology for green cars that US does not seem to be able to come up with.  Fuel cells can also be used for longer life electronics eliminating the hidden shipping of discarded electronic gadgets, etc. for profit in Asia.  Methane can be more readily produced and is actually being used now for electricity generation for use in Coal plants.  Ethanol can be produced for ‘biofuel’ eliminating the use of essential FOOD to produce fuel.


     Finally, additional CO2 will prompt trenches and underground volcanoes to cause disasters.  Tonga Trench is close to New Zealand.  The Puerto Rican Trench is in the Gulf of Mexico.  The Philippine and Mariana Trenches border the Dragon Triangle.  Kyril Trench is farther up North close to Japan which already is prone to earthquakes.  We do not want simultaneous tidal waves/tsunamis in all three locations if we can help it. 


     YES, we can.


     So, when do you want to speak with the Clean Coal planners and executives?  Do not wait for another fire or more serious calamity.  We cannot do much after we die.


     On behalf of the entire world, I thank you ALL.

dr G




Magdalena D. Guerrero, MD, FACOG/GP (dr G)  3 February 2009 PM

Last Updated 18 May 2009


CO 2 emission + CO 2 STORAGE in ‘CLEAN COAL, etc. = More Global Warming, Environmental Disasters, Socioeconomic CHAOS = CATASTROPHE


0 CO 2 emission + 0 CO 2 STORAGE + Non fossil cars and electricity = HOPE


Focus Stimulus Package/ TAX INCENTIVES on jobs/industries that provide HOPE

FDR did not cover the dust with dollar bills.  He instituted RAIN MAKING technology, water and top soil preserving AGRICULTURAL CHANGES and distribution of livestock.


African experience:  Huge explosions of CO 2, Helium, Methane gas have been observed and documented the last few years in open seas.  In 1980, a landslide occurred on one side of a lake in Cameroon, Africa.  It released a huge collection of Carbon dioxide trapped under the lake floor. There was the smell of rotten eggs, a red glow, a tidal wave, a white cloud and 1800 dead residents on the opposite shore. The victims had what looked like CARBON MONOXIDE ‘burns’.  CO 2 continued to bubble from the bottom of the lake.  This is one of the possibilities that can plague Carbon dioxide STORAGE sites.  Let us not help Mother Nature do more damage.


*** African Experience II:  After the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Somalia residents noted an increase in respiratory diseases, mouth sores, abdominal discomforts, intestinal bleeding and skin infections.  A woman received an award years earlier for her efforts to curb the local practice of cutting down trees to burn to make, sell and use charcoal. This alone would have accounted for their environmental and socio-economic difficulties accounting for nutrition and health problems.  The residents believe that toxic wastes left by foreigners washed ashore during the storm.  It may have exposed old waste dumps plus left multiple areas of pools of stagnant water providing breeding areas for mosquitoes and bacteria.  The increased CO2 level from environmental deterioration enabled CO2 loving bacteria to proliferate adding resistant to treat organisms to the existing oxygen dependent ones.


There was no report of nausea, vomiting, hair loss and skin burns.  Radioactive wastes are probably not involved.  CO2 plus water produced Methane that was added to Methane from dumps.  Methane is caustic and can easily react with water and substances on delicate moist surfaces producing strong alkali and acids and other compounds.  The irritated respiratory tract can be easier to infect.  So is the insect bitten irritated skin.  Ulcers form in the mouth and in the gastro-intestinal tract.  Bleeding occurs.  Increasing CO2 causes drowsiness which can progress to unconsciousness.  Respiratory difficulties can lead to distress and failure.  Methane is more asphyxiating than CO2.  It also produces other compounds by reacting with proteins and other substances giving rise to Nitrous Oxide which may be partly responsible for the bleeding tendency because of clotting disorders induced by faulty Vitamin B12 and bone marrow abnormalities as a result of chronic exposure to Nitrous oxide.  N2O is also given off during the burning of wood to produce the charcoal as well as during the long period of decay of plant and other organic products. Nitrous oxide is an Anesthetic/Asphyxiant that causes patients to laugh inappropriately, sleep and lapse into coma with an overdose.  Though record levels have been noted by European satellite on 1 April 2009,  CO2, Methane , Nitrous Oxide may not be at the levels that can produce the last mentioned disastrous results.  We have been behaving less human through the last decades.  The time may come sooner than we think when we lose our superiority to animals which we basically are.  For now, we can expect more difficulty learning, memory lapses, illogical decisions, DUI and behavioral dysfunction. 


Allies:  strengthen our network to establish cooperation, support and exchange of environmentally related technological knowledge.  Stop importing tainted food and drugs from China.  Get inexpensive fuel cell police cars instead.  Challenge US auto makers to produce ours NOW or return their bail out funds.  Send experts to Saudi Arabia to get practical advice on how to set up advanced solar communities in the USA.


Carbon dioxide:  Aside from sea water, CO 2 and Methane, Nitrous oxide and Ozone would be the world’s most available resources and top hazards as well.  Methane has 25x global warming potency compared to CO2.  Nitrous oxide has 200x power.  Ozone has 25% of CO2 power.  Heat releases CO 2 from Carbonates in soil and rocks inside or outside walls of a CO 2 storage formation.  The freed CO 2 that reaches the atmosphere increases global warming.  The CO 2 that mixes with water turns into Methane which is worse than CO 2 in elevating global temperature.  The areas left by carbonates become defects of varying sizes, depth and success in penetration of storage walls.  With sustained high temperature, Sulphates eventually start replacing the displaced carbonates at least partially.  At 130 +/- F, the Calcium sulphate stones thus formed start turning into crystals which break and fall further promoting porosity of CO 2 storage walls.  Other chemical, physical, Geo-Astrological forces plus Mother Nature complete the remodeling process with windows and tunnels, etc. Contact with naturally or artificially generated electric current splits CO 2 to deadly Carbon Monoxide and flammable O2.  The latter supports fire that may result from Methane which is also flammable.  We have 3000 years worth of this gas in our oceans.  That is quite a fire hazard at sea and shore.  Heat increases the volume and pressure of gases.  Precautionary  ‘packaging’ of CO 2 in metal containers before placement in storage rock/formations help by  delaying  but increase the strength of resulting explosion


 Cars:  Produce ELECTRIC cars.  The CO 2 from industries can be captured and converted to Methanol for use in fuel cell technology for car batteries and electronics.  We are already in the danger zone environmentally speaking.  Targeting 35 MPG by 2020 is very late.  We needed  100+ MPG 10 years ago.  Spend the stimulus package on manufacture of these cars and awards for companies that accomplish the goal to produce them NOW, keep improving mileage while reducing cost for manufacturers and consumers and keeping jobs in the USA.  Only a tall order can save us from a huge catastrophe sooner than we think.  On January 29, 2009, Mt. Redoubt volcano near Anchorage started showing signs of readiness to erupt and commenced doing so on 23 March 2009.  Tremors were noted in Yellowstone National Park the first week of 2009.  Yellowstone Volcano DEVASTATED N. America 3 times prior to written history. The news went unnoticed because of the attention to the Mid East crisis.  The Taliban and Al Qaeda are regrouping.  Increasing tensions are fuelled by environmentally related economic difficulties. 


Generators:  for emergency use during power outages which would increase in frequency  and for ongoing domestic use to supplement home electricity for air conditioners, pool pumps, recharging vehicles, electronics, etc.


Natural Gas:  Keep in production for heating, etc.


Oil:  Along with coal, is the highest source of CO 2.  It is also the top reason for war, economic crises, and piracy.  In case of a tsunami in the Gulf of Mexico, exploding, burning oil riggs can wash ashore.

ATTN: Companies decided to add Nitrogen products to gasoline to 'lower CO2 emission'.  ThAT ADDS NITROUS OXIDE to the emission.  N2O is an Anesthetic/Asphyxiant illegally used as a recreational drug because of its euphoric but dysphoric effect.  It can result in death.  Chronic use results in damage to phospholipids mainly found in brain and nerve tissue as well as cell walls.  It also damages Vitamin B12 causing bleeding poblems and anemia.  Memory, personality and logic can be altered.  Some seisures have been reported.  Fertility is lowered.  There are more cases of Spontaneous Miscarriage, small for date infants and children with brain damage and blood disorders. Production and sale should count as a 'Reckless use of a deadly weapon offense'!!!


Radioactive power:  We, Arizonans are happy with it. So is Japan and the US Navy.


Sea water (Also see '11. Vital Measures'): Rising sea water level is a major problem resulting from global warming.  We can desalinate salt water for drinking and other domestic uses.  Swimming pools, fountains, man made ponds, lakes, and aquariums can use sea water instead of valuable potable water.  Industry should think ahead and plan compatible plumbing material and construction.  Hopefully the use of chlorine for sanitation can be eliminated reducing ozone layer damage as well as oxidative damage to human skin.  The Navy has been electrolyzing sea water to derive O2 for months of continuous use at a time.   O2 can be released into the atmosphere to dilute the concentration of CO 2.  Salt can  be used for domestic purposes.  The H can very well be used for Hydrogen fuel cells or other source of energy.


Solar power:  The Saudis beat the rest of the world. Please consult them.  There have been wonderful plans to focus the sun’s rays and use selenium or other cells aside from silicon to capture the sun’s radiation.  Those all stayed on TV programs.  See Chapter 11 ‘Kalibo’  The perceived energy from the picture of the Shroud caused the breath of ‘Dilim’ to start a fire with a ‘thermonuclear fusion’ print.  That is the energy of the sun. It consumes heavy water.  There is a lot of that in the triangles and trenches.  Sun Shields are neither ready nor affordable and may be possibly be too late when actually available.


Water energy:  See Chapter 10 “Last Session’ for use of barrage, wave and river energy.  Continue Hydro Electric Power.


Wind:  Great!  What are we waiting for? Wind mills have been standing in Palm Springs for years.


C 10 Last Session

C 11 Kalibo

C 12  The River is Red Again






8. Ode to Nancy

14 March 2009  Updated 7 May 2009


Rocks capable of 500 years worth of CO 2 storage were noted

East and West of the United States …

Just say “NO” for heavens sakes!


From carbonates those ‘Ultramatic’ rocks would make

By heat CO 2 would automatically be  released.


Avoid BITTER boomerang tactics !!!

Instead choose SWEET’s (Safe, Wise, Efficient Energy T’s).



Top 3 examples of BITTER (Bad, Ineffective, Transient, Tragic Environmentally Ruining) tactics:  These are our DOOMSDAY Devices OR time bombs with different and undetermined latent periods, unknown extent of damage and exact location

  1. Carbon dioxide STORAGE
  3. SAME molecules of gas entering and exiting the SAME rock/formation


NEWSBREAK: Recent evidence showed that Natural Gas is now reaching Natural bodies of water.  Heat induced increase in gas volume and pressure maybe forcing them out of ‘very tight’ rock.  Carbon dioxide and Methane would certainly do the same and have been but not suspected by us.  No amount of material profit should keep us so BLIND.

Measurement of Carbon dioxide, Methane, and Nitrous oxide by European satellite is now possible. Record high levels were detected on 1 April 2009.  CO 2 and others do not hide anymore.

Carbon dioxide displaces Oxygen and depresses mental function leading to unconsciousness.  Methane’s caustic property destroys the respiratory tract mucosa causing respiratory distress, failure and delayed pulmonary edema.  Its strong O2 displacing action further lowers Oxygen saturation in the blood and reduces brain function.  It also produces Formic Acid causing dizziness and Folmalde which is used for embalming hopefully AFTER death.  Nitrous oxide causes inappropriate laughing at light doses, anesthesia at the appropriate level of effects and coma at excessive doses.

More catastrophic cases of irrational and malevolent decisions/actions of man can be expected.

Hurry up with the above urgently needed measures PLEASE!!!



 Greenhouse gas emission increased by 70% from the 1970’s to the present.  Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere jumped up 31% in the same period of time.  Satellite photos showed that polar ice caps are disappearing a lot faster than we thought.  They shall be completely gone by the 2030’s instead of the 2100’s.  Our children shall definitely inherit the disaster we created.  Time is running out.  We need to launch an all out effort to lessen their burden NOW!!!


Earth Day, 22 April 2009, Manila, Philippines:  Private groups banded together to start cleaning up sections of the Pasig River stretching from Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay.  It used to be a source of drinking water.  No one would touch it now.  The residents hope to restore the beauty and cleanliness of the ‘Princess’ in 6 months.

Crowded Manila also unveiled little treasures under the hoods of their famous, gaudily decorated passenger ‘jeepneys’ … FUEL CELL BATTERIES.  At 19.6 lbs. of CO2 emission per gallon of gasoline saved by each of these city wide and later country wide busy transportation system units,  the entire world can breathe a little easier.  Please give GM and Chysler a few hints.



29 April 2009

Category 5 Alert issued by WHO from Geneva announced  by Dr. Margaret Chan:  Swine Flu (H1N1) virus was at Imminent Pandemic level i.e., 2 nations in the same WHO REGION (Mexico and USA) showed evidence of human to human transmission.  Most cases were in Ground 0 (Mexico). General Infection Control Measures with stepped up levels as indicated were in effect.  Pharmacological institutions were notified and will step up production of Tamiflu.  3.5 million doses were available initially.  No vaccine was in existence and would take 6 months to produce.  H1N1 is a new virus related to the previous ones.  Those born before the 1950's may have partial immunity.  Less than half of those tested were positive for H1N1.  They were mostly under age 20.  Children are the most vulnerable.  Deaths and complications are from BACTERIAL Pneumonia.  All deaths were from Mexico except 1 in Texas, USA.  The patient was from La Gloria, Mexico.

1 May 2009: Current Status: Category 5; 1 case was diagnosed in Hong Kong.  The patient travelled from Mexico.  The 25 yr old patient + 204 guests were told to stay in their hotel room for 7 days.  Mexico City is in a 5 day ‘Shut Down’ status. Death rate: 13/300+ in Mexico, 1/140+ in the USA.   Egypt slaughtered all pigs to avoid cases.  They will be tested and frozen and possibly returned to owners if not infected.

4 May 2009: Cinco de Mayo celebrations will be a whisper not a ‘Grito’ this year.  The entire city is cooperating to keep the swine confined.  Total cases tdoubled in 3 days.  WHO now lists 1296 cases, Mexico deaths = 26, still 1 in the USA.  75+ Mexican travelers are quarantined in China, 350 were isolated in Hong Kong.


5 May 2009: Total world cases rose to 1492,  Mexican deaths to 32, US deaths to 2.  Toxic gases from fossil fuels, dumps as well as strage/sequestration places plus disappearing potable water shall sicken our bodies and DERANGE our minds for some time.  The Taliban has joined the ranks of nuclear power seekers, Somalia emerged as a base for more aggressive piates and new home for Al Qaeda.


30 April 2009: 1 day after the WHO announcement, President Barack Obama’s 101th day in office, the merger of Fiat and Chrysler Auto Companies was announced.  Fiat shall contribute its expertise in production of smaller, more fuel efficient cars.  It has recently unveiled the all-electric Fiorino.  President Obama also mentioned the possibility of trading in old cars for more fuel efficient cars plus tax credit.  Gasoline is now being diluted with Nitrogen compounds to lessen CO2  emission but logically produce NITROUS OXIDE, an Anesthetic/asphyxiant with 200x more global warming potency than CO2.. We need not just fuel efficient cars.  We need to get rid of gasoline cars.  We shall eagerly await the production of the first American ELECTRIC car.  Will the ingenious convertors of Philippine jeepneys from gasoline to fuel cell power please demonstrate their craftsmanship IN THE WHITE HOUSE NGAYON DIN (NOW)!!!.  We seem to be stuck with hopelessly nonsensical ‘C’ Trading over here.  President B_rak Co_ma may soon Fotice that he is the Cirst leader of a Bbarely AAalive Nountry.  I bet this makes sense to Duke Energy and Future Gen and other proponents of Carbon dioxide Storage, Sequestration, Hide and Seek



9. NO N2O Health Risks

Started 27 May 2009, Revised 1 June 2009, All Rights Reserved MMIX by Magdalena D. Guerrero, MD, FACOG/GP (dr G)


     Please warn the world.  Nitrous oxide which is illegal to use for recreational purposes is poisoning the innocent citizens of the world without the recipients’ informed consent or warning.  It is one of the main greenhouse gases and is 200x more potent than Carbon dioxide in global warming effect and immeasurably more so in adverse health effects.   It is a powerful oxidant displacing Oxygen from tissues causing damage, dysfunction or death and transferring O to recipients producing unpaired Oxygen molecules such as in Ozone (O3) and Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) causing caustic damage or malignant properties.  Its targets are tissues/organs rich in Phospholipids specially the Endothelium (inner lining of the Cardio - Vascular system), bone marrow, brain, nerves and cell walls.  It oxidizes essential substances and enzymes vital to every cell in the body.  Its effects include dysfunction or damage to the Cardio – Vascular, Neurological, Hematological, Immunological, Reproductive, Hormonal, Metabolic, Genetic, Anticarcinogenic and other systems.  Of particular concern is the adverse effect on the state of mind of world leaders who increasingly and more frequently lead their countries or groups into actions in violation of the UN.   Among others, there is gross distortion of logic, general lack of conscience as well as deviation from norms of HUMAN respectability. The environment is clearly in danger.  Peace is more difficult to maintain.  Health is in jeopardy due to the actions and interactions of the following:



  3. Increase HOMOCYSTEINE level
  6. Produced in FIRES
  7. Produced by heating AMMONIUM NITRATE
  8. Impurities are chelated with FERROUS SULPHATE
  9. Actually produced BRAIN LESIONS in rats during experiments, COMA and DEATH in human ANESTHETIC or RECREATIONAL USE OVERDOSE
  10. CORD PARALYSIS in humans post N2O anesthesia
  11. Retains POTENCY in the EXHALED AIR
  12. Used in INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES – illegal in some countries
  13. Indirectly added in the form of NITROGEN ESTERS in SHELL and EXXON MOBIL GASOLINE
  14. Produced in soil from decay/burning of FOSSIL PRODUCTS, FERTILIZER, PLANT DEBRIS
  15. Emitted from OCEANS, VOLCANOES
  17. Produced by firing of WEAPONS, MISSILES, etc


NITRIC OXIDE (NO): Diminished producton LETHAL to Cardiovascular and Nervous System

  1. CHIEF FUNCTION: DILATE THE BLOOD VESSELS to increase blood flow to carry Oxygen and nutrients, etc. to all parts of the body except the cornea, hair and nails.
  2. Produced in the ENDOTHELIAL CELLS from ARGININE
  3. It is the SWITCH that turns every reaction ON.  Losing it is like losing ALL THE KEYS FROM THE COMPUTER.  Exercise configures the electro-physiological pathways


L-ARGININE: abnormal form (ADMA) indicative of Cardiovascular risk

1. The main ingredient for production of NITRIC OXIDE (NO)

2. Involved in IMMUNITY, Insulin sensitivity, muscle, fat and bone metabolism


L-METHIONINE: faulty transmethylation may lead to head and neck skin CA, Down’s Syndrome

1. Function: PREVENTS OXIDATION OF ARGININE by Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)


3. Function 3.: REDUCE FREE RADICAL FORMATION in ENDOTHELIAL CELLS through induction of HO-1      (HEME OXYGENASE-1) by an unknown mechanism.

4. Dependent on Methionine Synthase which is inhibited by NITROUS OXIDE


HOMOCYSTEINE: High Plasma Level indicative of Cardiovascular and Alsheimer’s Disease risk

  3. Plasma effects blocked by: supplementation with Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, ANTIOXIDANTS, OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS, cold water fish, salmon, nuts, cooked soy beans, fresh fruits and vegetables.  The same supplements help in ARTERIOSCLEROTIC VASCULAR DISEASE, ALSHEIMERS DISEASE, PREGNANCY and RETINITIS PIGMENTOSA as well as VITAMIN B12 DEFICIENCY and PERNICIOUS ANEMIA



  3. Agranulocytic WBC's do not fight infections adding to Arginine loss related lack of immunity
  4.  INCREASED ACTIVITY of PLATELET MONOAMINE OXIDASE is shared with patients with ALSHEIMERS DISEASE, SENILE DEMENTIA, and CONFUSION.  Similar increase in activity was reported in patients with ALCOHOLISM, symptomatic women  during the menstrual period, some on oral contraceptives and  some after onset of Menopause.


MAY 18, 2009: President Barack Obama announced that the deadline to shift to 35 MPG standard was moved from 2020 to 2016.  That is a step towards the correct direction.  Since we needed 100+ MPG 10 years ago, we still need a lot of catching up to do.  Considering that Nitrogen products are now in ‘NITROGEN ENRICHED’ gasoline for everyone, we need a more DRASTIC CHANGE.  OUR CHILDREN’s brains and health depend on it.  Our survival in whatever shape depends on it.  WE CAN AND HAVE TO DO IT …  NOW!!!


‘Let there be peace on earth

And let it begin with US ...

with apologies to St. Francis ... dr G




Please see: 2. REply to Vice President Joe Biden









All Rights Reserved MMIX  Magdalena D. Guerrero, MD, FACOG/GP (dr G)

16 July 2009


     Older civilizations had earlier onset of exposure to climate changes and need to adapt to the environment.  As plant and animal species modified their characteristics, so did man.  What we consider defects today may have been lifesaving alterations a long time ago.  Generations carried the resulting DNA mutations to this day.  Such so called curiosities naturally are more pronounced in descendants of ancient people than in ‘modern’ man.  The greater occurrence of breast cancer and so on is naturally greater in African nations than in newer ones.  Those of African descent in western countries are more lkely to be affected than whites.  The same goes for other conditions such as Hypertension, stroke and heart disease.  Though Apoplexy has been mentioned in some ancient literature, the western Medical community started to define it as a complication of Cardiovascular Disease only a few centuries ago.  It was even more recently that a familial tendency for early onset of hypertension, stroke and heart disease was noted.  It was even much later that the elevation of Plasma Homocysteine level in members of such families was recognized.  Now we have the so called Metabolic Syndrome that in addition, includes Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes, liver cirrhosis, Renal Failure, Alsheimer’s Disease, Estrogen related cancers and possibly MORE.  The ‘Inborn Errors of Amino Acid Metabolism’ was a chapter that was thought to deal with rare curiosities such as Ehler Danlos Syndrome remembered only for the circus qualifying joint flexibility of affected individuals, Gigantism immortalized by Goliath and the giants that were attracted to earth women’s hair prompting Enoch to advise the ladies to cover their ‘enhancement’, Marfan Syndrome glorified by King Akenathon and Abe Lincoln and several Aminoacidurias of unknown symptomatology.  Those and other amino acid related disorders may be included in the syndrome later.  Retinal, muscle, Endocrine and various Neurological problems may be explained through these amino acids and later be named part of the syndrome.  The common denominator is the elevation of Plasma Homocysteine level secondary to the branching domino effects of the absence of the enzyme Cysthionine Beta Synthase.  Recent studies about Nitrous oxide exposure showed that it also results in a wide group of disorders some of which are already standard parts of the hereditary Metabolic Syndrome.  The defect in the Nitrous oxide study  is the deficiency of the enzyme Methionine Synthase.  It would not be a surprise if we someday conclude that both belong to the same group of toxic damage plus necessary adaptations our ancestors had to go through to survive a world that other species did not.  History and Archeology are fast proving how horrible our Environmental History has been.  We are there again.  Once more, we are dealing with Nitrous oxide.  Satellite readings showed record levels of Carbon dioxide, Ozone AND NITROUS OXIDE.  The last one is 200x more potent than CO2 global warming wise but infinitely worse healthwise.  This time, we would like to survive with less damage.  Curtail the accumulation of Nitrous oxide in the gasoline tank/exhaust pipe/air, the organic waste and forest fire emission, the work place, the atmosphere, and the little corners where illegal recreational use happens.  Propellants in food sprays, cosmetic aids, etc. also count.


     The initial cause of the Metabolic Syndrome is subject to debate but the group of disorders after Nitrous oxide exposure in the OR and after recreational use are well documented.  So are the results of experiments on animals.  The multisytem involvement is due to actions of different amino acids with overlapping functions and interactions.  300 to 500 million new cases of Diabetes mellitus are expected to be diagnosed soon.  A Total Body Disorder Syndrome can eventually be apparent.  Hopefully it takes a long time to do so.  Some tissues are more vulnerable to Nitrous oxide and Oxidative damage.  Lipid containing organs are among them.  The brain and nerves are in this group. 


     Close to my birthplace, there were recent reports of teens throwing rocks at cars to break windows to force drivers to slow down and stop their vehicles long enough for the teens to rob them.  Gone are my hopes and dreams for them as written in:


Worldwide, Leaders have been behaving irrationally.  In the Philippines, more than 10 individuals stated their plan to run for President in the coming May 2010 elections.  1 of them has already been overthrown because of corruption, was imprisoned, pardoned and now a strong bidder for office.  North Korea and Iran have problems. 


Solution (?): ... Fiction?  The book is.


All Rights Reserved MMIX


Magdalena D. Guerrero, MD, FACOG/GP  (dr G)





11. FLAG DAY -12 June 2009: More Reasons to Clean Air and Brain

Last Updated 19 June 2009


PANDEMIC: 12 June 2009:  The H1N1 Swine Flu Alert was raised to Category 6 (PANDEMIC) level.  74 countries were affected.


IRAN: Friday 12 June 2009:  Iran held Presidential Elections with much enthusiasm and HOPE for the BETTER.  Ironically, shortly before midnight, it was announced that the incumbent leader the majority intended to vote OUT OF OFFICE ‘won’ 54% of the votes.  This was later ‘confirmed by the SUPREME RELIGIOUS LEADER of the (so far) non-religious government (?).  Peaceful demonstrations soon followed.  On 14 June 2009, the Supreme religious leader announced that complaints shall be investigated.

Results of a partial count shall be available in 7 – 10 days.  The leading contender and the country wanted a re-vote. On 15 June 2009, massive demonstrations started peacefully but turned violent. 7 died.  By the 16th, foreign reporters were banned from showing pictures abroad.  Citizens managed to sneak some out.  The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei RULES!!!


NORTH KOREA 2009+:  Fireworks can go awry


HEALTHCARE REFORM: June 15, 2009: President Barack Obama spoke to members of the American Medical Association.  He mentioned a series of plans for improvement to make health care available and affordable.  There would be a government backed plan for those who cannot afford insurance or prefer the plan.  This would also stimulate improvement in practices and cost due to competition.  Not mentioned was how to bring about lower malpractice insurance premiums.  This is the biggest expense for most practitioners causing some to drop procedures or difficult cases or the entire practice.  HELP IS NEEDED BY BOTH SIDES!!!

Scroll down past 'click on picture above'.

Click on 'dr G' (in a small pink box'.

Unaffordable Malpractice Insurance premiums HURT PATIENTS!!!

Think of THEM!!!



 All Rights Reserved MMIX

Magdalena D. Guerrero, M.D., FACOG/GP (dr G)







12. Shorter CONTACT LIST


Head of State and Industrial leaders of ALL countries

President Barack Obama ***  Vice President Joe Biden

Treas Sec Timothy Geithner

Sen John McCain *** Sen Christopher Dodd

Sen Tom Daschle *** Sen Ron Paul *** Sen Arlen Specter

Sen Richard Dubin *** Sen Orrin Hatch *** Sen John D Rockefeller IV ***  Sen Diane Feinstein *** Rep Nancy Pelosi

Acting Surgeon General Steven Gadson *** New Surgeon General Dr Regina Benjamin

White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC 20500

Fax  1-202-456-2461



Former Vice President Al Gore

CEO Jim Rogers, Duke Energy Corp.

CEO, Future Gen, Inc.

CEO, Shell Gasoline Co

CEO, EXXON Mobil Co.

CEO’s of GM, Chrysler and Ford Companies

Go to Google to search for mailing or e-mail addresses

e-mail this link

to the above AND to

Dr. Johannes Peter Gerling

 PLUS all your contacts worldwide.  Request them to inform their Heads of State.



Magdalena D. Guerrero, MD, FACOG/GP